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Me again. I bought the plug in and really like it. However I failed to notice the 2nd comment before mine. As stated before there seems to be an issue with Chrome in Windows XP and also Vista.

I have six objects but only 3 are displayed in a flat rotating banner. I read that you would never sniff for an operating system. Not sure how that works, but does that mean that there is no way around this?

I would really like for it to just fall back to grid mode. I was hoping there’d be a way to detect the chrome version or something and have it fall back if no good.


Hi Havoc479,

I’ve been able to confirm that the carousel works correctly on Vista + Chrome. Maybe update your version of Chrome? If you’re still having trouble, send me an email from my profile page and I’ll take a look.

As for Windows XP, my guess is Google doesn’t spend much time on their XP version of Chrome anymore, hence why it registers false-positives for 3D support.

Unfortunately, sniffing for an operating system is almost impossible for any browser other than IE.


Hi, i just bought the product, really a great plugin, we are using it in the full windows, but we want to know how we can change values using javascript like the live demo.. i don’t find any code to perform this in the documentation. or there is another way to perform this?

Hi memmanue,

The settings are set through html “data” attributes. The “Custom Settings” section inside the included help document has more information.


Yes, i saw the custom settings in the doc page, but i mean change it with javascript on runtime.

Oh I see. Inside the “jquery.cj-carousel.js” file you’ll see some API methods around line #72. You can call them like this:

$(".cj-carousel").cjCarousel("updateZ", 10);



i am interested in this Plugin, but don’t found answers for my questions.

1. How many pictures can i insert? 2. can i insert the 3D Carousel on more than 1 Wordpress-Pages? All pages which i want use are running on 1 domain.

Hi serviceuv,

1) Technically there’s no limit on the number of thumbnails the carousel can hold. But I’d only recommend that a reasonable amount of thumbnails be used (probably less than 16), as a large number of thumbnails would likely decrease carousel performance.

2) This isn’t a WordPress plugin, but the general rule is that a regular license allows you to use the item on more than one page, just not more than one website.


Hello Jack, thanks for your answers. This is exactly i hoped to hear ;-) No Problem we want to use it only on one Website!!

Hi! I purchased the item. It works good on Firefox 23, but the 3D Image Version doens’t work on Chrome 29 under Windows 7. It only show a message sayin “Loading” a doesn’t do anything. The Icon version works ok in both browsers.

I hope you can help me! Thanks.

Hi promotorainnova,

The thumbnail version uses some HTML5 Canvas for the rollover effect, and when testing locally due to local security restrictions., this will only work in Firefox. But if you upload the carousel to your website online it will work.


Hey CodingJack,

I’m wanting to integrate your 3D Carousel with ColorBox in order to open a light box on click of a figure element (instead of opening a new window when populating the data-url). Is this possible?


Hi CodingJack, I was able solve by tweaking your gotoURL function. I added an if statement that clicks an anchor tag (that contains the colorBox details) if “colorBox” is present in the data-url attribute. Thanks for the clean code!!!

I have put in 7 images, and only 5 will show, and one of the images just sits in the middle of the carousel.

Also, I cannot view it correctly on my phone, although I do have fallback grid selected.

Please help!

Hi mcmanusl13,

I think you purchased the WordPress version? The comments here are for the non-WordPress version.

It looks like your theme is creating some erroneous “p” tags which are interfering with the plugin’s markup. Send me an email from my profile page along with an ftp login to your site and I’ll get that fixed for you.


Sent, thank you!!

please let us know whats d issue. the slider is saying loading and does not appear at all. in chrome and other places. i can share the FTP details if you can see the issue.

Hi ebsol,

Sounds like probably a file loading issue. Or maybe you’re testing locally? When testing locally, use Firefox as some browser’s have sensitive local security restrictions for HTML5 Canvas (but the carousel will always work in Chrome when uploaded to a live server).

Send me a link to an example from the form on my profile page and I’ll be happy to help you solve this.


HI jack,

I Just love the plugin its simple great to look. But only one issue. The images in the slider are blurred nomatter how good the resolution is. Can you help me out? Ill send the request from the profile page please have a look.

Hi ebsol,

When images are shown in a 3d environment, the browser will automatically apply a “smoothing” effect to the image itself. The best you can do is to try and match your image sizes with the right 3d settings so when scaled at their max point, they match the actual image size better.


Hi, great product! Is there any chance to work as 3D slider on IE ?

Hi Dreakman,

Unfortunately IE doesn’t support one of the CSS3 3D features necessary (preserve-3d). As soon as they add support for this property I’ll update the plugin.


hi, I just purchased this product… but its not working in ie… can u please let me know what is the issue. I am using ie9

Hi Createweb7,

Here’s the information from the products description page that explains how the carousel works in IE.

even its not displaying like this… all images displayed randomly….im have IE11

Hi createweb,

Probably a CSS conflict somewhere. Send me an email from my profile page and I’ll help you out.


Hi, you write that the carousel works on Android or iOS browsers. However, even on your demo page ( I’m not able to run it correctly on either Android or iOS device.

Is it just old code? I already own this Carousel from you, bought it about a year ago and that version isn’t working on mobiles either.

Hi ZhuJo,

The preview is setup to demonstrate the following carousel option (found in the carousel’s HTML, also explained in the help document under the “Smartphone Fallback” section)


Change that to “false”, and the 3D version will be displayed on mobile devices instead of the grid fallback.


hi, me again. I wonder, how hard would it be to disable mouse rotation entirely and rely just on next/prev buttons for rotating carousel item by item? Also, could the carousel be “flat”, that means that individual items would be just scale down and moved to back in perspective instead of rotating them on their axis? Like cloud carousel does?

Hi ZhuJo,

The carousel is only built to spin the way shown in the demos. Disabling mouse-rotate and adding buttons would require some customization work, but I could probably do that for you on a freelance basis. Contact me from my profile page if you’d like more information about that.


Hi Jack

I love your 3D Carousel… it is exactly what I was looking for. I added two more items to the carousel, giving a total of 10 items. I have each of them with their own hyperlinks to other pages working perfectly.

The only issue is that the resulting 10-item carousel is larger than the 8-item carousel, and I cannot change the size even when I open the css/cj-carousel.css file and try to change the height and width in .cj-wrapper.

Do you have any suggestions?

Hi magicshirt,

Because the carousel is 3D, 2D properties such as “width” and “height” won’t have any effect on the actual size of the carousel. Instead, the carousel’s 3D settings such as “data-spacing” and “data-translateZ” are what should be adjusted to achieve the look different “size” views.

Check out the “Custom Settings” section in the help document for a full list of settings and their descriptions. In addition, check out the online demo’s here and play around with the controls at the bottom to get a visual idea of how the different 3D settings effect the carousels appearance.


I’ve just bought the carousel and I’m well impressed.

I currently have the text showing from the cj-caption but there is a lot of text and it is difficult to stop the scroller while the text is read. This could also prove more difficult on an iPad.

Is there a way to create a link that sends the url content to an iframe rather than a blank page?

Also, the image reflection appears offset to the right rather than directly underneath the image. How would I resolve this?

Hi owltree,

Send me an email from my profile page and include a link to your site and I’ll try and help you with these questions.



I am interested in placing a a transparent .png picture within the center of the carousel. How can I go about doing that? I have a carousel that does this in Flash but not all browsers, especially mobile, support Flash.

Hi Shred,

This might be possible if all items were animated individually, but rotating 8+ items individually in 3D space is pretty processor intensive without Flash. So this carousel rotates the item’s container instead, but unfortunately because of that, it isn’t possible to get retrieve/set individual z-indexing, making it impossible to have the carousel rotate around a static image. Long answer, but worth explaining in case you or others are wondering why.


Hi CodingJack, I like your works . It looks more attractive if we add more features.1> the preview images have one center image and center image and other circular images both rotate according to the mouse wheel scrolling. and 2>when we hover on the any image , it will show tooltip and when we click image , the pop up will come.

shall we do this above changes? plz reply.

Hi Ravi,

These options aren’t currently included. Having the carousel rotate around a static element isn’t possible, but the script could be easily modified to open a lightbox on-click.


Thanks for reply Jack. I found such example link is [link removed]. Shall it possible apply to above changes in it? I have question that when we try to apply lightbox or tooltips classes to the particular image using external lightbox or tooltips plugins its don,t works,why? plz reply.

Hi ravi,

I flagged your message because of the competitor link but no worries. Rotating the carousel around a static image isn’t possible with this carousel. The carousel’s script will need to be modified in order for it to be compatible with a tooltip or lightbox plugin. Feel free to send me an email from my profile page if you’d like to discuss further.


Hi Coding Jack, I bought the plugin which can be seen in action here:

Several things do not work well though: - the carousel shape is somewhat bizarre, looking more like a Moebius ribbon: - we have a carousel with only one image. It does not display:

Please help.

Best, Stephen

Hi Stephen,

The carousel won’t work with only one image. For your z-index issue, in the “css/cj-carousel.css” file, on line #74, try changing it to this:

.cj-wrapper figure {

    position: absolute;
    margin: 0;

    /* -webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d; */
    -moz-transform-style: preserve-3d;
    -o-transform-style: preserve-3d;
    -ms-transform-style: preserve-3d;
    /* transform-style: preserve-3d; */



Hello. I am currently searching for a 3D carousel for my web app. Yesterday, I stumbled across this one. I love how easy it is to personalize it. Before I purchase, I was wondering if it would be possible to get help on changing one of the features so it’s more touch screen enabled. Instead of putting your cursor where you want it to go, can you make it so you drag it, like at [removed] If not, I’ll probably use it anyway. Thanks!

Hi Techykyle,

I flagged your message because of the link but no worries. This carousel doesn’t include “mouse drag” functionality, but I’ll definitely consider this for a future update.


Sorry for the link. Any ideas for how easy would it be to make it a mouse drag carousel?

Hi techykyle,

It would have to be added to the script. I’ve added it to my official request list, and will revisit the option the next time the carousel is updated.



I’m looking for a 3D carousel slider like yours here but it needs the following functionality: 1. Auto Rotation 2. Pause on hover – when image is hovered over it must show text over the image, with a link to external url, this text and link must be on a solid colour background with transparency of 80%. So the colour background and text will take up the entire block that the image was in.

Can your slider do this, and if not how much will you charge to customize this functionality for me?

Or do you know of another plugin that will achieve this functionality?


Hi cathbland,

The carousel doesn’t include these things by default, but send me an email from my profile page and I can give you a quote for the customization.


Hi! Bought the plugin and I like how it is working. However, I have some issue with the cross domain restriction for canvas items. I want the carousel to work with images from another domain. Any idea how I can go around this limitation?

Any help will be great. Thanks!

Hi Strife,

The carousel uses HTML5 Canvas and unfortunately the cross-domain restriction is a browser restriction that can’t be overcome. So the images will have to be hosted on the same domain as the carousel in order for it to work.