CMS - SlimarCMS - Content Management System

CMS - SlimarCMS - Content Management System

SlimarCMS – Content management system

SlimarCMS is a content management system aimed at small personal and business websites. The system is very easy to use and makes adding content to your website much more quicker.

Not only is it easy to integrate your own templates, we offer free included templates and plugins. By using SlimarCMS your website will be running fast and it will be much easier to edit your content. SlimarCMS is great for Blogging, personal websites and business websites.

SlimarCMS contains many already installed plugins such as:

- User management [User signup, commenting, profiles]
- Blogging [Post, user comments]
- Portfolio [Add items to your very own portfolio, with Lightbox preview]
- Calendar [Show important dates and events]

Templates that are included:

- Default [This is the default template]
- FluroPink [Similar to FluroBlue, only pink]
- FluroBlue [Similar to FluroPink, only blue]
- Simple [When we say simple, we really do mean so]
- SleekBlue [A nice simple and sleek template]

Live Demonstration

Please do not spam the demo, all functions are there working so you can have a feel of how everything works. I would hate to have to spoil it for others and get rid of the full functioning demo admin panel. Thanks.

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