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Cool work! Works smoothly on the firefox.

Awesome Jack, looks perfect! :)

Thanks guys :) Worked hard on this one!

Quick note. The 3D adjustment tools that you see here in the preview aren’t included in the download source. If anyone wants the carousel + the tools drop me an email and I’ll send it your way.

Congrats, love this item! Cheers Jack!

Awesome work my friend. Outstanding!

Awesome stuff bro, smoother than flash :)

Is there a limit to number of images that can be added to carousel?

Hi ssieloff,

Technically no but I wouldn’t add a crazy amount of images as rendering performance would likely suffer.


Good job – Congratulations!

Freking cool bro, i think its first Carousel here ? kudos man .

Ho that price thing here drove me nuts, but we past the anger thing by now i think :P

Still $4 cheaper than the Flash one I uploaded 3 years ago :D But you’re right, no sense worrying about it. Just got to work harder!

And thanks for your kind words. Anytime I get a compliment from one of my idols it always means a lot :)

This is really great work. Loving It. Good luck

Very smooth :-)

Nice File CJ!

Can this be enhanced to use DIVs rather the images?

Hi Araskin,

Not without some custom work applied. Because the carousel is built to preload all of the images before it initiates.


OK. Can we discuss what it would take to make that work? Is there an email address I can use to discuss this further with you?

Sure, send me an email from my profile page:


Very cool. I have a problem though – I use Dreamweaver. When I preview it in Chrome, it does not work, but it DOES look right when I preview it in firefox. When I upload it though, it does NOT work at all in any browser, including on my ipad. I know it shouldn’t work in IE, but I can’t get it to work at all. Could you please check my code? Everything is in the banner div. [link removed]

Just some tips on why it would work fine in my browser preview but not in real life would be great.

Thanks! Nick

Hi Nick,

I flagged your post because I don’t like to link to unobfuscated versions of the script but no worries.

The carousel won’t work in Chrome offline. This is due to a local security + HTML5 Canvas drawing thing. But it will work online in Chrome.

The carousel preloads all thumbnails before it starts. The reason it isn’t working online for you is because it can’t find all of the thumbnails.

The problem is case-sensitivity for the image extentions. Offline, file extentions often work regardless of case, but online servers are usually more strict. So you have a few of these occurrences. One example is the file:

images/carousel/2.PNG (uppercase)

which needs to be renamed to:

images/carousel/2.png (lowercase)



Awesome! I hope it works, what an easy fix. I’ll let you know. Great job getting back to me within like 5 minutes too.


Well, you were right about the .PNG being uppercase, so I converted all the .pngs to .jpg for consistancy, but it still won’t work… :-( any more ideas?

(edit for clarification – I converted the images themselves as well as changing the data-src file paths to images/carousel/1.jpg)

Some of the new jpg images can’t be found:

Here’s a video I made once to help troubleshoot this:

Awesome. It’s working. You’ve been more help than I’ve had in a week.