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Sent a support ticket but apparently they don’t reply in a timely manner. All I want to be able to do is the center the uploader and the gallery in my pages. Tried adding a div to center them with CSS but that didn’t work.

My gallery is using 300×300 thumbnails. I have changed the size of the container to 920 px so on a desktop it appears to be centered, but once the screen size is smaller the images are not centered. They do not adapt to smaller devices.

This gallery does not default to centered and there is no setting to make it that way

I created a support ticket on 10/31 and still have not gotten a reply. No better luck through here either.

Good plugin. Is it possible to leave comment for each image in lightbox?


Gaukler Purchased

HI@The team of mindsquare. 1. On my page the Thumbnail size didn’t work. In every Gallery are the Tumbnails 150×150 but i want to use the 300×300. 2. Is there a other option to order/sort the picture at the live gallery?


Gaukler Purchased

Can please answer the two question. It would be nice

Hello Gaukler,

Sorry for the delay.

I will try to answer your questions respectively:

1- The thumbnail sizes you have in your website are configurable through Wordpress, and whatever dimensions configured it will be listed under Closify Settings page or Closify Gallery Builder page, and you can select your dimensions from “Size of thumbnails” setting field. Sometime, the size you are selecting doesn’t actually exist as a result of wordpress image processing (Crunching) is not working properly. In this case, you can visit your Media Library and select whatever image and make sure your version of dimension do actually exist.

2- Currently, you can order galleries according to Upload Date either in ASC or DESC order through Closify Gallery Builder editor plugin.

Thanks for asking

Maybe in the future ist there a possibility to order the picture by name?

Hello, is it possible to upload images from android and apple with the right rotation?


I checked in phpinfo, exif is enabled but still does not rotate

I entered a cron with command converter and has solved for a while. I can not use cron with 10000+ images. It would be great if it was integrated into the upload a converter aspect ratio from 9:16 to 16: 9. Maybe it’s a solution.

there are news? I threw my money?

Sent a ticket through support link 12 days ago and nodoby has answer at all so far. I need to know how to translate closify press into Spanish. I have found closify-press.pot file but contains just three strings. I would need to translate all strings for File Uploader. Thanks

Apparently there is no support at all on this plugin. I filled a support ticket three weeks ago and no answer at all neither throught their ticketing system nor this forum. Really dissappointing.

Hi there

Sent a support ticket couple of days ago

Could you reply as soon as possible please?

Ticket no #672408

Any News?

Could you please tell me what lightbox this is using?

Is it possible to find a solution about mp4? I need to upload videos…....

Hello Ansel,

We have another plugin that is more special on uploading large video and digital files (FileTrip)



Hello, I left a couple of message in support system and I have not heard anything from you for four days.


I have not purchased this plugin yet and would like to know the following:

1. How can I integrate it into a custom php template file for frontend user to be able to change their profile pic? Also for gallery upload when they are logged into their dashboard. 2. does it support social media login integration?

Thanks :)

I have another question – does this plugin replace the default gravatar used by wordpress? i.e. would I be able to see a registered user’s profile picture that they have uploaded under the “Users” section of the wp-admin dashboard?


fab2991 Purchased

hello I bought closify press tonight. but iam not able to upload it via dashboard (infinite upload time expires the page url) so I uploaded the folder via cpanel and extracted the zip file. Through this way either I am not able to view the plugin in the dashboard/plugins section so I am wondering if the problem isn’t the zip file itself. Any help is urgently and greatly welcome!!!!