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Hi, thanks for this great plugin. I got one problem, the image reflection appears offset to the right rather than directly underneath the image. How would I resolve this?


finally i found the reason, now it works!

Hi i bought from you 3d carousel and i tried to control the spin of it(make it stop or run faster/slower when event is accrued like onclick ) can you help me and tell me how to do it ?



Hi Shimon,

This isn’t one of the options available with the plugin, but I’ll add it to my request list for possible inclusion in a future update.



I bought your very neat plugin. Using those very cool sliders at the bottom of the demo, I decided I wanted images larger, so set my page at TranslateZ of 0. I tested both your thumbnail demo and my page for responsiveness and would prefer to alter that TranslateZ for smaller screens.

Could you tell me how to determine what the viewport (I presume) is, so I can use php to insert that into the cj-carousel div?

I am using php to basically spit out the slider you’ve shown in thumbnail.html, so if I could just know that viewport number so I could increase/decreate the Z conditionally, it would be great!

Thanks in advance.

Hi Charlie,

It isn’t possible to read the screen size in PHP. This is something that can only be done at runtime. But you could detect mobile devices in PHP. Here’s a script that could do that:


Good information – Thanks!

Question ,

When implemented on active website, it shows one of the images underneath the carousel. How to resolve this? Please advise

I purchased the 3D Carousal and I have been trying to get it to work. However, there is an issue in its working. If the carousel html page & images are both in the same domain then the carousel is running. But it’s giving java script error if both of them are in different domains which is what I am wanting. How can this be solved.

Hello , i have that plugin actually it’s working fine chrome and fixfox but this plugin support IE latest version ?

Hey, great plugin, got it working so far. Is there a possibility to have the carousel rotating without the items rotating themselves? I want them to go around and scale, but i don´t want them to turn around. If there is no simple way to do that I would appreciate a hint at which part of the code I have to look at. Thanks

its not responsive?

Dont work online in Chrome!!!!

hi i would like to purchase this app but can i have it with full option as the demo? with the rotators and background change options. thanx

Hello, I’m having problems with your slider. When I place image like this: img src=”img/pixel.gif” data-src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’);?>/images/logo-1.png” width=”128” height=”115” alt=”CSS3 3D Carousel”

I get JS console error: is jquery.cj-carousel.min.js?ver=4.6:1 Uncaught TypeError: is not a function

I was curious on the KB size of the minified file of this plugin?

hi, can you sent as demo version. we need to test it compatibility with our site. Thanks

Hi, Jack! The image quality is much worse compared to the original. Please tell me how to fix it?


xocotl Purchased

Добрый день! Купил 3D Carousel и не работает на телефоне и еще вариант jpg не подгружается в gogle браузере. Если этот скрипт не будет работать на мобильных устройствах. Прошу вернуть мне деньги, я его использовать тогда не буду.

Good day! Bought 3D Carousel and does not work on the phone and another version of jpg is not loaded in google browser. If this script will not work on mobile devices. Please give me back my money, I use it then I won’t.

Seem to have bought the worpress version of this by accident, any way i can get the normal version of this?