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Great product, i have installed this in a sub dir /welcome in the config.php i have put in gloryandfireministries.org.uk/welcome but am not getting the full page loading, its just loading text, the only way i can get it to look right is changing the url to gloryandfireministries.org.uk can you please provide assistance ASAP.

You don’t have to pay 10 USD, where did you read that? Your account has been approved and you have now access to our support and download area.

With over 70 articles we think we have quite a big online manual: https://www.jakweb.ch/faq/c/2/cms

Next to this manual: https://www.jakweb.ch/docs/cms/

Plus the included support here: https://www.jakweb.ch/support

Merry Christmas

https://www.jakweb.ch/shop/i/1/support-access i have already seen those none of them talks about the slider or the error message when trying to edit a payment gateway.

the website am building url is http://gloryandfireministries.org.uk/

That is only if you run out off support. You have 6 Month included with your purchase here and we have granted you access for 6 Month. Now please head over to our support area and create a ticket with your problems and we will solve it!

The comments here are not made for support it is impossible to follow, thank you for your understanding.

Installed ok, but i cant log in admin?

Hi, please open a support ticket on our site. https://www.jakweb.ch/support

After a few weeks, I have noticed there is a new update, I have installed the new version but a problem still remains and has not ben fixed, after installation http://your_domain_goes_here/admin/index.php?p=setting&sp=s am not a pro programmer but this is not right and your install guide has not mention of this or where to change this.

That has already been fixed via our support tickets. For anyone else we are always here to help: https://www.jakweb.ch/faq/a/98/full-site-domain

Hi, great great work! Few question please before think to adopt this CMS for some of our projects: 1- it’s correct to say that we have to purchase a one license for each website we’ll build with CMS Bootstap? 2- is it possible to easy localize the CMS (or is it currently available in languages other than en?)? 3- Does it handles a multilingual (replicated) website? 4- do you think is possible to create/edit the contents with CMS and use an MVC-like structure to build the webpages? (I mean that webpages will be created outside CMS like an MVC template using the CMS data as page content)

Hi, thank you for your interest in one of our products. More information can be found here: https://www.jakweb.ch/cms

We also offer different licenses on our website: https://www.jakweb.ch/pricing

We recommend mutlilingual websites with subdomains, better SEO and easier to manage.

We have two editors build in wysiwyg and an advanced one which gives you almost any possibility.

Hi Jakweb, please is it possible to build multilingual websites with your CMS?

We always suggest to use subdomains when building multilingual websites. Better for SEO and easier to manage. For each language one installation on one sub domain. Depend how many languages you will have we do offer an unlimited license package: https://www.jakweb.ch/shop/i/8/cms

May seem like a basic question but how to create a membership type section with CMS where users have to login? Then those to specific link and login get access to certain sections of site

Hi, thank you for your question.

That is possible with the included plugin eCommerce. User can sign up and then purchase a membership type and this will move them to a different usergroup which has access to areas you have set.

Hello, is the one page theme included? Also is the script encrypted? I wish customize it. Thanks

Hi, everything is included what you can see in the demo. All files are open source.

Kind regards

Hi, How can see the Mosaic theme? It doesn’t have the option to change on the demo page. Thanks

That is correct the demo will not save any changes. Check our main website for the Mosaic Theme.

Hi, This looks great – as do some of your other products. Just a few questions though – When I clicked on the Demo for Bootstrap 3 CMS it took me to “CMS Admin” but I notice there is a “CMS” too. What is the difference? Also, will this work with existing Bootstrap sites? Finally, sorry – lots to ask, With livechat/helpdesk will they work out of the box or is it just an interface?

Many thanks,


Hi Kjarr,

Thank you for your interest in our products.

CMS has a Front end for visitors and your members and it has a Administration panel for you to manage all pages, plugins like blog, gallery, online shop, support tickets and many more as well your user and templates, languages and so on.

All our software/scripts work out of the box with an easy 3 step installer.

Best regards Jérôme


Excellent work! , Any question please, before adopting this CMS: We strongly need this plugin reviews

1- looking for a plugin customer reviews “testimonials” I give you an example of plugin?


2- Fixed menu bar that sticks to the top of the page with the scroll On demo I do not see?

Thank you


It’s time consuming to look after the right CMS ! That said, CMS Boostrap3 looks great and should match my needs.

I felt confident to purchase it, but hope it won’t be too much time consuming again to have it installed, set and functional for a primary use,.... It as been the case already with another script bought on this market place that could never have its backend or any login page showing….

I red your first installation FAQ content that looks clear…. Moreover, it would be appreciable to allow viewing a showcase presenting sites built with CMS Boostrap3.

Is this possible ?


Your account is now active. Thank you very much for your purchase.

Thank you !

Sorry about the following that you will probably consider as a basic knowledge question, but it could help me to end up confusing on specific point related to database creation for scripts.

If I enter my database settings within the “db.php” file, would that be redundant or necessary to create it as well on my server side (with control panel) ?



Thank you for using our support tickets. That way we keep the comments here on Codecanyon for pre sales questions only.

is it possible to install my own bootstrap? for example from https://startbootstrap.com/ ???

Hallo, klar das ist möglich. Das Template muss einfach konvertiert werden. https://www.jakweb.ch/faq/a/77/create-your-own-template

Does the user manager provides user level like admin, moderator, editor, etc…?

Good Morning, all is based on user group where you can set permission for each user group and add your members to it. You can create unlimited user groups. You can even display content for certain user groups only.


Tugem Purchased

Hello, How can I insert new PHP Page into CMS. I see on CMS is only HTML page avaible.But, I make PHP Pages with DB Content for user, that they login on this Pages. For example; user 1 login into calendar.php page and inserty or update fields for him self etc. Would you help me for this Problem. Thank you.

You will need to create a plugin for your calendar page. However login, register and a lot of other plugins are already available.

You will find more information how to create your own plugin here: https://www.jakweb.ch/faq/c/2/cms

Hi Friend Excellent product as far as I could see, I wanted to ask a few questions before buying 1-Could you put a system of shifts to schedule an appointment with a professional or doctor? 2- Would there be a possibility (on the day of the appointment) after a paypal payment or another payment gateway to access a chat system with a Professional or Doctor? From already thank you very much

Hi, thank you for your purchase. The feature you want would need a live chat with a combination of a payment system. I think that is something different than a content managament system.

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Hi, thank you for your purchase. Support is not included within the license, bug reports please via our website only.

In your case, please make sure you did not upload CMS into a sub folder it has to be in the main or a sub domain.

Please make sure that ALL folders and files have been uploaded correctly and all folders and files have the correct permission.

When you upload your CMS folders/files to your server with your preferred FTP software, please make sure that all folders have not more then CHMOD 755 (except cache and files) and Files have not more then CHMOD 644 unix permissions.

There are also almost 80 FAQ articles on our website that can help you solve the issue you have: https://www.jakweb.ch/faq/c/2/cms

Thank you very much.

I installed it but seo friendly urls not worked, I did everything like uploaded .htaccess but nothing worked, urls looks like index.php?p=about-us it seems bad

Thank you for your purchase. Please follow this article to activate mod rewrite: https://www.jakweb.ch/faq/a/145/rewrite-or-pretty-url-s