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I am purchasing this script to setup a registration/login area for my website. It would be installed on specifically when you click the login on the top right. Currently you can just enter 12345 to demonstrate access to the private page but would like a login system such as your script. Right now it is just to display functionality. Basically residents would need to create a user id and password so they could gain access to a secured page for our home owners association.

do you recommend this script for that use?

Is your website based on codeigniter? If not then I wouldn’t recommend this screen.

Live Preview has PHP errors

Thank you for the heads up. It’s now fixed :)

live preview is blank after login

after registration is seems that the fb_login_form() Function is missing from the profile controller reference in lines 54, 58, 62,

live preview is blank after login

Hello can this be set up to accept paypal payment to than allow user setup and run script to set up all tables in DB for new clients?

So demo still not working is there any support for this software?

if this is broken and there is no any support why sell it?

It is compatible with CI 3?

your live preview link showing “Error 404 – Not Found”. keep your eyes and brain open while giving some link to users.

Sorry, it does not work. After the installation as in the instruction always comes: An

Error Was Encountered Unable to load the requested class: Template

I want my money back

Hi, is the script hosted online or on your localhost? If it’s online the send me the ftp credentials to If it’s on you localhost you can also send me an email so that we can go through the troubleshooting process.

look like username/password for test backend is wrong. can you change and may i have it for test?


gozfly Purchased


I get this error: Unable to load the requested class: Template

Oke5Zg is not working with