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hi there have some little suggestion.

1. Login is too dependent about envato account, and if we not have use it anymore, we can’t open page.

2. it’s seems difficult to upload old item i have buy, but it’s now removed … but i have source in my computer.

3. give access to upload items not buy on envato.

1. yeah maybe

2. it’s clearly stated it’s removed, so you can’t download files that do not exist sorry

3. this app is called Backups for Envato Purchases.. so it’s not for other sites unfortunately.

1. it’s sure

2. sure i can’t download, but i have this files so i can do it.

3. ok see 2

2 & 3 – I see what you mean now. you need a manual upload button/form. ok cool it will be done 100%

Hum, there have new version today and script not update … is it possible to make a manual update ?

I read but dont get how to do. There not have button backup … For cron it’ sur not work

Like you regular add a backup, just say item PHP V1 earlier created, then do it the same way you initially did buy enter title PHP V1.2

Hum it’s seems Quick to download to dropbox :-(

I am getting multiple redirects when I goto my /login url when I try to setup script

That happens when the API is incorrectly setup, contact me via my profile page form to arrange a configuration together

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No support you say? What about the emails? What about the 20 mins I stood waiting for you connected via teamviewer and you were the one away!! not replying!

Don’t get me wrong. I was only trying to get your attention again. Can we do it now please. Thanks.

Yes no problem, but people actually read what’s in here and I don’t want them to think of something not real. I don’t mind if it was real. Please send email with team id and pass. Thanks