Discussion on Cloud Archive - Cloud Data Backup and File Archive as SaaS

Discussion on Cloud Archive - Cloud Data Backup and File Archive as SaaS

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Hello. I really appreciate your job! I purchased cloudbackup but i cant install it properly Can you install it for me and in what cost? I want to buy most of amazon SaaS products that you create but i make a lot of mistakes in installation part. I want to know if i purchase another product of yours, you can install it to my server. Please contact me for the details. Thank you! Also i have open ticket please check it (TICKET #3425146).


Send us a support ticket with further details.

Hello. I did PRIVATE TICKET #3425146

Please help me asap i have some last questions. Thank you!

Hello I have few pre-sale questions; 1- Can this backup a live website + MySQL data? 2- Let’s say a company subscribe for this service, how each employee of the company will backup their daily data from the computer?


You will need to upload your backups manually, there is no live mechanism to auto backup something for you..

Hello, I need to ask about it. 1- Supporting RTL? 2- Is IT responsive on Mobile? 3-How can I control space size for etch users and other organizations 4- There is an approval cycle? 5-What is the extent Leniece will provide me?


You will need to customize the css files as needed to support RTL. Script comes with all sass files.

Okay if I buy the extended license, you will do that? and what is the time frame that you will take to full installation and go live? what is the framework that you use in the project?

Not sure what you mean by we will do? We don’t offer customization under any license types, not customization requests are support under codecanyon support policy (you will need to consider hiring a 3rd party developer for RTL implementation). We can help with a free installation with extended license if you have a cpanel/plesk panels, and help with AWS configuration. Script uses Laravel Framework – v9.

Hello. PreSale questions Have those 2 issues been resolved?

1) As there are egress fees. Is it possible to limit the account with how much they can download?

2) Is it possible to avoid the link sharing by doing IP lock or with session (when the file is being requested and the direct link are being shared with others users)


1 – you can set a free recovery mode when setting up a plan. Or for higher price create a plan with expedited mode. All files will be available only for the duration set for file availability.

2 – no, there is no option for that.

Thank you for the Answer. Another question. Does the Admin download clients files?

You can check in the demo, admin can see uploaded files, you remove that option from sidebar menu if needed.

Greetings, I like the layout. I use AWS bucket and know how to integrate that. I made a profile on your page. I want to be sure you know your scripts before I make a purchase and 12 month support for upgrades throughout the next 12 months. In the profile I noticed the ‘Happy Person is preset. In what script can this be changed?


Send us a support request after the purchase, we will explain you how.


The one that costs 59 dollars is a saas version?


Yes, that is correct.

How long is the wait for email support I sent in?

Refer to your support email.

I had sent an email with the information you had requested.

Know how much longer this would be until I hear back from you by support email? I emailed you the information you requested regarding the Cron Job and hosting account.

I did email support and I also requested a refund. I will withdraw my request for a refund if I receive some real support.

Sorry I didnt see my first request until now

Refer to your support email.

Information sent

I made the purchase and very nice. I did send a support email to you.


Thanks for the purchase, we will respond to your case over the email.

I did send you an email on my last question I need to know between the two you would recommend. Let me know your thoughts and I’ll make the purchase.

Cloud Archive is for long term file storage/archive.

Cloud File Transfer is for daily file transfer and storage

Refer to the description of both products

I testing out the user ticket system. I tried a test, and there support ticket never came back to the admin panel. Do you have this feature working on the test version?

Okay I see it is working and its really nice setup here


Im testing first and playing with live preview before purchase. I uploaded a pic in the live user preview. Now Im trying to download the pic back to my desktop pc, but it wont allow me too. How is the user able to download their information from their account?

So this one in referring to. A request can be put in and after a allowed amount of time, the user can then download it.

I did look at both on my phone. However file transfer I had not a chance to review it. Do you have a moment to tell me the difference between the two programs?

Refer to your last comment

Do you have any more tuts other than AWS setup?

AWS is required for this script, no one else support Glacier feature of Amazon S3 service.

Im going to assume its simple setup if we follow your instructions setting S3

Yes it is.

When installing your program onto the host, will the initial part of the database be created?


All database tables are created during installation.


I have an existing hosting, do i need to increase the storage to install this or does the files go directly to amazon?



Local hosting storage is not used at all (apart from installing the script itself), all uploads are direct from browser to your S3 bucket, and files are stored only on your S3 bucket as well.

Are we have freedom to modify the project code according to our need? such as add other storage provider, new payment method, etc?


Yes, you get all source codes upon purchase, and you can modify it as you need.

dose system support Arabic Language? if not can I add Arabic language and RTL?


You will need to customize the script accordingly to support RTL.

Hello. 1- This script is to work with memberships similar to google drive or 2- Do I have any separate expense such as a monthly payment for example in the payment gateway? Not counting the hosting obviously. 3- Do you recommend any hosting? Can serve? 4- Can I modify the prices of the memberships?


1 – you will need AWS account

2 – no, only for storage size in Amazon s3 with Glacier storage type

3 – any hosting would work, demo is hosted in namecheap for example

4 – it is up to you to set prices however you prefer

Hello. Thanks for the answers. What I wanted you to confirm is if this script together with AWS would be creating a service for subscribers similar to or Google drive. Is it for common users or only companies? Can subscribers upload all types of files? Thanks.

It is more for long storage. You can upload any type of files.

Hello. With the regular license is it enough to sell memberships to other clients? Thanks.


Yes, it is enough.

What is the difference in Regular and Extended License for this product?


If you want to resell entire project/script to someone else, you will need Extended License. If you want to run it as a SaaS solution by yourself, then you can get both. All SaaS features are enabled with regular and extended licenses.


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