Support for Cnc Accounting and Product Management

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Can I use barcode reader?

You can use barcode reader. You should create product card according to product borcode code.

Can I buy product from the customer?

You can purchase a product from customer. You should select enterence ticket sort from the ticket sort in order to do it.

When we make the product input-output, does it effect pruduct parcel?

When we make input it makes icreased parcel of product, but when we make output it makes decreased parcel of product.

Can I have invoice made out?

You can have invoice made out on A4 paper in the system. If you want to adapt it your own format, you can update print_1.php file. Wiki Page

Can I change theme structure of the system?

It is used Foundation Zurb Framwork structure on theme structure of the system. You can look documents for details. Foundation Zurb

Can I change language option of the project?

You can do language renovation by opening “manager/theme/language/english.php” file.

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