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Hi Evagor,

I was wondering if it is at all possible to combine Minutes, seconds etc.. i.e(12:20) instead of having them all separated?

Thank you in advanced.

oh, understand now what you mean, unfortunately the design is only split for now, i`m working on a more optimized and full of extra features version but it will take some time to debug it properly.


Alright Cool Thanks for the quick Reply :)

you`r welcome

Excellent plugin ! very nice work.

The only criticism I have is that it does not render properly inside the div, if we try to add align=”center” inside the div it render outside.

Is there a way to make the plugin output everything centered ? also there is an extra space on top of the counter, it would be nice to remove it


Is it possible to count forwards with this plugin? We had it counting down to a launch date now we want to represent how long its been since the launch

hi goodbanta, again i`m sorry, its not supported for the moment.

Is it possible to change dimensions in the css file without breaking the proportions ? basically I want to change the dimensions of big, small and medium but what values should be changed exactly ? It would be nice if we can do that from the options instead of specifying big small .. we enter dimensions in px

hi radou, im afraid its not supported for the moment, i`m sorry.

Hi I need only two hour countdown and don’t want to show day circle.. is it possible?..

Hi Dreamafon,

just add these options to the countdown

hideSeconds : false,                  // hide the seconds
hideMinutes : false,                    // hide the minutes
hideHours : false,                      // hide the hours
hideDays : true,                       // hide the days

it shows only 00 00 00

please send me a link to the countdown so i can debug it properly


can i use my own background picture?


hi Briesmi,

Sure you can change the background very easy, just replace the image located in themes/clouds2.jpg and its done.

I’ve worked this into a Dreamweaver site, but was having trouble with it in Muse. Have you tried adding it to a Muse site? I’ve created a Muse site and exported the html, but even with the plugin in the folder and code added to the <head> and , the widget doesn’t show up on the page. Any ideas?


you have 2 jQuery libraries included in the page, one at the top and one at the bottom after the plugin is called. The second one cancels the plugin.

Just remove the second jquery library inclusion at the bottom and it will work.

Thank you again for the purchase.

Thank you, that worked! With a Muse site, it writes all the code so I thought removing the call it put in there would disable other parts, but it seems to work.

Hi, I’ve just bought the plugin and impossible to install. Please help

Hi, here is my website address ( )username is fftda, and psw is fftda66. Thank you for your help

Hi, so what about my problem? if it can’t work I have to know and you have to do somthing. thank you

hi, sorry i was away with work, the countdown is just added after jquery library is included and then u invoke the jquery plugin.

I see that you are trying to set it up on a wordpress theme but this is not a wordpress plugin its a jquery plugin, if you want to add it to wordpress you need to have some coding knowledge to make it work.

and please change the password and anyone can login as the comments are open to public.

hi there I would like to purchase this but I have couple of jquery files on web page do you think this will work and not cause a conflict?

kind regards yas

i have bought this but stuggling to install please I have couple of jquery in webpage so I think it could be clashing I have 2 of these <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

is there a workaround?

hi yaser786, yes just add the plugin after the last jquery

or delete the one after the plugin,

I’m trying to work this on my site but everytime i put value on nowTime and nowDate my timer won’t work just show 0 0 0. i want to put value on it so i could set specific timezone for the timer

$(”#circular-countdown”).coconut({ nowTime : “11:32:46”, nowDate : “02/10/2013”, endDate: “05/10/2013”, endTime : “09:30:00”,

i see that using same month for nowdate and enddate make it not work. if i set nowdate to 02/10/2013 it works like as if it’s 05/10/2013 i think there’s some script error on nowdate’s month

Hello, your demo is down. Please repair it.

Second, I want to ask if your plugin fully support multilingual grammar variety so complicated as my native language (Polish).

Example you have here: Polish localization:

If you will up demo and you plugin can be fully localized I’m ready to buy right now!


Just wanted to ask if your countdown timer is triggered by a user’s cookie?

The time changes depending on the date and time on a users computer. What code do I need to use to have it end at the same time I want no matter what the computer time is? I have tried to use nowTime : & nowDate : but it makes the time disappear.

the nowDate uses the javascript numeric method of retrieving the month which is from 0 to 11, so basically January is 0, February is 1, March is 3 and so on, believe me, its confusing for me as well.

To add nowDate from any server side language just subtract 1 from the month value, and its allright, the timer will display the remaining time.

The nowDate option is used to retrieve the local date from the visiting user, which uses javascript so i could modify the script to subtract automatically the month by 1, but then it would compromise the countdown`s functionality.

the working example would be :

$(”#circular-countdown”).coconut({ color : ”#e61f23”, startTime : “08:00:00”, startDate: “25/02/2014”, endTime : “08:00:00”, endDate: “03/03/2014”, nowTime : “08:00:00”, nowDate: “27/01/2014”, S_size : “big”, M_size : “small”, H_size : “small”, D_size : “big”, hideSeconds :false, hideMinutes : false, hideHours : false, hideDays : true, disable: false, textOnly: false, wordDays : “days”, wordHours : “hours”, wordMinutes : “minutes”, wordSeconds : “seconds” });

Working good. Thank you!

no problem, thank you for the purchase

Hello, Does this have functions for starting and stopping the countdown? I would like to use this as a countdown timer for exercise sessions.

For example: Start the countdown at 30 min 0 secs and have a start, stop, and reset buttons.

Do you have new versions of this plugging to install on wordpress, the preview page dont go on codecanion

This project is dead and should be removed off of codecanyon I presume?