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i got problem,no email recive when user register,or etc(other from email template)...already set smtc from my email hosting,it not work…:(

can u find my mail?

Hi, Thank you for your email. Please give us 24 hours maximum. Thank you :)

Hi Coderpixel,

I need only one help support from you in your application what ever we upload the file a random numeric no is getting applied before file name. and when we download that file in that zip file that file name exist

I just want that to be remove please help other wise we are not at all able to use this application. Our Customer is getting frustrated.


Please provide your ftp details with Database and Application admin access with install URL. Then I will modify your feature.

Thank you :)

Hi Coderpixel,

i have send you the FTP details in mail on

Please check your email. Thank you :)

How does the upgrade to premium feature work? i can’t see an upgrade button…

There have 2 options to set premium. One is send a request from Client portal; another is from Admin panel.

From Client portal; When you login with normal user you will find premium request options. Then send the premium request to admin.

From Admin Portal, Visit Clients->All Clients->view Then Click on Edit Tab, Then you will find User type options and change it Normal User to Premium.

Thank you :)

user not pay the invoice,but he still can use premium uploader…why tht happen?

when your new update will release?

We are working on our application. We will release our next update soon. But at this moment we can not provide you the specific date. We are really very sorry for that.

Thank you :)

can u fix this problem first??i cannot use my website if u not fix this..user can use premium event not pay the invoce,tht is a big problem to me…

Hello, I uploaded all files and followed instructions. However I get a 404 when trying to access admin.

The url is

Please provide your FTP details and Install URL with admin access to our support email Then We will fix up your problem.

Thank you :)


Naicoms Purchased

Hi Coderpixel, after following the instructions, and successfully finished without errors, admin page is not loaded. Since there are already few questions regarding the same issue, will be faster, if you are able to state the fix here, rather loosing time trough emails communication…

Hi, our application have no problem.

Because of it work in our server, and other clients server, that’s mean our application have no problem, but maybe on your server.

If you need to fix your server issues, you have to provide your access to the bug fixer, so he can debug it.

If you don’t want to give us any access we are sorry to help you, you can contact to your hosting provider and tell them that it work on other server but not in your server, so they can fix it.

Thank you!


Naicoms Purchased

I am really sorry to follow this discussion here. I am representative of service provider which core business is hosting services, so we are hosting your application. Everything was installed following your installation manual, so we would like to be refunded since nothing is worked as expected.

Sorry!! We are not able to refund your money. Because this issue is not fall any refund policies. So we don’t. If you provide your access then we will fix your problem.

Thank you :)

i email u,subject:Premium user issue

We are really very sorry for that. Please provide a brief documentation to your feature to our support email Then we will implement your feature on your application.

Thank you :)

so no update wll release??

yr script have problem with premium user,user can use premium even he not pay the invoice,

Hello, I am very interested in buying your script to upload files but I need a program to synchronize files on the desktop also equal to and DropBox for example. You have to sell well or are able to develop? Thank you.

Sorry! At this moment we are not able to develop this. Thank you for your question :)

email subject: Cloudshare premium user issue

Please check your email address

Check email please…same subject

Can you make the premium option to be automated (not with admin intervention)?


Sorry for late feedback. Yes!! its possible. You may contact with us through our support email Then we will discuss each other through email.

Thank you :)


What was the default username and password for cloudshare script ? I tried and admin.password but this is not working .


Please use the following url and access. We didn’t find any problem.

For Admin Portal:

Login URL: Email:

Password: admin.password

For Client Portal:

Login URL: Email:

Password: client.password

For Send File Free:

Login URL:

Thank you :)

Hi there, I have couple of pre-sale questions. 1)Can I useS3 for storage? 2)Can I allocate space to each user and charge them on space size? 3)Can I track bandwidth n apply restrictions if I want? 4)Does this script create zip files to avoid many server request?



Thank you for your pre-purchase question.

Options 1 & 2 are available in our application. But rest of the features in not available in our application at this moment. But we noted your suggestions. And try to apply this features in our future updates.

Thank you :)


upload to multi upload provider would be a shine here.


flowcz Purchased


work with SSL?

Yes, Our application works with SSL. Thank you.

Hi, Whenever I try to upload files, I get:

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Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

any help would be much appreciated. thanks!


Please provide your Install url and ftp details with database access url and admin password to our support email Then we will fix your issue.

Thank you :)

Pre-sale question: Can I use a background image on the login page?

How in the world are you supposed to view the files??? Am I missing something??

Sorry! There have no dynamic option to change login page image. But we will provide you a solution to change this. You can share your file to the world with email or link like dropbox. Hope you understand.

Thank you.


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Do you provide your email subject? Then we can trace your email perfectly. Thank you.

Hi, how to make session expiration time? Because session not removing and user still stays logged into system. I tried to change values in session.php file, but no luck.


I am interested in buying CloudShare, but want to ask if it supports uploading to user defined folders.

Thanks, Martin