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Arrow positionOffset does not affect anything. No matter how I use it, the arrows are not affected. My full code is below …

positionOffset : 50, //does nothing positionOffset : '50px', //does nothing
    width: 300,
    height: 277,
    fullWidth: false,
    autoSlide: false,
    progressBarPosition: 'hide',
    my_carousel: {
        itemSize        : {
            width: 101,                                    // Width of each carousel item
            height: 237                                    // Height of each carousel item
        arrow: {
            visibility : 'show',
            positionOffset : 50,
            imgPrev    : '<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/img/slider/left_carousel_arrow_white.png',
            imgNext    : '<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/img/slider/right_carousel_arrow_white.png',

How can I stick the arrows to the far left and far right of the carousel cantainer?

Thanks, -Scott

1.Please try to replace “positionOffset” to “position” in arrow in carousel option. 2.You can put your code in following callback function: onSlidingComplete:function() { ...... } Thanks!

Sorry for the delayed response but thanks!!

What listener does this belong in so it fires when new slide is loaded? if (cloudData.currentSkyNo == 3) { $(’#submenu_inf’).show(); }

Thanks, -Scott

Arrow Position outside is not working and arrows and bullets are very very small in size, please help

Why it doesn’t work with WordPress?

it works with Wordpress if you change
wordpress runs in jQuery noConflict mode so $ have to use jQuery instead. I have it running in Wordpress right now.

Nice component. What I’d like to do is have it responsive, but set a minimum height. When I set a 1280×450 dimension it looks great until it scales down to a mobile phone… then the display is small and would work better with a larger height (ie 1280×800)

One thing I tried was looking at $(window).innerHeight before I initialize the component and use different value for height – but that does not help with thing like a phone changing orientation from portrait to landscape.

Do you have any suggestions for dynamically changing height with CSS or for setting a minimum height for the responsive element.

Dear Auther,

I am extremely sorry that i have to ask for refund for this purchase because my mistake i paid for JQerry Version which i don’t know how to use.

I was looking for Wordpress plugin version, which i am happy to Pay and buy. Please refund my money so that i can buy the wordpress Plugin version.


We create wordpress themes and sell , can i use your cloud slider in that have you any problem ?


I followed the instruction but the slider doesn’t work on my wordpress system. Pls help: https://www.weeabow.de

Is there a way to slow down the speed of the current slide as is transitions to the next one?

Another question I had was if it was possible to have a kr-cloud text layer stay visible for 4 out of 5 slides?

Another question I had was if it was possible to have a kr-cloud text layer stay visible for 4 out of 5 slides?

I am trying to embed this slider in an existing website. I have uploaded all of the libraries, style sheets, etc., and did the markup as shown in the ken-burns-fullwidth.html sample. I know the css and js files are on the server, and the images are on the server, but, when I display the page, I don’t get anything at all. I have the sample file on my server and it works, but similar markup in the website I am using doesn’t show anything. I would appreciate it if you could help me. Here’s the link to the page that has the Ken Burns slider: http://rossini.us/kuecker.com/index-test-2.php

Where is the support for this product? I need assistance with this as soon as possible as I’m working under a deadline.

Hello? I paid for support. 3 days is a little too long to wait for simple help. I think my problem could easily be resolved if someone would just take a look at it.

What a WASTE of my time! No support seems to be available. I asked for assistance 4 DAYS AGO! That surely is enough time to wait for an answer.

Is there a way to rotate slides based on a specific date with this slider? If not, will this become a feature in future update?