Codeigniter Login and Access Management System

Codeigniter Login and Access Management System


The Codeigniter Login and Access Control System is a very powerful access control system for your Codeigniter application. As its name suggests, it controls user access to the different parts of the system. It does this by either explicitly granting or denying access to users for the different resources in the system. It implements this access control at the URL level therefore successfully controlling access to both controllers and the actions (functions) within them.


  • Easy to integrate (Mostly just copying files)
  • Access rights/rules stored in database
  • Strict, fail-safe security
  • Has different levels of security depending on your preference:
  1. At application level – apply rules to whole application (all URLs)
  2. At controller/module level – Apply rules to actions in a particular controller
  3. At action/function level – Apply rules only to particular actions
  • Well commented and organised code throughout
  • Exhaustive documentation

Demo Credentials

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Admin Password: Oke5Zg

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Support and Documentation

Please drop us a line on with any questions you may have, full documentation is included with the program to help you with your projects.