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Awesome work, It’s very useful! :)

Thank you :)

very good work ;) i wish you all the best for your sales !

Thank you :). Love your video work!

Is there a provision to upload scanned copies or pdf versionof prescription? Prescription can be entered manually but a copy may still required to be uploaded for audit or other purposes.

Hi Telkin, the option for scanned copies will be implemented in the next update. (2 weeks from now)

Hi Telkin, next update will include “uploading of scanned copies or pdf version of prescriptions”.

Any plans on integration with POS system or Barcode generation for printing labels on medicine boxes

Hi Telkin, you can try the demo now. If you have any suggestions please feel free to inbox us some details on what you would like.

Demo Login Information
Admin manager username: superadmin
Drug manager username: drugadmin
HR manager username: hradmin
Staff manager username: staffadmin

Password: password

Good progress but still some work needs to be done. In any pharmacy, labels for the patient and bar code are printed and pasted on the medicine box. Pharmacy staff should be able to print this directly when they are dispensing medicine. A sample workflow: Patient with new prescription>Entry on the system> then some button like dispense now for that patient> select quantity etc. and also able to print barcode, label etc…...Also some features are missing but relevant: 1. Ability to scan prescription to the system for audit purposes. Manual entry for prescription is fine 2. Patient access to their online prescription. This feature is not common but not high priority 3. Order-Refill online module may be good to have 4.Integration with product like Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module (Available on codecanyon) will make it complete and easy to use

Hi Telkin, Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate your input in making PHARMX a more mature application. Each feature above will be noted and implemented. Updates will be posted.

Hi i like very much your pharmacy script. but i would need some modifications to suit my needs and want to know how much it will cost me. please contact me back. Z89 Develop

Hello, is your email: ?

you send me code and all database when i brought ur product can i customize it as my needs.

Hi titasganguy, sure i will send it. Please contact me on my profile page and send me your email and Item Purchase Code from the license file so i can verify.

i want to know if customers log into the system what would they see from the backend or can they add there own prescription

Hi SirAde,

The PHARMX does not allow Customers to view prescriptions only designated Employees of the Pharmacy (mainly the Pharmacist – “Drug Manager” and “Administrator”) can view/add/delete them once you create the appropriate user account.

Log into the demo here:

Then you can view the type of users here:

You can log into the “Drug Manager”’s account to see what he sees.

Admin manager username: superadmin Drug manager username: drugadmin HR manager username: hradmin Staff manager username: staffadmin

Password for all: password

Hi there,

I would like to know why there are only few sms providers as in the market there are a lot which are providing the sms services with more facilities and have their own direct connections, I have a few customers who would like to use the system and are asking for us to provide them one but since we are not able to find the API that where we could earn on the basis of service for sms we are not referring at your location, i would be glad to share the same on our blog and forums on our website if you could integrate the API we wish to sell to our customers.

Kindly let me know if you are available on Skype and we could discuss further.

BR Harshada Chaudhari

Hi harshadachaudhari, send me a message via my profile.

Is it possible to upload prescriptions to this system? Such as an excel list, or individual PDF/image files?

Hello totaldiabetessupply, currently there are only excel imports for employees and clients. However, we do small personal modifications at a fee. If you are interested send us a message via our profile inbox.

Will there be a feature implemented to deduct from the stock when a label or prescription is filled? It would be nice for it to pull the data from client module into the prescription, instead of having to type all of the information over, again in order to complete a new prescription.

Hi cjburks11, as this is a critical feature it will added to the next update 3-4 weeks from now. If you have anymore concerns please feel free to contact me. Thanks! And Happy Holidays!

Where can I adjust the printer label setting? If I use the 1.1×3.5 label it is too small in the landscape mode and then requires 2 labels. In portrait mode it is completely illegible. Your quick assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

nevermind…user error.

Okay, still having an issue where the label doesn’t quite fit. Is there a section I can manipulate to format the label with information as needed and take out some of the extra space? On a side note, when creating a prescription label, I would like to be able to pull up the drugs from inventory like on the add category in Main Category. Thanks.

Hello cjburks11, there’s no feature to customize the label than what was already built. Send me your email and I’ll see if i could assist with the spacing. I’ll add that drug lookup feature in the upcoming release.

does it support multi language? looking for French and English

Hello, no it supports only English at the moment.

Is there another update coming? There was supposed to be a month ago according to comments, but it’s been 2 months now. Just wanted to get an update with the fixes coming. Thanks

Hi cjburks11, due to the work load the update which is not “fixes” but rather new features would be applied at the end of March.

Hi cjburks11, our developer is still unable to complete any new additions at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

hi this script is support for allert expired drugs ?

Hi dnandz7, sorry there is no alert to tell when drugs are expired.

Hello is this plugin compatible with multi vendor theme for ecommerce pharmacy stores?

Hi jatindeep, this is not a plugin it is a stand alone application. So no it is not compatible with multi vendor theme.

is it supported with barcode and printing labels?

Hi ikmansri, yes it contains Barcode creation and label printing. I suggest you try the demo first before buying so you’ll know if it’s right for you.

I got it. Simple and nice script !

if i buy this script , can it be directly implemented in a Pharmacy without any customization work .Do i need any customization at my end or need any additional service from you to fully operational ?

It can be installed directly. There is no customisation needed just follow the set up documentation. Do note that the demo is what you get so ensure it is right for you.

hello developer, i am facing a little problem after uploading this project on my live server… at first i have tested this project in my localhost and its working awesome but when i upload it to my domain then login page is displaying correctly but after success login dashboard content is not visible eg. my main domain is, i am running a different website here so i created a folder – – (project content) everything is setup exactly like you have written in the documentation file. so when i login successfully, instead of main dashboard, its showing the content of without css style.

i cant understand what is the problem, in localhost working perfectly but in live server not working, at first i thought its a server error but domain provider support told me that this problem can be fixed by only developers.

so please help me as fast as possible.

thank you

Hi dharbidyut04, sorry to hear about your issue. If it works fine in your local then it should work fine in any production. From what i can tell you are having an issue with folder permissions or the htaccess file is not allowed in your server. For us to troubleshoot can you send your Email address, server login details including the panel to the application in a private message on my profile.

Are you still having issues with this?

Demo link not working,

Hi Mawogani, it’s down at the moment.