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Very good, I like!

There is a bug in the slider because of a wrong image : It is resized in chrome.

Otherwise this plugin looks nice, just need a few more things for a classified ads plugin :)

Hello, that image is very small for the slider, generally in sliders you would have an image that is larger in size.

Classifieds plugin is in the works :)

hey, nice plugin! multi-upload doesn’t work? need a gallery with multi-upload min. 50 images same time..

Multi upload will be available with the next release.

i’m waiting for a forum plugin, can you tell me a date??

There is no specific date as of yet, however we are currently working on a blog plugin, and the forum will follow shortly after.

Hi, very nice System love it but when Im logged in the menu bar says Login and Register

Making Things Better.

Sorry! We are tinkering in the background and making improvements.

We’ll be back momentarily.

Thank you!

hi Demo site is not working? WHY?