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Hello, what happen with demo? redirects me to google! :)

Demo has been fixed.

The same problem – Google instead of demo.

Demo has been fixed.

Nice script, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you.

All your videos are private Can you please make access to your videos

Sorry about that. Video is now public.

Thank You

is this backend only or is there a front end view to the code?

There is no way for the general public to browse your snippets. However, you can share a snippet by setting it as “shareable” and giving out the link. eg:

Just purchased but do not see the sql file to install the db.???

Ok, I see, I just create any db and the install.php creates all tables etc. So far so good

Works perfectly….easily 5 stars!

Hello, not sure if this is possible, but if you would be able/willing to adapt this so that it is a plugin for UCM (Ultimate Client Manager) that is available here on Envato/CodeCanyon, I know a lot of people in the UCM community would be interested in it!

Is there a way to make indents in the code when pressing the TAB key instead of jumping to the next input field? Without the indents, the code looks messy, and if I use space instead, I have to remove the spaces and replace with TAB when copying and pasting a snippet to my code.

The inability to have multiple accounts and share code is a bummer as that is the whole reason I bought it. Just wished I had tested it more as I would not have bought this.

Some suggestions would be the ability to remove the green header or ability to customize it, instead of going into code.

Also move the import scripts below where you enter code snippets.Most of the time a user doesn’t want to import snippets, we want to create our own.

Also having the logout button above the add snippet on the left make it easy to accidentally log your self out. I don’t think you really need two log out buttons.

I unchecked auto logout and it still says it will log me out in 60 minutes.

Will take this into consideration on next update.

Would like to allow people to register to submit and view aswell. Will this be added?

how hard is it to add more users manually? I just need to set a few user accounts up.

If thats no issue, I will probably purchase.

There is no UAC. In other words, creating new accounts would be the equivalent of giving your admin user/pass out, as there would not be any restrictions or limitations on any account.

We are thinking of setting up a private repository for our people only to use to help each other; save code snippets, templates, etc.

Is it possible to have it be behind our private login and not use your login at all?

Can we customize the sections for instance, add/edit categories?

Yes; you can modify the script to recognize your sessions and override the default one.

Yes; the categories are all dynamic. They are created as you go.

Demo still gone. Appears this author has up and left CodeCanyon.

Just submitted new version. Supports PHP 5.6 – now uses MySQLi

no live demo?

No demo? It’s redirecting to Google.