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When update? Can I moneyback?


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I told Envato about the problem that the author is not answering anymore.

Author make update very soon


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Dear Support Scops

I have installed their application and everything except the admin works perfectly. The error message is he can not find the user.

Could you help me please.

Kind regards Donato

This script works fine.I bought this one and installed it on my server. Apparently this is one of the most stealth php script i ever seen in my 10+ years of experience. He has used many latest methodologies with java scripts. This is not a conventional MVC type script. He want’s you to have sub domains for messenger, mobile and admin. Which is perfectly fine. All are using same shared database, however they are separate in terms of contents. So that you can have standalone instance of each apps. If something happens to mobile script, it does not have any impact on admin or the main script. I have noticed that it loads super fast with lots of users because the views are dynamically generated with DOM. As a fact i know this is how facebook works. They are so much unique with other scripts.

However my personal opinion is this type of scripts should NOT sell in the Envato market, mainly because potential customers are not much technical at all (No offence). I have been through all the questions in this comments, there are legitimate issues, but many of them are silly questions.

Also seller should remove this script from the market if he or she is unable to reply for their customers. Reducing price does not solve the problem. Even if it is $1, then he should reply to his customers.

i seems from demo mobile versiyon unstable. Can not change cover pic and profile pic from the mobile versiyon. You should fix it and if u do android and ios app its will be nice.

Language portuguese?


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I have a problem.

Error in your htaccess.

Server log said:

Sun Apr 09 19:15:15.209198 2017 [pid 22687] (22)Invalid argument: [client xxx:38801] AH00659: apr_global_mutex_lock(rewrite_mapr_lock_acquire) failed Sun Apr 09 19:15:15.209371 2017 [pid 22687] (22)Invalid argument: [client xxx:38801] AH00659: apr_global_mutex_lock(rewrite_mapr_lock_acquire) failed Sun Apr 09 19:21:07.286238 2017 pid 24106 /kunden/pages/xxx/web/.htaccess: Option All not allowed here Sun Apr 09 19:21:07.287660 2017 [pid 24106]

How we can fix it?



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“arakelyan_gor will no longer offer support for this item once your support has expired.” = its mean that the engine no longer gonna get updates and he is now like “dead” ? ... Thats why this script was always on discount :/ ?


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