Discussion on Coin Table - Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges & Mining CMS

Discussion on Coin Table - Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges & Mining CMS

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dctenrico Purchased

hello, i am getting error in login page, says incorrect email or password, could u help?


dctenrico Purchased

site is working correctly, itself.

Everything is running correctly?


dctenrico Purchased


Hello, the coins are not appearing, looking at other questions, I saw that you answered that there is probably something wrong with the cronjob, so what are the correct settings for the cronjob, so that this problem does not happen?

Your cronjob was running but then stopped working. What changed?

Qual é a senha padrão para acessar o admin, o produto está instalado mais não consigo acessar


Hello, is it possible to integrate this script to an existing website, ie install it in a subfolder, to open as an inframe, I want to use it as a consultation service for the users of my website

Hello, yes, it is possible.

Can I connect the wallet like Tron or matamask with that script

As freelancers

So if I make my own crypto how I can get it on wallet

That is not possible with this PHP script.

The application stopped working, you can’t see the coins anymore. Worked well before what happen ? Thanks

My cronjob is working good and my server

I downloaded the latest version from codecanyon and reinstalled it and it doesn’t work

Check your email


Nace1 Purchased

Hi, I have to say your product is great, but until now, all the coins were shown, but now it stopped working, and no coins are shown on the front page, but in the admin panel, we can see them all: What is the solution for this bug? Thank you forward for your help

Hi, Probably it’s something wrong with the cronjob.


Nace1 Purchased

Looks like its not cronjob, it should be something with script. I have done everything from beginning with cronjob but it seems it does not work.

Please provide access to your server by email support:

Now it’s stuck on Results (218). What can i do ? Thanks


I think it will work again, empty the table of coins But you will have to download all the currencies again, Thanks

Why only these results appear on the main page? Results (108) . It was working fine before. In the admin I see the 13,000 results but from the result 108 have not been updated for days, only the last 108 the cronjob is working fine. Thank you

Was wroking before

I will do

Good thank you its working now

hello, coins are not listed on the homepage, can you help me?

Something may be missing, demo is working just fine:

there is nothing like the example in the picture can you help me

i solved the problem thanks

Hello, my charts stopped working, is there an update?

Thank you!

Because the volume is from the linked coin.

Yes I understand but in previous versions the volume and the marketcap appeared on the chart. Is there any way that I can put it in this version?

Thank you!

That requires some javascript code changes.

Do you have a complete demo?

How can I list/integrate coins, exchanges and tokens that are not listed on coingecko, or anywhere else?

Is this a PHP script ?

Will it produce live data from the token trade volume include and show list top gainers , and top losers and other infos when I list a new coin, exchange and token that is not existing in cmc or coingecko or anywhere else?

will you configure, install and list new tokens , coins and exchanges and make the script go live for me?

The complete demo is available at:

Only information from CoinGecko is possible to list coin and tokens.

This is a standalone PHP script with its own admin panel.

Adding new coins is not possible.

Installation service is available.

Can one use this script for mining their own custom token?

Hi, no, is not possible. But you can create a custom fake token that tracks the price of other coin/token.

Hi, Please I want to understand how this script works and the help I can get from you when I purchase it. 1. Can this script be uploaded on word press or a PHP script we can install? 2. Can I list new tokens and exchanges that are not existing in other coin market or coingecko? Can coingecko api be added to also display the coins they have listed? Will it produce live data from the token trade volume and other infos when I list a new token that is not existing in cmc or coingecko? 3. Can i list top gainers , and top losers manually? 4. Is there any manual to understand how the script works generally? 5.Do you offer support to run the script going live? Is there admin demo to test? Looking forward to hearing from you.

I saw the admin page, i can see we can add custom token but no access to add API keys or URL of the paired currency that will display the live data’s from the exchanges it’s been listed, the volume and price.

Replied by email

what api you using ?

Hi, it’s using CoinGecko API (free).

I want to remove descriptions of cryptocurrencies from the data ban and so that they are not loaded in the future. Help me pls

Hi, You can disable it on Admin Panel > Currency Page > Options.

but the description will remain in the database. The coins table in the database now takes up 200 mb, which is a lot. I don’t need a description of the coins

That requires changes to the sync code (not recommended).

Hello, i broken the database about the press page, where i can found the default value about press_page_settings? Regards

Please update the database with this value:
a:13:{s:7:"enabled";b:1;s:15:"header_top_html";s:0:"";s:5:"title";a:21:{s:2:"en";s:4:"News";s:2:"es";s:8:"Noticias";s:2:"pt";s:9:"Notícias";s:2:"de";s:11:"Nachrichten";s:2:"nl";s:6:"Nieuws";s:2:"fr";s:9:"Nouvelles";s:2:"it";s:7:"Notizia";s:2:"hu";s:6:"Hírek";s:2:"ro";s:6:"Știri";s:2:"sv";s:7:"Nyheter";s:2:"pl";s:12:"Aktualności";s:2:"id";s:6:"Berita";s:2:"zh";s:6:"新闻";s:5:"zh-tw";s:6:"新聞";s:2:"ja";s:12:"ニュース";s:2:"ko";s:6:"뉴스";s:2:"ru";s:14:"Новости";s:2:"ar";s:10:"أخبار";s:2:"th";s:12:"ข่าว";s:2:"vi";s:9:"Tin tức";s:2:"tr";s:5:"Haber";}s:8:"subtitle";a:0:{}s:18:"header_bottom_html";s:0:"";s:5:"feeds";a:0:{}s:9:"page_size";i:10;s:10:"after_html";s:0:"";s:11:"seo_enabled";b:0;s:9:"seo_title";s:0:"";s:15:"seo_description";s:0:"";s:16:"seo_og_image_url";s:0:"";s:21:"seo_twitter_image_url";s:0:"";}

If I want to translate the whole content (including the coins description) in Italian or Slovak, do I have the option?


Most text fields are translatable, with Italian provided by default. Coin description is provided by CoinGecko, it doesn’t have an option to translate that content.


No updates in 6 months, still in development or no?

Hi, yes, this script is maintained.

Hi, I’m interested in this code. Do you have a custom service to add some features? I want to add some features. The Website would need the following additions: - Display prices and chart in BTC - Ability for users to login and create a favorites list. - Coins should be numbered according to their market cap. If you have, how much is it? Let me know. Thanks.

Hi, I had sent a message for you. Thanks.


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