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WooCommerce Rich Snippets & Schema Plugin

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Rich Snippet & Schema Plugin can show you eye catching results on every search engines with most popular schema markup WooCommerce & WordPress plugin. Very easy to add schema, you can have many types of Rich Snippet schema in one single plugin like Events, Local Business, Product, Reviews, Recipes, Videos, Movies, Job Posting and FAQ etc.

Schema Supported Content Types

  • Event schema snippet
  • Local business snippet
  • Product listing schema snippet
  • Review for products schema snippet
  • Job Posting schema
  • FAQ schema snippet
  • Recipe schema snippet
  • Video schema snippet
  • Movies schema snippet

What is Schema Markup ? What is structured data?

Schema ( is a structured data vocabulary that defines entities, actions, and relationships on the Internet (webpages, emails, etc).

This vocabulary makes it possible for search engines to understand the meanings behind subject matter (entities) on the web, and in turn, serve a better user experience for Internet users. As Google continues to build a more semantic web, these markups become increasingly valuable in effective Internet communication. As a result of adding schema tags to your website, Google can supplement your website’s search results with additional info in the form of Rich Snippets, which are proven to help click-through rate in organic search results. Below are some screenshot examples of how these rich snippets will look.

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Types of Schema Markups

Schema markups are commonly used to indicate:

  • Articles
  • Events
  • Products
  • People
  • Organizations
  • Local Businesses
  • Reviews
  • Recipes
  • Medical conditions

Top Benefits of Schema Markup

Yes, fancy search results with star ratings get all the hype when people talk schema. For good reason… who doesn’t like having stars in their search listings? However, there are many more benefits beyond the obvious ones.

There was a reason that a consortium of top search engines (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex) created schema. They believe it will help the search experience so they want your site to use it. In turn, you may get some brownie points from them for implementing it. Brownie points that could lead to some sweet, sweet benefits in search. These benefits stemming from Schema markup and structured data (we’ll use these interchangeably) are exactly what we’ll cover in this article.

How I test schema markup ?

You can test your schema via this link or just past your website link. Structured Data Testing

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