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Th Plugin is not generating signed URLs for me. How to do it?

Sorrry but Library do not support to generate signed url, feel free to modify it to get signed url. Thanks.

The latest updated is now having generation of pre—signed URL, Enjoy.

The plugin returns success but the file is not uploaded to the bucket. I have sent you multiple emails, but there are no replies from you. The bucket is public and is accessible, we have thoroughly checked but cant find the file in or outside bucket. Please reply.

I was not having access to mails, please check your mailbox now.

Thanks Kiran.

How is the best way to troubleshoot errors?

What you want to check? Please message me the detail then I can help you.

I am getting this error when trying to upload images

Use of undefined constant CURLOPT_CLOSEPOLICY – assumed ‘CURLOPT_CLOSEPOLICY’

where are you seeing this issue? Please send detail via email

Hi so sorry to keep bugging you but would you please help me resolve this issue I’m having. I emailed you several times and no response. Please, please please

Can you please please help?

I have replied, It is already working, files are uploading to S3, so since my last help there is no issue regarding script, It was issue in saving correct name in database.

I have replied, It is already working, files are uploading to S3, so since my last help there is no issue regarding script, It was issue in saving correct name in database.

How to create folders under a bucket?

did you do exit; otherwise its strange. message/email me server access then I can help.

No exit; it is only in my local xamp,not moved server yet

I think your problem was resolved in email conversation, Let me know if you still facing any issue.

I am continuously getting “Fatal error: Call to undefined function sanitize_filename() in /var/app/current/application/libraries/MY_Upload.php on line 242” can you help?

This method is from security_helper, Please load this helper to use it.

<Error> NoSuchKey <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key>user_photos/papi_thumb990014647452362488.PNG</Key> <RequestId>04A85B692F2F2734</RequestId> <HostId> sQD32qyw1joRrO6u/4ySdrln8dyP95aLezn5L78YPURie8bEnmF6EAEwntERnCtNpt56dRV2zpc= </HostId> </Error>

After Upload the download link gives that Error ( Uploaded from Codeigniter 2)

can you please share the detail in email, than would be easy to help you.

Hi, Script Igniter

This is my url to upload Images to AWS S3 :

Solve the Error as soon as Possible

Error is showing it self, its access denied, Please check the access/key and secret key used.

After Configuration Codeigniter 3.0.4 Gives an Error:-

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’$value’ (T_VARIABLE) in C:\xampp\htdocs\emiac\test\cis3demo_25March\cis3demo-CodeIgniter-3.0.4\application\libraries\awssdk3\Aws\functions.php on line 36

can you please share the detail in email, with link where I can see the error.

that problem comes into Windows server

Replied to you in email, access/secret key is wrong, Please use correct one.

HI interested in your item, but your web site is not working to look at the demo. Oops am interested in the php version, but still same problem with your site

Hey, thanks for info, I forgot to renew my hosting :( will get it up soon.

I got your aws s3 integration working w/ my project using aws keys. My project is hosted in Amazon EC2, and will not need the aws s3 keys for my project. How do I use the library without using the s3 keys?

I did not get you, if you do not need to integrate S3 then you do not need this library. Please explain the issue, probably send email with detail.


I’m using composer to install the latest AWS library. The files are in my websites root directory ‘vendor’. How do I integrate this with it?

Please see the demo given in download, it is easy to integrate. If you face any issue please specify the detail.

Hi, Please tell me how to add V4 signing support. The newer regions do not support v2

“The following regions don’t support Signature Version 2. You must use Signature Version 4 to sign API requests in these regions:

Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region EU (Frankfurt) Region China (Beijing) Region”

ohk I got you…we need to update AWS PHP SDK and than it will work, if you want you can update it at your end and it should work fine.

I will make plan to update and release future version but that can take some time.

the demo is not working out of the box

I see, got some issue with hosting thats why its not working. I will check and correct it.

Hi there, I tried to write for support by the email but I did not get response so I will try here. I get this error: Message: Argument 1 passed to Aws\Common\Client\AbstractClient::__construct() must be an instance of Aws\Common\Credentials\CredentialsInterface, array given, called in /var/www/vhosts/....

Any help please?

I did not get the error, can you send detail via email, have you setup proper credential and when this error is triggering?

Ok, I just sent you email. Thanks

Thanks, I have replied.

Hello, I’ve installed your script in Codeigniter 2 and the setup is very easy, but it doesn’t work! The upload takes several seconds without returning any error, but the file actually isn’t uploaded at all! I’m using (for testing purposes) a bucket with open permission for everyone.

Thanks for purchase and giving it a try. I am not getting the error here, Please drop an email to me with detail. Would be great if you can provide access to URL/FTP to support you better.

hi can you please contact me I want you to work on a project. please send your email. Regards

Thanks for your interest, I have sent you my email ID on PM

Hi, is it support multisite setting?

Please send more detail on email/support message about how you want it to use, I can suggest on that.

Hi, Thanks for nice plugin Currently im able to upload only one file at a time but needed help for multiple file upload like array as its not working

Hi, I have replied on your message in email. Please share detail.

Thanks its resolved now