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Hi In this script i can change the width of the canvas and have a different with and height for the fina uploaded image??

Hi In this script i can change the width of the canvas and have a different with and height for the fina uploaded image??

Yes indeed you can :)

Thanks for asking

Thanks for the answer. I bought the script and i have two more questions. The script have some option to click inside the drop area instead of click in image icon to select the file?

And other question is: Can I use the script to edit photos uploaded by me in other moment?

I really like this script, and think it will be easily for me to use than cropit, but want to check if you can get the cropped image, the same size as the width/height of the original image with no resizing?

Also can you retrieve the original image size to warn of resolution issues as want to use the images to print from.

Thanks George

Hi, I’m using this as a way for people to be able to upload a profile image to their account on my website. I understand how you upload the image and save info to a database which is all that’s needed to be able to display the pic on their profile. But I need to know how to retrieve the file name from the database and display it in the uploader so that they can edit or delete the image later. Can you give me advice on how display an already uploaded image so it can be edited/deleted?

Really smooth to use, great job. I do not see any docs on using along side editors like CKEditor. Wondering if there are docs or if compatible with CKEditor.


Thanks Texas,

Currently Gallery Builder plugin for Closify works with the native WYSIWYG editor of Wordpress.


So the helper of generating gallery shortcode I guess will not be added to any Thirdparty editors.

I hope this answer is helpful.

Let us know if you need any further informaiton

Regards :)

Ok… I guess I am confused. Thought “Powerful & Flexible Image Uploader” was not a WordPress product/plugin. Looked like it was able to operate in standard HTML pages. What a shame, was all excited:)

Thanks for the fast reply.

Actually I was confused :)

I thought you are asking about Closify Press for Wordpress.

You are totally right, this is a javascript library alone, and its documentation is here: http://www.itechflare.com/closify/theme/docs/

Sorry for the mistake. I was too excited too :)

And it should be straight forward to integrate in any web application. Let me know if you need any further details.

Hello. This plugin is great, but I’m having a problem with the resizing of the thumbnail, it’s not working. Not even in the demo page supplied with the plugin. I sent a detailed message to your help desk this past Sunday (19th Feb, 2017) and a .zip file with some screenshots. Please get back to me as I’m working on a very important project. Thank you.

I’m still waiting for support. The only reply that I got (two days later) was that I needed to submit my purchase code, which I did in the first message (don’t you read the messages? it was on the second line).

My ticket id is AAAA-0000-0016

Hello There,

We are working on it now.

We will give you a reply soon.

Hello, I have some questions before buying the plugin: Is it possible to have the plugin generate a gallery on the fly as a user posts some pics? the gallery upates automatically as the user uploads other pics? thanks Fede

ps – is there a chance to have a trial version?

Hello Awe,

No, this plugin is a jQuery plugin that intend to be used by developers to facilitate building such features.

Thanks for asking

Hello, can this upload plugin, place 1 image into 2 containers e.g. a profile picture and a cover picture, and then I move each one to the desired position? And also in the demo it look like it’s compressing the image and only allowing Y repositioning (top or bottom). Is that on purpose in the demo?

Do this script resume the upload incase internet goes down while uploading large files?

Hi, can you confirm or deny if this product will work with Wordpress please? I read the comment above around 9 months ago and am still not sure after reading the support file. I would like to be 100% before making any purchase and then having to ask for a refund if things didn’t work out Thanks Rav

Update – Okay, I have found the Wordpress version of this here on code canyon and also in the repository. So my question now is, what is the difference between the lite and paid versions please?

Thanks again Rav

Hello There,

They have the same base, however, using lite you can assess the plugin and see how it works, however, a lot of advanced features are disabled in Lite.


Agreed and the features I required are in the full version, which I purchased earlier today – Seems to be working fine, although I’m working through a couple of snag issues and may need to come back to you if I can’t resolve.

Thanks Rav