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Hi, how can I disable zoom function in Closify gallery?

Hey great plugin, I have been searching for a frontend Portfolio plugin allowing my users to upload their images on the site.

My question is does this plugin support user roles. I would like to allow specific group of a team to upload images and subscribers not?

Pre-order questions:

1- i want to allow register user to upload one photo a day or one in a week. Is that somehow possible?

2- Can i “highlight” the best photo from a gallery (like best photo of the day/week)?

3- can i show a gallery based on the uploads of a week(specific time, because it could also be from this week)?

4- can i show the number of views of a image(also in the gallery)?

5- is it possible to disable things like download and zoom?

Like to hear from you. Thanks!

Now if only this had a Pinterest style or wordpress style bookmark style button for uploading the images…. So one lands on a page on the net sees an image they want hits the “closify button” that shows the images on that page ticks the one they want and it adds to the clossify gallery on ones wordpress site

Hi Will it work with multiple user roles?


Gallery for staff only to upload photos Gallery for other group to upload photos?

Yes it does that smoothly,

What powerful about Closify Press is that you can allow multiple users with different roles to upload images, and then you can use the powerful Closify Gallery Builder, to filter galleries per users and per roles.


Thanks for asking

Is it possible for a user to choose which gallery (or category) to upload their images to? Or is it a requirement that each gallery needs it’s own uploader?


Hello There,

The way Closify currently works, is that for each album you need to create a custom uploader. However, after that you can use Closify gallery builder to collect images from different albums and display them in a single gallery.

Closify gallery builder is so flexible that allows you to filter per users or per roles to whom they have uploaded the images.

Thanks for asking

Hi, when I try to upload image (both .jpg extension both .jpeg extension) and both from pc or mobile, I receive the error “Unsupported file type”. Files are 3mb and the limit is 15mb. How Can I do to resolve it?

Thank you, Andrea

Ok. I resolve it. Now, after i upload photo, how can i do to refresh page automatically?

Many Thanks, Andrea.

That’s good Fakiro,

Regarding refreshing after uploading, this feature is added in the next coming release 1.9.5.

The feature can be enabled to refresh the page automatically after selected uploads are done.

Will keep you posted about the release time. Actually, we can attach the update to your ticket once done to save you time.


Ok. Thank you!

Does it have rating system? I want visitors rate each uploaded image

I’m looking for a plugin where a guest can upload a several images with a comment for each and a separate album/category would then be created each time. This plugin seems to have most of the features that I am looking for but it sounds like this may not be possible.