Codeigniter User Manager Pro v2

Codeigniter User Manager Pro v2

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The Codeigniter User Manager Pro V2 system was built out of the need to have a secure reliable backend for Codeigniter systems. As such, it is designed to be easy to learn and use and fast in the execution of its function. It comes jam-packed with nifty features which will make building and maintaining your website or system a joy. The stress of having to edit source code is now a thing of the past. It’s all automated. The system itself is a web application built atop the Codeigniter PHP framework and designed to be very lightweight thus improving page load speeds even for slow connections and giving your visitors a flawless experience. They’re assured to come back. The system is built using a modular method which ensures separation of functions making the modules and the system as a whole highly scalable and easy to maintain and troubleshoot.


  • Built on the robust codeigniter HMVC framework.
  • Includes a powerful Access control for users, user groups, and user levels.
  • Can handle complex access permisions for both front end and backend
  • Customizable templating system
  • Front end login and registration capabilities
  • Login with Facebook Feature
  • Responsive Design, both frontend and Backend
  • Powerful Password encription to enhance security
  • Hidden field security to keep away spammers
  • Forgot pass word for both Frontend and backend login
  • Single session for both front end and backend
  • Remember me cookie for both front end and back end
  • Pages module to allow users with access permissions to access specific pages
  • Add, edit and delete users in the backend
  • Disable specific user accounts, user groups or levels
  • Simple User’s statistics
  • Search users
  • Email Activation for registered users
  • User login IP log
  • User Login time log
  • User Login attempts log
  • An exhaustive documentation for both technical and non technical users.

Admin Credentials

Demo admin url:
Demo User Username:
Demo User Password: Oke5Zg

Admin Credentials

The above accounts shouldn’t be edited. All data entered will be removed in a day or two.

Support and Documentation

Please drop us a line on with any questions you may have, full documentation is included with the program to help you with your projects.


  • Codeigniter User Manager Pro v2.0.3 25th July 2013

Fixed – ACL now performing check correctly
Fixed – CRUD user group working with parent as “None”
Fixed – CRUD user level working with parent as “None”
Fixed – CRUD user working with user group as “None”
Fixed – Changing user_id in URL of edit user doesn’t throw PHP errors
Fixed – Help-block spans no longer have same ID (Valid HTML)
Fixed – Edit user doesn’t force on to change the password
Fixed – CRUD user level and user group. Can now change name
Changed – Added super_admin check for user_id 1. Can’t be edited
Changed – Users can now be made admin and still be editable
Added – Checks for duplicate name and email when admin adds user

  • Codeigniter User Manager Pro v2.0.2 21st June 2013

Fixed – Bugs due due to reference to the old settings table
Fixed – Missing column ‘parent’ in user_group table
Added – Facebook Connect now adds user to users table
Minor bug fixes

  • Codeigniter User Manager Pro v2.0.1 3rd June 2013

Updated – Facebook connect now working
Updated – Premium pages now show login prompt
Updated – Using phpass for hashing passwords
Updated – Documentation with instructions for Facebook connect
Major bug fixes