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Very nicely done mate.

Thanks Mate, Appreciate the comment :)

this is great! any way to have some framework already preset (dropdown to choose a library to work in) this feature would be amazing!

Thanks Hacevedo, Appreciate your input, We are planing to update this feature in the future versions. :)

any updates?

How does this Install, See No info in your Description. :)

or try installing and activating “ENV Apache module” if its a Apache web server

All Good and Working, Thank you for Advice, 5 star *

Thanks, Feel free to contact us for any further info. :)

This is a great script and was very easy to install and use. I agree with HACEVEDO that being able to choose a library to work in would be very useful. Another helpful feature would be a comments/notes section at the bottom.

Thanks pwrtech, Thank You for your comment, We will release the library select feature instead of adding them as links. Stay tune for the updates. :) We will also consider about the comments feature. Cheers :)

this is great so far! i was wondering if there are any plans on introducing any user account features?

Unfortunately we are not planing to add the user management section to the editor, CodeLab is more of a individual library which will be easily integrated with an existing system(with / without user management), But there will be other updates on the DodeLab itself to make it more user friendly and feature rich.

Output Window dont’ know CSS Attribute content: ”\f067”; Please help, Thanks!

not clear what is your issue please be more specific

When I run Output display corect, When I save Output display incorect

is this one of our default templates? if not please make sure the template is compatible. follow the video tutorials if necessary

Awesome! Is the code can be embedded on articles?

Not sure what you meant by embedding on a article? can you explain more