Discussion on Clone Whatsapp Messenger PRO - AdMob & GDPR

Discussion on Clone Whatsapp Messenger PRO - AdMob & GDPR

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Does it use firebase like every other chat app? It’s not working in my targeted country.

not this a clone of real whatsapp web version

Hi, still this working? I’m looking to buy this. How to make call using this? Over our own server

yeah u can check the demo app in the description to confirm that

is the error like this? Will the error be resolved? Is there a problem when installing google play?

is the error like this? Will the error be resolved? Is there a problem when installing google play?

ok we will check that problem asap

hi, I try to connect with the demo app but it shows a mozilla screen dot see any qr code in the app

Please give me the screenshot?

ok we will check that problem asap

Hello, can i connect it to Firebase? if yes can i change it to E-mail Authentication instead of Phone Authentication? Many thanks.

Firstly did you have checked the demo apk or not ?

Can playstore allow to publish this app .!

Of course , but u must avoid to used copyrighted words u can check some similar apps on play store, if u r beginner i dont advice to purchase it

this apk support 64 bit reques playstore?

of course is support it u can check the demo too to confirm

Is this a stand alone app or is it going to receive message sent from whatsapp to this app?

or is it from this app to this app

This is a web version of whatsapp, so u have the full whatsapp web features

dear i need info, whis database it will use

also i want to use api in this we can send message to and user by api tell me details

Really u don’t need any database or any other things , the app is ready to use directly

Hi i’ve sent to you a message but you are not repliying , i need parallel space

Where you sent me the message?

Hi , do you have this source code of parallel space clone multi apps ? support 64 bits and target latest android version ? if you have it how much cost tank you

No at this time i dont have it, but is possible that we will create it soon

Demo apk not working ..

Really, what is the problem that u get, and in which device that u have test it

hey i need to buy this app for using my company members for business… my question as this app owner can i see all their messages and calls in my server?

No sir, you can’t, this is just to create clone whatspp messenger not for spy

Hello, I want to get your regular licence, can you please inform me things which will need do install like server, domain, etc. final things you will setup and upload google play? Please write to me with details.

hey, u dont need to any server so just u need to purchase app then reskin and publish it on your play store account

Thank you for your reply, I want to buy but you have to complete app with reskin with google and facebook ads code and upload on my google play account. so inform me including process howmany I have to pay you and how long you will support me if any issue with this app.

i don’t offer this services, you can purchse the app and you can follow the documentation to know how to do that by your self, also if u have any problem just contact me there ok!

Is it built on android native using android studio ?

this is a java project using android studio

do you give clean and complete clone app service?

what do u mean exactly in ur question?

its not spam or illegal for playstore??

Isn’t just u need to dont use spam keywords

Is it possible if you can build an app like Parallel Space or dual space? If yes then at what price?

Yes of course, contact me inbox

do you have the iOS version?

Sorry, i dont have it!

Hello, can you send some messages via API?

About which api did u talking?

Is there any way to send automatic messages to contacts? like whatsapp api

no at this app I dont have add this feature

What you use for backend for audio and video call

Please check the apk in the description to know how it’s working


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