Codestar Framework - A Simple and Lightweight WordPress Option Framework for Themes and Plugins

Codestar Framework - A Simple and Lightweight WordPress Option Framework for Themes and Plugins

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Welcome to the exciting world of Codestar Framework!

A Simple and Lightweight WordPress Option Framework. Built in Object Oriented Programming paradigm with high number of custom fields and tons of options. Allows you to bring custom admin, metabox, taxonomy and customize settings to all of your pages, posts and categories. It’s highly modern and advanced framework.

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Admin Option Framework

Admin Option Framework

Metabox Option Framework

Metabox Option Framework

Customize Option Framework

Customizer Option Framework

Taxonomy Option Framework

Taxonomy Option Framework

Shortcode Generate Framework

Shortcode Generate Framework

Widget Option Framework

Widget Option Framework

Key Features

  • WordPress 5.0.x Ready
  • Gutenberg Ready
  • Multiple instances
  • Unlimited frameworks
  • Output css styles
  • Output typography
  • Advanced option fields
  • Fields dependencies based on rules
  • Sanitize and validate fields
  • Supports child themes
  • Ajax saving
  • Localization
  • Useful hooks for configurations
  • Export and import options
  • Well documentation
  • and much more…

Available Option Fields

  • Accordion
  • Background
  • Backup
  • Border
  • Button Set
  • Checkbox
  • Code Editor
  • Color
  • Color Group
  • Date
  • Dimensions
  • Fieldset
  • Gallery
  • Group
  • Icon
  • Image Select
  • Link Color
  • Media
  • Palette
  • Radio
  • Repeater
  • Select
  • Slider
  • Sortable
  • Sorter
  • Spacing
  • Spinner
  • Switcher
  • Tabbed
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Typography
  • Upload
  • WP Editor
  • Others


Take a look to online documentation. If you need any support visit to support forum.

Need Support ?

Register or visit support forum. Have you any question, idea or advise ? Something is not clear ? Please fell free to contact us via support forum anytime.

Update History

Version 2.0.4

Added: Dark and Light themes.
Added: New params to change on/off texts for Switcher field.
Added: Shortcode generate framework support for Elementor text editor.
Fixed: Sortable and Sorter fields ordering save issue in Customizer.
Fixed: Radio, Button Set and Image Select fields issue in Group field.
Fixed: Color picker default/clear button issue in Customizer.
Improved: RTL style of framework.
Improved: Media and Upload fields remove buttons.
Improved: Framework style css.
Changed: Backup field data type "json" instead of "serialize".

Version 2.0.3

Added: Widget Options Framework (bonus).
Added: Nested Group support.
Added: Nested Repeater support.
Added: Spanish Translation po/mo.
Added: Date range "from" and "to" for Date field.
Added: New param "empty_message" if options not provided for Select, Checkbox, Radio.
Fixed: Metabox framework php notices in 404 page etc.
Fixed: WP Editor field save issue.
Improved: Validate email function.
Improved: Group field arguments.
Improved: Font-Awesome library.
Improved: Hide to "welcome" page automatically if not used as plugin.
Improved: Confirm alert box messages translations.

Version 2.0.2

Added: Page Templates "default" option for spesific metabox hide/show.
Added: Post Formats "default" option for spesific metabox hide/show.
Added: Only allow number inputs for Spacing, Dimensions, Border, Slider, Typography etc.
Added: ChosenJS custom options support and improved width and css style.
Fixed: Taxonomy framework jquery triggers. It was not working again after saving.
Fixed: Code Editor style issue for used inside Group/Repeater.
Fixed: Sortable field sortby issue.
Fixed: Options panel show in customizer option.
Fixed: Media field URL show/hide option issue.
Improved: Typography, Color, Spinner, Date, Chosen, Slider fields for used inside Group/Repeater.
Improved: All fields javascript triggers for more performance.
Improved: Customizer Framework field dependency feature.
Improved: Customizer Framework field styles.

Version 2.0.1

Added: WP Editor AJAX support for Group Field, Repeater Field and Everywhere.
Added: Custom palette colors option for Color Picker.
Added: Override files feature again.
Added: Validate URL function callback.
Fixed: Group field save issue.
Fixed: Multiple given post formats metabox hide/show issue.
Fixed: Minor bugs.

Version 2.0.0

Premium version released

Version 1.0.0

Initial released