Codeigniter CMS - CRUD Builder - Administrator

Codeigniter CMS - CRUD Builder - Administrator

Release candidate for next upcoming version

- Migrate to Codeigniter version 3.0
- Install Module
- Backup Module

Create Awesome CRUD Web Application CMS Within Minutes

How to Turn any existing MySQL database into real web Application, frontend & backend easier and faster?

Introducing, The Real framework environment to Build Backend Administrator & Frontend for real Internet / Intranet web application with a tons of additional cms plugin possibility. .

Quick Usage

  1. Go To Module manager -> Create New Module.
  2. Define title , controller name and choose database table to build then submit
  3. Create Menu , link to new module define who will able to access menu
  4. Finish, Enjoy it  :).

Sximo Builder


 Version 3.0 Changelog

    Enhanchement: upgrade to codeigniter version 3.0
    Enhanchement: add setting parameter for native codeigniter capthca ( issue #36 )
    Enhanchement: add setting parameter for social network login ( issue #1 )
    Enhanchement: add setting parameter for multi language ( issue #2 )
    Enhanchement: add Multi Language module ( issue #2 )
    Enhanchement: add Blog Module, Blog Comment Module, Blog Category Module
    Enhanchement: add Installer Module
    Enhanchement: add Backup Module
    Fixed: removing 'echo' as prefix in $this->load->view syntax in index, view template file (issue #38 )

Relase Candidate 1.2 

    Broken Link at page profile ( Github Issue #4 )
    Fixed Password update ( Github Issue #5 )
    Fixed Avatar Issue ( Github Issue #6 )
    Fixed multi search in combo select ( Github Issue #8 )
    Fixed Form validate behaviour ( Github Issue #10 )
    Fixed error notification when create new module ( Github Issue #11 )
    Fixed Group module issue ( Github Issue #13 )
    Fixed Last Login Issue ( Github Issue #20 )
    Fixed Page CMS Issue ( Github Issue #23 )
    New Feature : Multi languange Menu Manager ( Github Issue #2 )
    New Feature : ReCaptcha Login ( Github Issue #3 )
    New Feature : Social network login ( Github Issue #1 )

2015-01-016   V1.1
    Fixed broken link create module from dashboard
    Removed view link for all core module
    Fixed Unchanged title for login / register page
    Fixed User Manager issue when saving user
    Fixed User Manager issue unseen users on same group level
    Fixed Menu Manager issue unsaved position
    Fixed icon Menu Manager issue on sub level
    Fixed Menu Manager issue
    Added Multi languanges Feature
    Added Log Activity ( Audit trails ) module

2015-01-03   V1.0
- Initial release