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How to add new language ?

hey as you view , we have a folder named langs in this folder you can find a en.php lang. To create a new lang file copy the code from en.php and paste it in new document , translate the lang file in your language for example Bulgarian (the file will be named bg.php)

when you are done with the translation prepare your file on your desktop, go to the admin panel , “” and chose section langs , after this upload the file you have before prepared on your desktop , so now you can enjoy on your new social network with your own language

Gif on the chat and wall how ?

We all know that the gif is very popular and funny , how to push gif on my wall or chat ? very simple , you need just to write @gif “and text here that you want” Automatic the system will prepare most popular gif for your words and will be sended to the wall or the partner of the chat. Is easy is Symple , try to write @gif hello to test it now :)

What about emoji ?

Yes there will be emoji in the next update (the next update coming with in 30 days after the realese date of the script) here you can find all emoji codes and to use it in your new social network Note: In the demo emoji are working from now:

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