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Dear Author, This plugin is a really great one, but i got one problem when the project type is 2 words, the project doesn’t show up when sorted.

how can i fix it?

Thank you for your purchased! I created project type with 2 words name and look like it’s working perfect. please check my example at http://blankpage.vn/demo/ . Make sure your Project type MUST contain Portfolios. Categories without items will not show up at filters. If you have more problem, please screenshot and/or contact me at cmk.chauk@gmail.com.

Dear Author, i have one question.. can i show custom field when hover? I can only show project title when hovering the gallery now..

Hi rockies07, Similar Posts widget from Layers Theme, you can show Title, Categories, buttons in Overlay mode. Custom field’s not supported in this mode.

Hi! thank you for the great plugin! I have a small problem with portfolio item page http://m-herzberg.com/portfolio/portfolio-1/ The menu in those pages doesn’t work since I’ve set anchor links with smooth scrolling transitions on the main page http://m-herzberg.com/ Please, advice a solution. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for your support. Now it works. The best portfolio plugin for layers by today!

Hi. After installing recent updates, the whole website crashed http://m-herzberg.com/

Hi, I created this updates for Layers theme version 1.5, because it’s had a lot of changes in this version. Make sure your website using 1.5 and don’t forget backup before update Layers theme. Thanks, Chau K.

Hi Can I just check before buying that we will have the ability to add a single portfolio item to more than one category.

Sorry perhaps I wasn’t clear i see that you allow category tags what I am asking is if I add a portfolio post, can I add the same post to more than one category?

Example I add a portfolio item “Green Widget” Can I put it in the widget project type AND the green project type?

Ah ok never mind I see I can do what i need to do, getting confused with your custom terminology :P

Thank you for Purchased! If you have more question, contact me at cmk.chauk@gmail.com

Hi Sorry to be a pin in the butt

Can you please refund the purchase, I did not read that this has to be used with your layers builder. The site we are building is nearly done with beaver builder we can not start again been weeks of work.

We were just looking for a decent portfolio plugin not something that was dependent on a framework.

Many Thanks

Gary McHugh

HI When I edit a porfolio page, the layers-section looks weird (e.g. edit your page, export and import layot)... it doesn’t render properly. Not a biggie… but thought I should mention it.

Great plugin! /Nic

HI When I edit a porfolio page, the layers-section looks weird (e.g. edit your page, export and import layot)... it doesn’t render properly. Not a biggie… but thought I should mention it.

Great plugin! /Nic

Thank you papapopolus, I will fix this as soon possible.

it’s fixed in v.1.2.13, please check this update.

how can replace pagination with infinity scroll?

Hi, carlosvarela. CMK Portfolio have not infinity scroll yet, but it’s will from next update. Thank you.

Hi, carlosvarela. CMK Portfolio have not infinity scroll yet, but it’s will from next update. Thank you.

Hi, plugin works great as expected, but how to translate “ALL” in the filter menu?

Hi phototransistor, Thank you your purchase! you can translate “ALL” to another language by follow this instruction: http://docs.layerswp.com/doc/how-to-translate-or-localize-layers/ . install Loco Translate plugin, Select your language and start translating in CMK Portfolio.

Well, I used the “Loco” and nothing. I placed the po/mo files manually into wp-content/languages/plugins and still nothing. No caching, language is defined properly.

OK, got it. It was LayersWP string, not the plugin one. Cheers!

How can I add a modal navigation like Robo Gallery plugin

Open Customizing > CSS and styling your navigation or use this sample:
nav.portfolio-sorting ul li a {

padding: 0px 20px;
margin: 0px 5px;

background-color: red;
color: white;
nav.portfolio-sorting ul li .active {
border-bottom: none;

background-color: darkmagenta;

if you have more question, please contact me at cmk.chauk@gmail.com. thank you

Is it also possible to only add the zoom option on an item?

Yes, you can show/hide Zoom button, also Details button and Link button

Hello. Another question: by the default, in the single portfolio item page CMK displays category slug instead of the full name. When category name is multiple word it does not look good. How to change it?

Hi, It’s my mistake! it’s will be fixed in my next updates, but you can edit file name portfolio.php on folder that plugin installed > templates > single-portfolio.php, find string: ”$output .= $term->slug . $separator ;” and change it to: ”$output .= $term->name . $separator ;”

The easy way is email to me at: cmk.chauk@gmail.com, I will send my zip file. Thanks for your comment

Perfect, thanks!

Can i use this plug in for my wordpress website ? what is that mean ?

:”To use this plugin you must have a Layers Theme”

CMK Portfolio is an extension of Layers Theme. It’s mean you must install Layers theme to your Wordpress site before using CMK Portfolio. Layers is a Wordpress theme with a point and click site builders and you can download it FREE! here is website link

Hello! I would like to choose the categories that I want to show in “Portfolio”. I can only choose “All” or a specific. I could make an exception and not show a category?

Thank you!

Hi ricardoinfante, you only choose ONE category per portfolio widget. You could add 2 (or more) portfolio widgets to display 2 (or more) categories that you want to show. You can turn on/off displaying filter categories by click to Display link ( in right hand of Portfolio widget section ) and un-check the box name “show filter”.

Awesome job, its great!

Thank you very much!

Hi – I am close to buying but would have one question. I am using the raptas theme with layers plugin.

Here is what I am looking to accomplish: https://ibb.co/i56ahb.

I want the ‘featured image’ of the portfolio post when clicked to open a different image (ideally with the option to add text and links below.

Does your extension accomplish this?