Codeignier Base - Auth - User - Role

Codeignier Base - Auth - User - Role


CI Base (Codeigniter base project) is project based on codeigniter php framework.  CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

You can get more information from here

Why is codeigniter?

Some resons bellow make us chose codeigniter to base CI Base

  1. Codeigniter basic and easy to master
  2. Codeigniter is popular php framework and have big community
  3. Codeigniter is fast and slight
  4. Codeigniter work well and stability

OK if you know codeigniter, we let’s go

CI Base ’s Features

CI Base inherit all codeigniter framework and extend some features bellow:

  1. Authentication (Login, Token remember password , Register, Reset password, Logout)
  2. Authozie request
  3. User and user role magagement (CRUD)
  4. Profile user management
  5. Loged login history and alert to email
  6. Know user online or offline
  7. Admin configuration
  8. CSRF token protection

Some features to develop:

  1. Css compile from sass by gulp
  2. Template bootstrap 3.3.7 responsive (customized)
  3. Customi permission
  4. Image resize fly

Third parties

CI Base include libraries and vendors:

  1. Include Twig PHP view engine 1.x
  2. Bootstrap 3.x
  3. Jquery 2.x
  4. Toastr
  5. Pace
  6. Animate css
  7. Font awesome


You can try demo at

Change log


First release


  1. Fix change password
  2. Fix language file
  3. Fix send email when login