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Good work! Tell me please, may add payment gateways And also create a blog?

no, only paypal is supported for this item and creating blog is not available. I have another item which support 3 payment gateways: Yandex money, Paypal and Servired. you can check here:
I will add more payment gateways on future. best regards

Hello. What is the difference between your another estimator at 27$?

Thank you

hi, this item works only as stand-alone. the other can be integrated on any site (e.g. wordpress, joomla and so on) and has many advanced feature than this item. Read the item description to view more details. best regards.

hi, thanks for letting me know. now it’s fixed. you can check the admin. best regards

Hi, now it is up. Thanks for letting me know. Best regards

Demo seems down again.

hi, demo is up again. thanks for letting me know. best regards redirects to some vigra sale site. Your admin demo isn’t working

hi, now it’s fixed. demo is running up. thanks for letting me know. best regards.

Hi! I purchased and installed the script but when I try to edit the fields input


The page is blank. What can I do to fix this?

hello again Here sending a link of how active the module

I resolved the trouble, enable mbstring module from cpanel. I saw that another user had the same problem, and help me the answer.

Great Plugin!!

Thanks a lot !!!

hi, glad you solved!. you are awesome. best regards.

would like to know how to set this up on squarespace.. :(

hi, I don’t know how squarespace works but you need full control of your hosting, including ftp and mysql management in order to install this software. best regards

Hi SF! do you plan to update this script with conditional logic like you said one year ago “there’s no conditional logics but I will take into consideration for future version updates. check out the live demo. best regards”

thank you.

hi, I don’t have plans to add this feature to this item. but I have another better item which has conditional logic. check it out:
best regards.


After filling the form, is there an option to generate a PDF of the estimate, if the user wants the estimate to be downloaded as a PDF or emailed probably?

This might be particularly useful for those who want to take a printout of the estimate before they visit the store to purchase different items.

hi, no, generate pdf for the estimate is not available. so I will take into consideration for future version updates. best regards.

I see you have a lot of fields, an user can input and select but I can’t find any field for uploading an image. I need to receive from my customers an image ot a file (for example a CV). do you have that included? If yes, how can I enable it to show in the form. any demo?

that feature is not available. this is detailed clearly on item description. but I have another item which has that field that you are looking for. check it out here:
best regards

Hi, how difficult will be to email the estimation to the user? Can the user details on the stimation create a user automatically on the Users area? Thanks

1) it’s easy to mail the estimation to user. when you create a textbox field, you can set up that option (Make this field a recipient email). here a print screen:
then the user will be receive the mail estimation 2) that feature is not available.
if you are interested, I have another better cost estimator with include more advanced features:
best regards

Hi I just bought this 10 minutes ago, and i see your more advanced option UI form do you have an upgrade option?

or do you do custom work to this? i want to link it to Braintree

Its ok i purchased the other one, two simply amazing scripts. huge well done

thanks for your kind words. there is no integration with braintree. it bring its own payment gateways. I can add more gateway payments but I will charge you. best regards

Hi, I want to buy your plugin. I can see this plugin is pnly paypal integrated. I want to know can I use this plugin with quantum payment gateway? I want to make a calculator like this website homepage

you see right side a price calculator with pament. I don’t want to use paypal. I want to use quantum payment method. does your plugin supports woocommerce also? let me know. thanks in advance. warisul

hi, mistaken comment to this item. replied on your previous comment. regards

Hey guys. Would I be able to use this as a standalone calculator? I’m wanting to use it as a bidding tool which will calculate cost based on hour, wages, tax, and profit percentage. Thanks.

hi, with this item, no. but I have another item which can make what you want. here it is:
you need to know the formula to get your custom calculator.
here I have a calculator example.
check item description and live demo examples.
best regards

It is possible to place decimals? If possible can I put in the format 9.999,99

hi, that feature is not available in that item but I have another which has that feature, check the live demo examples:

Are you able to send $POST form data to another php file with this one, or the other more advanced one?

no. that feature is not available. regards

Hi I like this plugin. I was wondering if it would work in squarespace and I would be able to see the selections when a client has paid and check out. I want to be able to get the details via my email notification after purchase (with selections) and the client can pay on the site through my square-space options. Please let me know. Very nice.

hi, this item doesn’t have purchase option. therefore, it doesn’t fulfil your requirements. regards

hello, this plugin you offer can do something like this

this doesnt offer that. my other item (Universal Cost Estimator) does kind of similar. regards

Hello, I would like to add text box Input of Client Information What do I have to do

hello, I see. that feature was not available so far but now I added that feature. send me from my profile page or support page your ftp access in order to update this for you. regards