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Hi, how can I disable zoom function in Closify gallery?

Hey great plugin, I have been searching for a frontend Portfolio plugin allowing my users to upload their images on the site.

My question is does this plugin support user roles. I would like to allow specific group of a team to upload images and subscribers not?

Pre-order questions:

1- i want to allow register user to upload one photo a day or one in a week. Is that somehow possible?

2- Can i “highlight” the best photo from a gallery (like best photo of the day/week)?

3- can i show a gallery based on the uploads of a week(specific time, because it could also be from this week)?

4- can i show the number of views of a image(also in the gallery)?

5- is it possible to disable things like download and zoom?

Like to hear from you. Thanks!

Now if only this had a Pinterest style or wordpress style bookmark style button for uploading the images…. So one lands on a page on the net sees an image they want hits the “closify button” that shows the images on that page ticks the one they want and it adds to the clossify gallery on ones wordpress site

Hi Will it work with multiple user roles?


Gallery for staff only to upload photos Gallery for other group to upload photos?

Yes it does that smoothly,

What powerful about Closify Press is that you can allow multiple users with different roles to upload images, and then you can use the powerful Closify Gallery Builder, to filter galleries per users and per roles.


Thanks for asking

Is it possible for a user to choose which gallery (or category) to upload their images to? Or is it a requirement that each gallery needs it’s own uploader?


Hello There,

The way Closify currently works, is that for each album you need to create a custom uploader. However, after that you can use Closify gallery builder to collect images from different albums and display them in a single gallery.

Closify gallery builder is so flexible that allows you to filter per users or per roles to whom they have uploaded the images.

Thanks for asking

Hi, when I try to upload image (both .jpg extension both .jpeg extension) and both from pc or mobile, I receive the error “Unsupported file type”. Files are 3mb and the limit is 15mb. How Can I do to resolve it?

Thank you, Andrea

Ok. I resolve it. Now, after i upload photo, how can i do to refresh page automatically?

Many Thanks, Andrea.

That’s good Fakiro,

Regarding refreshing after uploading, this feature is added in the next coming release 1.9.5.

The feature can be enabled to refresh the page automatically after selected uploads are done.

Will keep you posted about the release time. Actually, we can attach the update to your ticket once done to save you time.


Ok. Thank you!

Does it have rating system? I want visitors rate each uploaded image

I’m looking for a plugin where a guest can upload a several images with a comment for each and a separate album/category would then be created each time. This plugin seems to have most of the features that I am looking for but it sounds like this may not be possible.

Is there a fix for this yet??? do_action(‘closify_image_oriented’) does not work I need help quick please

I purchased, downloaded and installed this plugin and started testing it and found the following problems: - Once the images are approved, you can no longer manage them except as media items - Gallery Builder is not working in TinyMCE (blank popup – no builder) - Front end uploader does not allow me to add fields to submissions, such as “Email address” for guest submissions. I went to your support site, registered and tried to submit a ticket, but it won’t let me login. I DID confirm the email address used via the link in the Welcome email. When I try to submit a ticket, it just keeps prompting me to login.

This plugin is just NOT going to work for me. You didn’t have an admin demo available otherwise I could’ve figured this out before purchasing. At this point, I need you tor cancel my purchase and issue a refund.

Hi, i have a pre purchase question, it is possible to integrate inside the form of wp user frontend? i use it for create personal post and i would like to integrate also a gallery, it is possible?

Hello Sigenial,

You can build forms with either Caldera Forms or Gravity Forms and integrate FileTrip uploader with your custom Form. However, FileTrip can only store files and sync them with cloud storage and not build galleries.

For upload and Build Galleries for users, please checkout Closify Maestro the free version of Closify Press: https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/closify-maestro-image-uploader-gallery-builder/

Also checkout FileTrip documentation for more details.


is this plugin able to set the featured image of a post?

Thanks for asking,

At the time being no it cannot. It only can upload images to Albums and categorize them using Closify Categories.Then you can build galleries by cross mapping different dimensions, such as albums, uploader’s usernames and uploader’s roles.

So for instance you can instruct Closify Gallery Builder to build a gallery that list all of the images from Album1+Album2+...+AlbumN and add all of the images uploaded by User1+User2, along with adding image uploaded by users who has role “Admin”.

There is a free version that you can try: https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/closify-maestro-image-uploader-gallery-builder/


Hi guys, I have a pre-sale question. I tested your plugin but there is no option for my case..

- I need single upload - I need put description to image (on hover over image to display its desription) - I dont wanna need to crop the image, just upload as it is

I can add description but still there is a cropping thing which is not able to turn off, there is no other option for your plugin? Thanks in advance

Hello There,

Thanks for asking.

Actually, we do have to modes for Closify uploader: 1- Upload with Crop mode 2- Upload gallery mode

If you choose the second mode, then you can limit the upload to 1 or any other arbitrary value though the uploader option page.

Also the second mode allow you to submit Title/Description information for images, so it can be represented later when you build your galleries.

I hope this answers your question


hello; I have watched your video didnt see… so I think I have to ask; is it possible to edit or delete the gallery created with the plugin? rgds

Yes indeed.

Thank you for your kind and quick answer. I have given a try with your basic version maestro. But it is not working with wp 4.8. I cdnt make single image to show… I am uploading it, approving but the image is not showing. I believe we dont need to use a short code to show the single image. Also gallery images can not be editted or deleted after creation… ciao tnx

I am working on a project and your plugin is exactly what I am looking for… so if I can clear the above mentioned issues it wd be great. rgds


I would like to buy your plugin but i have few questions:

1- Can i create a form including file upload with the plugin ? 2- Is it possible to upload the uploaded files to different server than the WordPress hosting server (is it by providing ftp credentials in the settings)? 3- is it possible for the admin to see the original uploaded pictures but not the thumbnails? 4- if there are many users who upload the pictures, how is the admin see them in the admin area?are the pictures organised by username? 5- Does the plugin allow multiple selection upload?Also on mobile phone? - From all your wp plugin portofolio,which one do you recommend for me? Thanks

Hello Finlandais,

Thanks for asking. I will try to answer your questions one-by-one:

1- No Closify cannot be embed into third-party forms. But we have another plugin called FileTrip which it does support “Gravity Forms, and Caldera Forms” 2- Same answer to the previous one, however, FileTrip does allow forwarding uploaded files to different cloud channels (FTP, Dropbox, and Google Drive) 3- Yes it is possible to manage uploads, however, if you set the uploader to use Crop mode, then you will only be able to see what the user have cropped. 4- The pictures will be organized by Albums, basically, each picture uploader will be considered as an Album. Albums, can be used later to build galleries according to (Username, Album, and Role). 5- Yes, Closify does have multi-upload mode. And they are mobile friendly.

My brief recommendation: 1- For building social galleries and filtering through images to view them into your website, Closify should be sufficient enough. However, if you don’t care about gallery upload and look into managing your media uploads and forward them to the cloud in an Auto-pilot mode using complex forms, then FileTrip is your first option.



ldbiz Purchased

I sent a support item over a week ago… We are switching galleries from FooGallery to Closify. After creating the uploader is it possible to tag the images uploaded to Foo in the Closify buckets. We hate to have to reupload all of the existing images.

Any help with ticket 312146?

Hello Lbdiz,

Sorry for any inconvenience you might faced.

Yes you can, you need to create a closify buckets and then attach images to these buckets as child to parent connection. To be honest, we have not done before, but 90% certain it is an easy process.

Try it and let us know if you faced any issues.