Reviews for Codeigniter CRUD Generator + User Manager (Material Design)

4 Reviews

for Code Quality

This product just does not work. Straight out of the box, running it, the program fails right away with permissions problems. I tried fixing these to no avail. I get so tired of purchasing software that is not tested.

for Design Quality

No support which is to bad; and NO help file, etc.. well none that I found but ultimately this was a great starting point for my project.

for Other

At first this looks like a great product, then you get a bit disappointed because you were expecting a complete solution. This is not a complete solution. I don't even think it is advertised as such.

Documentation is really thin and that is why the 3 stars.

However, after going through the code and figuring out how things are put together, its a very useful tool. It would have taken me much longer to build this myself.

Just to be clear: The user management system is not tied in to any functionality, you have to do that yourself. All it does is create users / roles and groups. You have to look these up yourself in your code and route accordingly.

It does however take away the headache of authentication / verification and password reset which is always a drudge.

For the price, this is worth it, the task of figuring out what goes on can test you a bit.

for Bugs

Bugs, bugs, bugs...
Script is not finished and not stable at all.
Primitive, no features.
Installer does not work properly.
...waste for the basket...
Author does not react on mails.
NOT to recommend!