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I’m going to buy this awesome item in some days or maybe today.

My question is : as a freelance, am I allowed to sell this item to my customers ? I mean for exemple 20€/month

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Hello, thank you for getting in touch and please excuse the long delay. In fact, if you buy the extended license you are allowed to sell the items FUNCTIONALITY (e.g. as a Software-as-a-Service product for 20€/month), but you are not allowed in any case to sell the source code of the application. Thank you :)

Would like to know can task assigned rate the task done by the staff and display only by the admin levels along with summary report of performance of each staff

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. At the moment, this is not possible with the application. Thank you :)

Hello, I’m trying to figure out how to send a private message? when I enter a name into the message box, click enter. nothing happens. what am I doing wrong

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Can you please send us a private message with backend login and FTP details? We will be happy to take a look. Thank you :)

demo is not working…

9 Months without updates. =/

Demo is not working

Hi Just bought the script! have some problems 1. could not send a message, Nothing happens while typing. 2. Javascript file is loading on the home page.

Could you take look, please? I’ve sent a private message with FTP details. Please respond

Hello, we have answered all support messages that we have recieved over the last days. Did you not recieve a message? If not, can you please send the message again to mail@321-internet.com? We will check our messages again as well! Thank you for your patience and please excuse the inconvenience. Best regards :)


Abith Purchased

I’ve sent a message again to mail@321-internet.com


Abith Purchased

Still no response!!!


Venewood Purchased

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