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You have a potentially interesting item here. While the primary frontend live preview doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, I was able to access the secondary backend demo. As of this writing, the Call To Action button labeled “Test Drive” has been misspelled as “Test Dirve”.

I was able to get an idea of what the frontend demo for item would be like by viewing the jQuery version of the same item for now. However, I don’t know if all the features of that item were ported over?

Is this item based on the jQuery or Bootstrap version or your previous items? I did see the “compatible with” section for this item but that’s not definitive. As of now, Bootstrap v3 doesn’t support RTL like Zurb’s Foundation v4 and v5 already do AFAIK. Perhaps, in BS v4, that will change. I don’t follow BS as much since I tend to use jQuery and Foundation mostly.

Regarding the backend dashboard interface, is there an option to disable entirely the custom styling that has been applied to the dashboard elements, TinyMCE editor, etc? It’s not cool, it’s awful. Don’t fight or alter it, just let the default WP UI / UX be. It’s in use by millions and it’s already familiar and accepted. As a result of not using it, the custom styling in use makes the plugin’s interface look like a WP transplant instead of a native plugin. While that may be only my opinion for now, it’s the only one that matters if I were to ever consider use of this item.

Thank you very much for your preview and comment.

+ Link ‘Test drive’ : fixed , thank again.

+ Do not include all the features. I’m developing more complete and specific feature is only available on wordpress version.

+ Basically, this plugin is compatible most different platforms. But I have not had time to test on other platforms, I’ll check in next time.

+ I just changed the style simple, matching with the style of this plugin, do not destroy the layout. Maybe next time I will follow your opinion, give it to default.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 90

wut ? when clicking in admin panel ‘activate plugin’.

obfuscated here real domain to

Thank bro, so needless repairs, i was delighted. I will fix this bug in PHP version 5.3.0

bro u shouldn’t use ‘[ ]’ (square brackets) as array declaration, use good ol ‘array()’ cuz square brackets are from php version 5.4+ and wordpress with 5.3+ requirement aint ready for that with its 5.2.4 requirement. thanks

Hi, i fixed in new version plugin with php 5.3+. Thank you!

I am not seeing what is shown in screenshots. Using Windows 8; Firefox.

Edit: nevermind i was able to see it after logging into the test drive.

Which brings me to my next questions. 1. The tabs doesnt seem to be responsive? 2. Is this plugin compatible with Visual Composer?

Thank you!

Hi manzoorboy06,

+ Firefox: checked and fixed in new version.
+ Test drive : checked, it is normal???
+ Responsive: this plugin supported responsive. checked
+ Visual Composer : i just integrated into plugin in new version

Thanks for review.

Looking to buy this.

Do you know if it’ll work with Beaver Builder. Also will you be supporting / updating this in future? Looks like you’ve stopped supporting some of your older plugins which is slightly worrying.


Love your plugin – but I need to know if jQuery driven shortcodes will work within these tabs?

Hi there,

I am very interested in purchasing your plugin, please could you confirm if you have simple transitions on tab clicks. I would like a nice smooth fade.

It seems the tabs are not responsive.?

Does this plugin support the latest version of Wordpress?

Please confirm.


Seems the author no longer supports or answers any questions. Time to look for an alternate plugin.

Watch out now with this new support payments in place, you don’t want to be paying for support when its not offered.


Is it possible to have the option to choose the tab colours? Like tab normal background colour, tab on hover background colour, tab on click background colour? And then the same for the fonts like font on hover colour etc? That would be awesome, just can’t quite get my tabs to look right and I’m launching the site early next week would really appreciate your help with either some custom css or if you could add it to the options that would be even better!

Hi, I got a big problem. I’m trying to add a table, but after editing 3 slides I was looking for a “Save” button or something similar, but I didn’t find it. I’ve tried to click the “Create new” button, but unsuccessfully. The table has a title, the tabs have contents, every setting was checked. I use WP 4.1 and I’ve tried to work with CodeTabs on Safari and Firefox, ‘cause I was adraid to have a browser issue. Help me please, I’m feeling stupid.

I’m having two issues with CodeTabs. The first is really both due to the same issue. Adding too many tabs (more than 10 or so) makes it where you can’t get to certain tabs as the tabs disappear both in the admin and frontend even if using vertical nav on the front end. Another issue is it would be great to have a way to sort tabs.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION on line 251

What needs to be done?

Hey, Ive purchases but tryig to work out how to upload data in the importer, are you able to assist?

Two questions:

1) Can you have all the tabs automatically closed?

2) When you click on a tab, can it scroll down to the tabs if your higher on the page?

Thanks, Matt

Hi, can i put tabs inside a tab content?


this show error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/**/public_html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php on line 242

Thanks for making this plugin!

The only issue is that when I include img tag in the slide title and open it up with mobile browser (iPhone 6s safari), it stretches the screen horizontally, not reducing the title image size. Anything I can do to fix?


I want to know if you can change the border radius line color with some CSS because I did not see the ability to change it in the demo. The left border line next to the tabs in the vertical example is the same color you select with the color picker and that’s fine but I wanted to make the top, right, and bottom border lines around the content be black versus the faded grayish color that renders in the demo???

Can you make the line be solid under the tab titles versus a bunch of little periods? Can you make the text be black for the tabs that are not selected? Possibly this can be done with some CSS because I did not see the option to change those items?

Hi there nice plugin, quick questions please, is there a selector or easy way to style the active tab so I can have the active tabs font a differnet colour from the other tabs?

Cheers :)

Nevermind I have figured it out.

Does CodeTabs allow you to link directly into a tab?

Hi – I just thought I would mention that when I click on the demo – my virus software jumps into action saying threat is detected and your site is blocked

Hi I love your tabs. Quick question. I have two tab system in 2 col6 using the left vertical tabs. basically you hit a button and the product information slides in like you made it. The tab system on the left side of the page is fine because its vertical left and collapses with the tabs on top. I need it to mirror these tabs so it can be identical on the right. My first thought was ok use the vertical right tabs. The look is what i want(a mirrored version of the tabs from the left to right. But when you resize it the tabs move to the bottom not the top like the vertical left tabs. This is frustrating as I need the tabs on the left and right side to collapse above the image so you can easily compare them. Unfortunately the right vert tabs collapse underneath it so comparing is pretty awkward since the tabs aren’t even. Is there a way to simply align the tabs to the right so its mirrored of the left. My co-worked claims he did it on accident one day but I need recreate that accident so I can use the tabs as a solid compare page. I hope I was clear enough but I hope its really easy fix.

So to review, The vert left tabs collapse on top and vert right collapses on bottom. I need both the left and right to collapse on top of image being compared to be side by side, not the left on top and the right on the bottom. Would messing with the alignment do anything?

Hi, everyone. I’ve just purchased this plugin for my website. And have some questions.

I create a new codetab tab in wordpress and placed it in the visual composer. Also I added a new Elegant tabs in the visual composer before. And the single tab which is in the elegant tab works as well when I select another tab from current tab. How can I change the background opacity gradient colors when I select every tabs? I’ve already coded to css and the elegant tab works as well. In this case, I gave the “CSS Class Name” to the Elegant tab and gave the “Tab ID” and “Custom CSS” to every Current Tab. Thank you.