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plugin update is Feb 2016 – do you ever update this ?

It’s tested for compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and updated if need be.


Does this plugin comes with the core functions of the plugin hunt theme? Categories for the submissions, submission uploadform, “pop-up” style with the “x and the pluginhunt layout and so on ?


No the plugin hunt is a full theme (http://pluginhunt.com/hunts/)

This plugin adds the little += to your posts through you adding a shortcode (i.e. just the collections functionality)

If you want full functionality of http://pluginhunt.com you’ll need the theme (http://pluginhunt.com/pricing/)


Hi :) great looking plugin … very nice work … just a quick question. Can users add any page or post type to a collection … e.g. single posts, tag & category post lists pages? Also does the collection link appear on each post on a post list page?

Many thanks in advance

collections work at the post level. you can get an idea of how they work here: http://pluginhunt.com/hunts/

Many thanks … no worries :) collections of collections could be a good additon or being able to follow others collections …. Pinterest like etc

If you purchase the pluginhunt theme, does that already come with the same functionality as this collections plugin? Or would you need to purchase both to get the full functionality?


The plugin hunt theme has it included. this plugin is that feature of the theme split out to use with any theme.

if you buy the theme you don’t need this plugin too.

It’s easier using the theme as it’s what the functionality was built for.

With the plugin you need to add shortcode and even possibly edithe the templates.

Hi, how it does assign posts to collections? Cookies, post meta… Thanks, Francesco

Hi, I installed on my website but 404 error is shown instead of collections: https://instantcoach.me/collections/cool-collection/ Please help me fix this soon. Thanks, Francesco

Hi Harlock, sorry for the delay I’ve been on planes etc. I would have expected someone from my Author team to pick this up though.

If you email support@epicplugins.com with this it’ll be picked up.

CodeCanyon comments aren’t the place to seek support I’m afraid.

Does the Plugin Hunt Theme and Plugins support wordpress multi-site?


The Theme is a single site license I’m afraid and sold via epic themes

The Collections Plugin, isn’t designed for multi-site either (sorry)

Hello Do you think to add a feature to allow user to share his collection via email? I imagine: 1/ A way to generate a share link in the single collection page (like CodeCanyon site). Then the user will have to copy/paste the link in a contact form or email this share link so that the recipient will be able to see the user’s collection. 2/ A button “Share via email” that opens a pop up content form? What do you think about this? Looking forward from reading to you. Best regards

Hi groupUTD

Apologies for only just picking this up, I’ve been away on vacation.

There’s share buttons in the templates to share the /collections/ pages.

You can easily add them to your theme templates.


Hi, I’ve a problem with your plugin. After I have place the shortcode in my post, it just output like in the page below, no save button. It also doesn’t show any collections even though I have create manually in the admin page. Can you please help me with this problem.


I’ve just checked. There is a conflicted with another collection plugin. You can ignore this massage

One question. Where is the page where i can see my list of created collections.

Hi, it should be under the slug /collections/

Does it come with rss feed/ auto post or manually be posting the each plugin ?

Hi, I’m not sure I follow? It’s for collecting content into collections.

Want to buy the complete package, can you install and customize it for me for a fee? product hunt style. Thanks


I presume you mean the theme? if so you’ll need to go here:


It’s not available on CodeCanyon



mealex Purchased

Does Collections work/integrate with UserPro?

Hi, sorry for the delay, been moving house. Collections is stand alone to user profiles. The collections link to the WordPress user ID.

Can i have demo account to test in action for post and product type?


You can test it here: http://pluginhunt.com/hunts/

Hover over any of the posts and click the “save” that’s collections.

I don’t provide admin access though.


What is demo login please? I’m planning to create account for just test.

There is not a demo login.

You can try the collections feature of the plugin hunt website (you can create an account using FB or twitter)

Can I add this into theme like boombox? How much customization is required? Does it support theme login or use own?

It’s added using a shortcode. theme templates are provided :)