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I am testing the plugin now on my site to make sure everything is working correctly. I have the box checked to notify site admins when a new photo is uploaded, but I do not get any email notification when I upload an image. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there maybe something else I am not doing? Also, If I can get this to work, is there any way an admin could approve an image through this notification email or are you required to go into the back end and approve that way?

Hello Kylewirick,

Please open a ticket in our support website so we can troubleshoot your issue.

Preliminary issues seem to be your SMTP server, but we can make sure right after you open a ticket and give us an access: http://www.itechflare.com/support


Presale question:

Hi, I was wondering if the Admin can see who exactly uploaded which photo. Now I see Uploaded by: role (guest, admin etc.) What I need is Uploaded by: username (or firstname – lastname) Is that a feature also?



Hello Steviger,

Closify does track the uploader username and record it inside Media Library after you approve uploads; but, there is no column that contain firstname-lastnamt, only username will be embedded inside of each record, which can lead you easily to personal details if you click over username.

Regarding building galleries, you can build galleries based on uploader rather than roles.

Thanks for asking

I’ve installed the latest version on wordpress (latest version). But there is a problem. It won’t save the pictures I upload even though it says, that the pictures are uploaded. The site is: http://mintatovering.dk/?p=2937

If I only writes:[closify id=”3094”] I’ll get the download option. But for example:[closify-collage closify_ids=”3094” all_checked=”true” effect=”none” disable_caption=”on” thumb_size=”medium” img_per_page=”10” ] won’t work.

I’ve checked that the files have the necessary credentials.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Please open a ticket here so we can swiftly check the issue:



i have some question is it possible to show latest uploaded images first so above thnx

Hi, this may be a silly question, but I reviewed your docs and didn’t find the answer. Once the images are uploaded and the galleries are auto-created can I obtain an MRSS or RSS feed of a given gallery with the Full Size images linked? What I really need is just a simple interface for users to upload images that will end up in an RSS feed, it will never actually be viewed from the website directly.

icon does not appear urgent help

Hello Yusuf,

Please give us a link to the designated page.


icon does not appear urgent help

I accidentally erased my website re- open an account I wish the same process I ask an apology from you

You need to do it again

Are you having the same FTP ? We will give it another try.

If you changed the location, please give us a new access.


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I will drop you an email now

please check your email

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Closify Press still have problem?

What problem ?? It should not have any problem at the moment.

i just see for wordpress ver 4.5 latest

Don’t worry it is still fully compatible with the latest 4.6 WP release.

Thanks for asking :)

i try used at my android fone, but no option uplode from my gallery fone. how about that?

Hi I’m trying out the non-premium to see if it will work for my site and I’m noticing that guests uploads do not show after approval. All the different subscriber rolls show, but not just a visitor popping onto the site uploading a photo.

Hello Justice,

You are missing to select Guests when you are building your Gallery; also there is an option called select all images from all users in the premium version, if you select this option, Guest images will be displayed with no problem.

i don’t see the “add Gallery shortcode” tinyMCE icon when using the Divi theme

Please can you open ticket here, and give us temp access to be able to serve you fast:



Fatal error: Cannot redeclare closify_clean_temp() (previously declared in /home/allpar10/candycoeliquids.com/wp-content/plugins/closify-press-1/closify-press.php:91) in /home/allpar10/candycoeliquids.com/wp-content/plugins/closify-press/closify-press.php on line 98

thanks for the quick reply btw

Open a ticket and give us a temp admin access in our support website and we will fix this issue ASAP.


I apologize apparently my client just informed me that they actually don’t want their website to utilize this feature just yet, but maybe further down the road, I apologize. Thank you for your quick response, amazing customer service.

Hallo, I would want to know if the pluging can be translated fully in the frontend, if you include po. and mo. archives. Thanks

We are trying to build a stock image website with Download feature.

1. Is there any feature where we can add a “Download image” button with the images? So that visitors can download images with the click of a button?

2. Is there any built in feature for a front-end image search for users based on image tags or file name?

3. Does your plugin help in tagging images as well?

4. Can the users create their own password protected profile where they can see all their uploads?

Hello Sangramperdeshi,

Thanks for your questions, I will try to answer them respectively:

1- Closify already has download button feature. Try to visit the demo website and click over an image, and in the top right bar you can see various options including Download Image.


2- Actually Closify Images are special post-types so you can search through them as any other regular posts. But we don’t have specific search plugin for it.

3- From the front-end you can tag images; however, from the front-end there is no such a feature yet.

4- We have special functions that you can use in users profile to show images uploaded by a specific user:

// For example to display image uploads of userID=1, or the administrator. Just paste this code wherever you want inside of your theme template: 

$closify = new Closify_Press_Uploader();

$result = $closify->Building_Closify_Collage('1', '', '1932,1931,1930', 'effect-3', 'on');

echo $result; 

You can check our documentation for more detailed information.

Thanks :)

Can i use Closify to let useres change Buddypress profile picture and cover ?

18 Days NO ANSWER !!!!

Sorry for the delay.

No Closify doesn’t natively work with BuddyPress.