Codeigniter Subdomain Based Simple User Manager(Material Design)

Codeigniter Subdomain Based Simple User Manager(Material Design)


This is a simple user management system that creates a system induced subdomain and can be a starting point for a web app development or can be integrated with and existing codeigniter project based on Codeigniter version 3.1 and hmvc (hierarchical model view controller) that users can access via a subdomain. The subdomain is system controlled hence doesn’t create or alter the domains A records. The unique aspect of this user manager is that a user is assigned a subdomain and the user can access their account by simply typing
The subdomain will only work within the installed folder e.g. if the user manager is in a subfolder, the subdomain aspect of the system will only work if the installed subfolder is included.

The system also makes use of many modern developer scripts and systems such as bootstrap, jquery and material design.

Features include:-

  • Users can access their profiles using a subdomain
  • Based on codeigniter’s HMVC hence easy to extend.
  • Easy to install. Has an inbuilt installer.
  • Responsive material design
  • Has a user manager which one can add, edit, delete, search, change user levels, change user groups and deactivate/activate user accounts
  • Easy to use and has a nicely designed user interface
  • Settings to activate/deactivate some features
  • Password recovery
  • User registration system
  • System validations
  • Disable/Enable entire user groups
  • Disable/Enable entire user levels

Demo Credentials

Admin Username:
Admin Password: password

The above accounts shouldn’t be edited. All data entered will be removed in a day or two.


Support and Documentation

Please drop us a line on with any questions you may have, full documentation is included with the program to help you with your projects.