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Demo not working!

Also we have three types of leave PL / CL / SL Will all three types be supported? Also is there a after purchase support?

Demo works now. The system is fully customisable and supports multiple leave types and yes, we give after-purchase support.

demo not working with user and pass

Why I get Unauthorized Page when tried to modified User Group under Profiles? you may login with your credentials to check at

Demo is not working again ( user & pass) I need to test it, please…

Demo is not working. Can’t log in

Is there any chance for a working demo ?

Can’t log into the demo. Won’t be buying this one.

Username and password both are admin and admin

Can not login in with admin password

hi, I just bought your script.. though when installed and contacting the ‘home directory’ it keeps redirecting to a ‘leave/profiles/login’ directory..

My browser returns: incorrect redirect

could use some help on this one..

Hi, please send us the URL to your installation and we’ll check it out,

login: test / test

*most pages have already been translated to dutch but guess you know your way around ;)

still no reply?

LoL Nice.. demo is there but… cannot log in…

Hi, how do i remove the deputy 1 and deputy 2 fields when i try to submit a new request for leave?

Hi there, admin and user credentials not working

Hi. demo not able to view..please check