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Hi, looks nice but the demo login is not working.

user: admin, pass: minda -> Incorrect! Try Again.

Sorry ‘bout that.

User: admin Pass: demo


Hi, looks nice but the demo login is not working. user: admin, pass: demo-> Incorrect! Try Again.

hmmm, seems to work for me.

I just change the code a bit to account for caps and spaces.

Give it another try.


yes it now works but I always check for spaces if I copy from web page. That is always what happens with our clients when we send them passwords and get get admins to let them in. They forget they can copy NOTHING :) so I typed demo. All is now good in and I am in browsing the great work you always do. Question while i have your attention.. will you be coming out with any more templates for Craig s list script? And for anybody reading this post. Please try the htaccess manager created by this author.. it is the best anywhere! Oh, and yes I know the templates are easy to change but I am NO Kriesi :)


The UAC [login] was a last minute add-on to keep bots from harvesting the demo – its just a simple sting comparison which I neglected to compensate for caps and/or spaces – which is now fixed. I’m glad you were able to login!!

//@Craigs List Tool – I don’t plan to. Too many new and exciting projects on the plate.

Thank you for the great compliments!! Much appreciated!!

If you are one of the first few people who buy this, please get a hold of me via my profile page – if you have a few minutes to give me a hand in making sure my repository is working correctly so you can download my snippets.

Thanks, Bradley

I suggest integration with link demo to
Thank you

I have been toying with that idea. I’ll see what it would take to make it happen.


The variable html send html content and variable js content sends javascript. The site: sends the examples in this way.
example: is the html&js=and javascript goes here

Interesting software.

What happens if I press the ‘export snippet’ link? Does it copy to my clipboard?

Also, is there a front-end for this, or is it just for admin users? (Say I wanted to share code, but didn’t want to allow users to edit/add snippets. Why? I’m thinking of using this as a code portfolio).


My apologies for the delay of response.

When you press export snippet, it “encrypts” the code so that it can be imported into another installation – so you can share it with your friends. Please note that the “encryption” is not for security, but rather a convenient way to ensure that special characters and formatting are retained during the transfer.

The admin is the frontend / the frontend is the admin. There is only one user and one password. This script is not intended to be on a “live” website. Is more of a personal tool in your personal toolbox – versus a public display as in pastebin/etc.


Please – access to my code repository where they can pickup snippets for free.

Im registered on your forums can I get snippets? I rewrite 99% of code anyhow. I mostly use them as a jumping off point to see how others solved various issues. Love your stuff cant wait to see what else you develop that I didn’t realize I needed until after you developed it.

Thank you!

If you like my DB Code Generator, I’m working on another script that you’ll love as well! Hope to have it ready in the next week or two.

I love your DB Code Generator its one of those must haves you buy instantly because you know how much time its going to save you. Id go so far to say it was the best item I bought on Code Canyon.

I’m weak in .htaccess so Im prolly going to pick that up so I can examine htaccess syntax better.

Cant wait to see what you cook up next.

Thank you!

I think you’ll really love my next item then … I’ll send you an email when it launches!!


Nice piece of software.

I’dd like to get access to your codesnippets.

Keep up the good work!

demo not working, issue with js…

Hi, I love this script and just recently had a problem.. Apparently the jquery like function is no longer in the current version, since you reference the cdn for the latest version the script failed. I have instead used a local version of jquery.. and it works. Do you have any plans to update/fix this issue?


I fixed the demo months ago, but apparently forgot to update the download. It’s on my todo list.

would consider this but would like to see a working demo first. thanks

It has been fixed – it was a jQuery issue.

The demo does not work! Please pay attention to it!

It has been fixed. It was a jQuery update issue. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!!

Unfortunately, once again, the demo is not working. Clicking on any of the left categories, just sits there. I would LOVE to purchase this, please fix so that we can see it in its glory!

That’s my bad. I had a server crash and had to reinstate my server from a backup.

The download should be fine – it’s just the demo I had to fix again.

Where is your snippets? I try everything and i cant download them ;/

Check your email

I have imported but nothing happened. Nothing appears. First its show a problem with max caracters in php.ini. I fix that. This problem doesnt show anymore, but after them i imported the snipets nothing happened. When i click in Backup database show this: Strict Standards: mktime(): You should be using the time() function instead in C:\xampp\htdocs\scripts\coderepo\_functions.php on line 121 And always show this: Notice: Undefined index: style in C:\xampp\htdocs\scripts\coderepo\config.php on line 18

i already send a email but you dont respond me

Hello codefusion Is this file still in the working order? I would like to add it to my system and start putting my snipp in and check out yours. But just wanted to know if it has all bugs out. Thanks

your account has been suspended.