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We have some problems with windows phone and Edge Browser. The swipe doesn’t work, it always remains holded on initial position!!! Can you help me to solve it? Thank you in advance for your support.


I might be looking for your product, hope you can help me to clear it out. I have li-lists (header navigation) and also labels (product filter woocommerce) that is too long and takes up many rows in mobile view. Can both of these lists/filters use this swipe plugin? So that they can be displayed nicely out of the box?

Best Regards, MIkael

Hey Admin ,

I was wasting my time for days to find out a fault in your codetab. Actually i have used your codetab in c# framework and im happy it worked well.. But my client wanted to put some CSS FLIP BOOK in each tabs and i did it as he wanted.. But after that, whenever i change tabs from one to another , the images of book covers in a one tab comes and disappeared in the next tab. I wanted to hide them but i still couldn’t a way of doing it. Tab’s content is not showing but images can be seen (for like 1 second) in the next tab.(as soon as i clicked it).

i added a div loader and they are still appearing even after the loader. so since book images are getting overlapping with each for few seconds , it looks ugly. Could you please let me know whether are there any possibility to hide them in the next tab mate… Help would be really really really appreciated..


Hi, I purchased your codetabs component last year and I have recently started to have issues. I keep recieving multiple [codetabs: image load failed] -> undefined in the browser debug window. Could you help please.


Can I remove top-space between TabAnd Content

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We have a button (for remove current tab) inside the tab and current tab has nested tabs. When we try to call code.removeSlide(tabID) then it is throwing below error.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘angCur’ of undefined

Please guide us. Thank you.