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Hi! It supports many to many relationships? If yes, how it is made? checkboxes, drag’n drop… Can I custom a view or list page? And what docs I receive when buy it? Thanks

I’ive purchased and it’s really very good. But my questions stills: How I make many to many relations like:

student has many classes class has many students

with tables:

students, classes, classes_students


You can do as bellow.
$this->codeignitercrud->table ( 'students' );
$this->codeignitercrud->join ( 'inner', 'classes_students', ' = classes_students.student_id' );
$this->codeignitercrud->join ( 'inner', 'classes', 'classes_students.class_id =' );



Any idea when you might be updating this to use Bootstrap 3?


I am updating to use bootstrap 3.


hi in example how can I link Category to display all records under Category Name and how can I search between two dates thanks

Hi, does this class support other db engines like postgresql?

Any instruction for input type password? Eventually if password field is empty don`t updating the input? Thx.

.table-hover tbody tr:hover td, .table-hover tbody tr:hover th { background-color: #f5f5f5; }

not working why

how can on search to add another date field and search between dates


any login to access this admin panel


Sorry, It is only the CRUD system.

Greetings, I just bought this product and look at it in order that I can change it to adapt to my database/table/fields. Is there any documentation that outlines functions/fields/etc? Thanks. John K


I could not identify the location of the 3 examples provided of CRUD and the location of your database?

Why do I receive the message below when i pick either copy/edit/view/delete?

“The URI you submitted has disallowed characters”

What settings do i need to change?

I figured it out. I had to change the following in my config file:

$config[‘enable_query_strings’] = TRUE;

Now, I have the problem with finding the page because the program is looking for index.php when i have the htaccess removing it.

I think the installation readme file is missing some information please update source code

Hi, How can i install your files savely. i have a working website on codeignitor. and dont see any install guides about this script. Kind regards.

It still doesnt work for me please answer my email. kind regards.

The dev does not help. founded out my self after a while. dont buy this. only if you have knowledge of coding/codeigniter.

Please can I buy this product for $9