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Hi Vudoanthang, Do you plan to support bootstrap 3? Anyway, great job!

Best Regards, Sasa

Yes, Please wait in the next month. Thank you!

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I look forward to news…

I already purchase your code (not this account).

I think you should use APPPATH constant replace text ‘application’ folder because I have multiple application folder and I use your project to run back-end ex. “application_backend” ... so.. I have to replace all by manually.



Thank you very much!


I purchased this for a project and it is working great!! I want to do (2) additional things. Is is possible to add additional validation rules for the forms. If so could you tell me where I can add them? Also on the files, I would like only the super user to be able to edit and delete uploaded files. Is that possible?

Thanks again for a great product!

Rich Halsey


 Is is possible to add additional validation rules for the forms
I will help you add it. please send me the additional validation rules via my profile.

Also on the files, I would like only the super user to be able to edit and delete uploaded files. Is that possible?
It is not possible.


Hi, my alert box wont show me X icon… why?

Please allow me access your web url.


How does one use the Timestamp feature ? I want to auto-insert the current date/time when a new record is created.

Sorry, It is not possible.

I got a csv about the structure, can u maybe setup it for me ? :S Do u got skype ? Pls send me a pm :)

could really need your help, pls email me (over my profil) ty !

Its not working & still no support :/


sorry for reply late.

Please allow me access your hosting via ftp. I will setup it for you.

Hi Vudo! It is possible to open the “edit-window” in a lightbox? Like:


At the moment, It is not possible.

Do you have a timeframe for updating to Bootstrap 3?


Yes, I will upgrade it.

Hi Could you give me some guidance how to integrate this in existing CI project?


Examples included in the download source code.

Don’t bother buying this. The author simply does not answer anymore.

Sorry, I still to answer but sometime will reply delay.

Delay ? 2 months ?

How to integrate EasyUI?


It use Twitter Bootstrap, don’t use EasyUI.

Having trouble with install:

( ! ) Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0

( ! ) Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required ‘C:/wamp/www/greg/index.php’ (include_path=’.;C:\php\pear’) in Unknown on line 0

never mind – installed xampp in place of wamp – all is well

I have a problem here.

When i make a clean install, after click on install button apears the message: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: Creating default object from empty value Filename: install/index.php Line Number: 42

Later the user sysAdmin cannot edit or create user and cannot see tables to insert or edit tables.

I searched on source code and i found if ($crudAuth‘group’ != ‘SystemAdmin’), on database the group_name has value of ‘Administrator’. I changed on database group name to ‘SystemAdmin’ and works.

It is possible to create alias for table name? Example on each view of system on operations with table (insert, browse, edit, config) the system show the name of table like ‘TIPCAR’,

It is more easily if system have table alias like ‘TIPCAR’ table alias ‘Type of car’ and on each view shows table alias.

Thank you.


It is possible in the next release.


There are a bug on permissions, i define group permission or user permission and the user cannot see the tables. The user systemadmin can see the tables but other groups with permissions not show.

can you fix this?


Please send me the error screenshots via my email (

Hi, I have purchased this tool.

I have some exists tables in my database, after I installed this tool in my project. I can’t see my tables in my tables in the browse menu ? And there are nothing about this in the manual. So … I need your help . how can I create crud for my exists tables.? Thanks.


Please send me your email via my profile.


I wounder how do i make it so that I can upload file ? I cant find it in the demo


when u can make a release with many to many relationship?

You could implement a drag n drop im Grid on Add new items? Actualy suport vertical positioning module.


Hi nice looking script but l’m having trouble getting it set up to use with my install of CI.

Is there a copy with ONLY the needed changed files? I’m a little apprehensive with overwriting all my system core files with the ones you’ve provide int eh download, have you edited every last file in the CI framework? If not, why are they all included in the download?

So can you please tell me the needed files & folders for me to use this? Also once the files are copied over, how do l go about installing and accessing the admin panel—again the documentation doesn’t specify.