arakelyan_gor does not currently provide support for this item.

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Can anyone have a complete error fixed project of Scops Engine? Ready to pay for a bug fixed project. (Bugs: video upload, audio upload, m.scops mobile version doesn’t show off, chat.scops login error )

Urgent… Please!

wtf? fucking faker !

joykishon, I have tried to fix various issues on that script. But during the use many other issues were appearing almost constantly. Finally, author was not responding on requests. That all led me to a decision to move to another script. And luckily there are a plenty of good alternatives on codecanyon, little expensier though..

joykishon, I’ve tested my mind, the top 3 are: socialkit, sngine, wowonder..try out their functionality and decide for yourself. Good luck with your project!

hmm..! thank you espn. what are the best social media project i can buy..? Can you name them or send links. Need a perfect project. thanks.

And must have an admin panel

Hello I just purchased but I keep getting 404 errors could u help me ?

this project have many errors. Before buying anything next time. please get help from admin. This guy is not answering my questions? go for a new one. Read the comments… Lots of errorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Have you installed this joykishon

discuteguy, hey! I rememeber I had the same issue which I think I fixed upon changing server’s mysql version.. You might check the current comments thread, many people experienced 404 error upon installation…It is very sad, and I think even unacceptable to many people who had bought the script, that the author stopped providing any support for the item, keeping the item on sale…discuteguy, Good luck with your efforts though

are you still providing support and update

“arakelyan_gor has chosen not to support this item.”

does this have a website as well?


gr8 Purchased

anyone know what the admin login info is?

It’s a shame Envato continues to provide a platform for authors who refuse to update or live up to the promises they have made. It’s a shame we lose our money, but it is worse when a platform allows the product to still be sold here.

I can help with updates on script :)

rm_connor – Do you have updates? :)

what updates you want to make on your site?

rm_connor – all post see google and post text see google. Google see name site and Description, tags – login fb hehe :)

@joykishon, I have a corrected script

Selling expensive!


espn Purchased

MishaniaUKR, can you showcase/provide a link to your site to test the corrected script?