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Looks great, and good look with sales :)

One question, will it automatically backup a new version if an update on item…? If not, is this something you would consider adding..?

Thank you! It won’t right now but definitely a very good idea! I will most probably implement it.

awesome, thanks :)

Well done, I like it! :)

thanks a lot.

envato wouldn’t accept that! tried in the past.

If I entered all my Envato Purchases Codes, it will automatically update my versions ?

Basically once an update is released, you will have to create a backup again using the purchase code.

I will implement this functionality of automatically sending to dropbox & aws 3 soon.

what is mean of (aws 3 soon) any why it’s quite important for that work concept.

aws 3 is amazon s3 – my bad.

+1 for auto-sending backup as always good a question @sanayar2008 : )

Another question:
I don’t use things that running not on my own server. When FTP is not allowed, what is with OwnCloud? When u interested and want to try OwnCloud-API, I can make an installation for u.


thx for your replay. added to cart and’ll get it when u give green light for OwnCloud. Cheers and glws from me, too

Hi there, some updates on owncloud integration?

I am not sure I understand, “FTP is not allowed by envato?” can you elaborate on this some more please?

Ideally, I would want MY purchases, sent to MY server via FTP, for backup purposes, and also as any purchases are updated, to also FTP them to MY server to keep a running archive of MY purchases.

Does this make sense to you?

I just don’t get what envato has to do, with MY purchases, and where I want them to go and be stored?

Thanks, -Deano

Oh, that was your head then. re-branding, LOL

New one is crown over a heart I think, but I can’t read what’s written on it, too small. I like all the different avatars people use, some are interesting or just cool.


I liked the crown on top better.

I now notice the much bigger avatar at the top. Duh.

How can I check that my server have what it need to run your script. Can you provide a file that check for that… Great Idea Mathieu

Yes, please download this file, unzip and upload to your hosting .

interesting but if need purchase code and title, it’s boring to type them. it will be nice to automatically list all items and backup in one click

yes, 100% agree with you however it’s technically not possible as the API method relies on purchase code which isn’t returned in the items list method.


I love this product and have started to use this, and it’s great, however, I’ve got it installed on a subdomain of “” and there are some links that want to take me to just “” and not stick to the backup folder.

I know I’ll need to change the .htaccess file but I’m not 100% sure what though. Can you assist please?

hi, can you run this in a full domain/subdomain? abd not subfolder thanks

Is it possilble to strore the files on the own server? (who the script is running)

Hi, not possible, only cloud storage

Sent in my basket!

I will buy it once the auto-download for new versions will be implemented.

Another suggestion: It will be awesome if it could download comments too, in this way if an item got deleted we can have all the old comments saved. In some case could be very useful!

All right thanks!

hello there! autodownload new versions has been released! sorry if not interested anymore!

Can you make it so it keeps copies of previous versions aswell as updating to new 1’s? This is important for alot of scripts i have that have been overhauled but previous versions are great for own custom mods or with php scripts that members are used to as is…. Amazon Free is about to Stop Free Service. How about adding OneDrive, MEGA, SurDoc, Google Drive etc. please? VERY interested as more versions move along to be 100% useful for professional envato purchasers. LOOKING FORWARD :-)

Currently you can keep any amount of versions but manual way for now. Will definitely be adding more drive options, can you also send me a link regarding amazon stopping free service?

Have you implemented automatic update backups yet?

Nope, I quit the idea as there’s no safe method to tell when an update is released via API.

hello there! autodownload new versions has been released! sorry if not interested anymore!

i blame envato for not supporting you when developing this product. i remember during the api contest i was looking forward to this and the drama that was started. as it stands now, there is no real benefit to using this product which would explain the low sales. talk to envato about exposing some API’s so you can do automatic backup/updating and tell them we need to ftp downloaded scripts in the first place! we have your back.

they’re constantly working on their API so once the method appears be sure it will be added to this item very quickly!@ thanks

hello there! autodownload new versions has been released! sorry if not interested anymore!

i’ll check it out. thanks for the update!

Ok, thanks for your communicative behaviour. It’s off the cart … it possible to run this script with cron so at least it will be launched automatically whenever I want?

every time it runs by cron It will overwrite the older downloads or it will archive them with date-time?

hello there! autodownload new versions has been released! sorry if not interested anymore!

your change log say “v1.1 – October 2015” maybe is “2016”? ;-)

eagle eye! nicely spotted & will ammend it thanks


Nolax Purchased

Item is not working. Not letting me login. I click login, and nothing happens.

Did you configure Envato API as in the documentation? Let me know if you need assistance with installation


Nolax Purchased

Yes I did. I sent you an email via your profile.

So… I have to enter Purchase code for EVERY item i have bought ? Maybe u can make it easier by downloading everything from my account with 1 click ?

Sadly yes. that’s a hustle I know will think of a way to auto import all purchases.