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Well done rifat636, its very useful! :)


Ticket Seller Affiliate System would be awesome!

hmm.. Thnxx

who is the sms provider?


Can you connect this to QRcode scanner and when activated the qrcode will also activate online as attended?

sorry bro, its not included.. On event its not necessary forthat we not include it.

Can’t find this in list of features, can person registering print a ticket or registration confirmation? Also, can the price for ticket be set to $0 i.e. Free?

yes ticket price can be set $0 / free.. admin / salesman can print ticket

Hi, where can I see the ‘order’ link for the customers

u can see ticket list and event list

I’m interested in your script but I have a pre-sales question. Is there a customer-facing page created for events so that they can visit and purchase tickets for events? It seems like this is just a back-end admin tool…how would the public buy a ticket for an event? Thanks!

its an event ticket selling and billling system for single event..

there is no user login

there is possible modify this script to create user multiple accounts

yes we can do it for additional charges, pls mail us: software@thesoftking.com

how does this script works? Is theer a preview for the front page when re the events are being displayed tot eh public? Q2. what frame work this is built on? Q3: How do you connect to database(sql or mysqli? my server runs php7, hope that should be alright.. Q4: can it be installed on Xampp(local computer? advise??

I also note that it was last updated in 2015.. will that cause a problem with modern servers sacred of the chances that it might have an sql connection and will need to bwe worked on to convert the connection to mysqli.

there are no frontend, only billing / admin apnel, its with core php. its support php 5.6 and its works with xampp