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Good day Zamswain, beautiful piece of work there. 1)may I know if this nice product will be continuously maintained? :-) 2) Do you plan to offer a wordpress plugin version? A lot of people using wplms for course websites may be interested in such a product. If I use it as-is, my logged in students would have to signup/login on this platform in order to use its full features..

Thanks in advance, Khoel

Are you there at all :-)? I think, with the unclarity of the MySQL is not writable part of your installation, you should at least be willing to offer some assistance to your buyers, but it seems it’s quite difficult to reach you in urgent situations. Please help… I’ve sent you several mails to no avail. Thanks in advance.

I told you several times that email me you problem in delighcode@gmail.com

My friend, I have sent you several mails to this very e-mail address. In addition, I managed to solve this particular issue, as you may recall. I can’t quite guess why you’re reacting to this request now, whiles I’ve sent you a mail for feature requests a week ago, unanswered :-)

...and 3)will it work to have code checked/marked automatically, like codecademy? I’m setting up an online learn-to-code platform like codeschool, that’s why I’m so interested in your software and these features.


yes you can do this

Really? Wow… Then you can add me to your list of glad buyers soon. What I need to be certain of is that 1)you won’t be releasing a wordpress version as I actually need a wp one…if you will, then I will have to wait instead of buy twice.

2)there’s good documentation/user-guides of the features (how to get up and running with the software). 3)a user can have more than 1 html/css/js files within one document, as you would when building a site. 4)when you you release an update I believe the site content won’t be affected.

Sorry, for this much enquiries, but I’m really interested in your product. Thanks

1) No I am not releasing wp version. 2) A very simple a descriptive documentation and installer to get set every thing. 3) Yes. 4) No never.

why do you remove Expertrack….plz where else can i buy it from just fund my acc to purchase it…i see it gon

Hope we should look forward to something related that someone can run and make money with it….hv follow u…

or can you sell Expertrack themes for me

No sorry its some one else property now, but can make for you another like that

I’m interested in your product, but looking at the comments it seems you have to update it soon. I read in the comment thread of Coderun script (looks like yours) that JS code doesn’t work because of back slashes replacing all quotes. >Does your product have the same problem? >Your demo shows that a saved document can have only one JS file, one HTML file and one CSS file. Do you plan to add the feature to allow more than one JS/HTML/CSS file in the same directory saved? >Will you add support for php? >When do you plan to release a major update?

Every thing is going fine just because this product for coders causing problem to only some people I hope you understand and you can not judge my script on the basis of one comment there are other comments also.

BEAUTIFUL SCRIPT!! 5++ Now that I have it fully installed, I realise its true functionality. Thanks a lot delightcode. May I know when you’ll add..

1) support for directory structure (multiple html/css/js files in one project)?

2)support jQuery, other JS libraries and PHP?

3)how to configure the facebook login/signup to work :-)


4) Hi delightcode, there is currently some distraction of attention by the number of items on the Create page… can you give us a Create page (create.php) with ONLY the Code Editor?

Please follow on email for quires.

Thanks my friend. I have mailed you now. I look forward to your help…

Big man, how are you doing today? As you said some time back about an update. Any news on the update with new features and solutions?


Kindly send me a list of changes on my email. Thanks

Thanks my friend. I have mailed you now. I look forward to your help…

Hi, it’s been a few days…I’m gladly looking forward to your answer. Thank you


I was testing demo that is good and I am interesting to purchase this. But I checked you are not giving bootstrap support. Is there any possibility in future for support of bootstrap?

this framwork is also responsive

no i am not asking about responsive. when i put any code which is related to bootstrap that does not work.

How about php code and a live display of changes in a separate window ?

There is no option to add external resources like bootstrap, foundation, jquery and angularjs etc.