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Thanks for this awesome piece of code.

I’m wondering if I could set the height of the content inside tabs to be 100% of the screen.

What I’m doing: tabs are the top most objects on the screen, user can swipe to the side to switch tabs (common app layout). I want the content div to be responsive and fill the rest of the page.

Thanks for your help,


Got it to work! However, is there a property to not allow cycling through tabs? When the user reaches the last tab, it has to swipe to the other side to return.

To stop cycling, you try isLoop property.

+ Data html5 : isLoop-false
+ Javascript : isLoop : false

Thank you for purchased.

Thank you for the awesome script, but i cant click over any link that included inside the tab content.


Hi, I am interested in a plugin tabs responsive without jquery would it be possible to have the vertical plugin and without effect add an icon to each possible tabs? thank you

Good evening, I’m interested in your plugin by cons-on tabs like to have the same things here this website I paid for personalization yes add icons as the example. add tabs as the example like to have “tabs” bar

thank you


I purchased the the jquery plugin and have integrated it in a site I’m developing. I really like what I’ve seen so far!

Unfortunately I’m having a problem with nested tabs.

My setup have the nested tabs on the 2nd tab of the “master” tab (i.e. the topmost tabs).

However, whenever the tabs start up, I wind up seeing the content from the primary tab from the nested tabs overlaid any tab on the “master” tabs.

Since this is a development site, it’s not available on the internet yet…

It seems like there’s a limit to the number levels of nested tabs I can have on a single page?

I get a “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘imgback’ of undefined” when I have a nested tab inside a nested tab (i.e. 3 levels of tabs). If I comment out the init of the jQuery().codetabs({}) for the deepest level nested tab, the error disappears.

However, regardless of what I do with the 3rd (deepest) level – jQuery(‘div#inner-tabs’) – of the tabs, I’m still getting the 2nd (middle) level – jQuery(‘div#status-tabs’) – tabs being overlaid on all of the 1st (top) level – jQuery(‘div#profile-tabs’) – tabs. This seemingly happens because the .ct-cur class gets added to both the 1st & 2nd level tabs.

Is there some way to a) have 3 levels of tabs and b) make sure the 2nd level tabs will not show it’s ‘first slide’ on top of the top level tabs, even on tabs where the 2nd level isn’t supposed to be visible?

Hi, I got a big problem. I’m trying to add a table, but after editing 3 slides I was looking for a “Save” button or something similar, but I didn’t find it. I’ve tried to click the “Create new” button, but unsuccessfully. The table has a title, the tabs have contents, every setting was checked. I use WP 4.1 and I’ve tried to work with CodeTabs on Safari and Firefox, ‘cause I was adraid to have a browser issue. Help me please, I’m feeling stupid.


i use “chosen jquery plugin” in a nested tab and there is a overflow hidden problem that hide the “select” when they are open

do you have any solution for this ?


Hi. By default every tab is the same width, based on the width of the largest tab.

Is there any way to make it so that each tab’s width is sized to the length of its title?

Hi I bought the code yesterday, we are trying to implement swipe functionality, we are facing a problem with the swipe, the page is getting swipped to next tab though user actually scroll up/down through the current tab.

Could you please look

hi. in my layout I need to use right-aligned vertical tabs for standard view and top aligned horizontal tabs in mobile view. I have the parameters set as pos: bottom, align: begin which works as expected for the right-aligned tabs, but when switching to mobile view, the tabs are at the bottom not the top. Is there a way to set tab position so that they default to TOP in mobile/small window responsive views?