Discussion on ClockGo SaaS - Time Tracking Tool

Discussion on ClockGo SaaS - Time Tracking Tool

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Desktop Application for Tracking Project Hours – where can i find it? i didnt see on the demo website

You will get download link after purchase.

I just updated to the new update and the platform doesn’t work. SMTP is not working and when I enter information the platform breaks.

Sent you reply on support desk.

Hi How much data do I need to buy for hosting this website with 100 clients? (if I buy the extended license) also, how the update works? how do I update the website if you release an update?

Can i offer lifetime instead on monthly payment?

Who are the competitors for this software?hubstaff? if i buy the extended license i want to know who are the competitors

Please ask your presale questions here

Add the ability to edit the desktop app name This is a very priority!

If I will buy can get full source code of web app and time tracker desktop app too

Sent you reply on support desk.

Unable to test company login,, getting plan expired error message

Just checked working.

where to see time sheet with screenshots? or not option to show screenshots?

I didn’t purchase it, I am not a customer, I just ask if there is option to see it before purchase, i do not want to make a request I am just asking if this feature exist, as no screenshot showing it.

yes we will discuss there.

Looking for time tracking for outbound employees. Does this have geolocation tracking or geofence capability to ensure employees are where the should be when they clock in and out??


I have few question. 1. Can I generate task wise report. How much time is spent on which task by which team member for specific time period? 2. Do I need a different application for screens short. Can I increase how frequently the screenshot tis taken like every 30 sec or so. 3. For clients, ideally the project is fixed price and extra task is billable. Will I be able to do so?

Can you please make request here

How do you set a client to have permanent free access to the system?

Can you please make request here

Is German available?

You can add/edit any language

I saw in demo site there is View sceenshot images, what does that mean? Is sceenshot images being auto captured while they work on it?

Yes there is desktop application for same.

Hi. I want to try this system but it says “Your plan is expired” and I can’t do anything. Can you please fix this for me? I’d like to try it.

Please check now.

How can I edit the landing page

I login to admin dashboard but I can’t add any project

I installed the script it working I login to admin dashboard but I can’t add any project on the website I tried to find freelancer to help but Neither they said their is no option to manege the script nor add project and they said let connect the original developer of the script I can’t add project because it said project Id is empty

Could I have an API to integrate with Zapier?

Hi, before I buy, could you please tell me if we cna upload our own invoices in PDF please? As most companies have their own accounting softwares. Also is there a way to put a lock on the number of allocated hours per projects? ie: I get paid 5 hours in advance, I need to receive an alarm when the hours are exhausted. Thanks

no we have not that type of feature.

Hello, I am looking to purchase this, but I have some questions. We run an recruiting agency, and therefore we have many different companies and employees. They should only be able to access their own data and not other companies.

In short, this is what i need:

The access an admin/company user should have is: 1. They can only access the company they are assigned to 2. They can view log requests and approve/reject requests from the employees

Also, am I able to do my own customization on this?

Sent you reply on email.

Hi, I have a question: is it possible to turn off some functions, e.g. invoices from clients? I didn’t find it in the settings, in demo.

Sorry but not directly. as you need to do small modification on code.

I tried the demo and clocked in several minutes, but it did not show up in the log. Is there a minimum amount of time someone needs to be clocked in before it is recorded? If not, what needs set in company settings so all time is tracked, regardless how small of a chunk of time it is.

I am now considering this script because another one I was looking at does not support multiple clock in and out during the day. I am assuming this supports multiple clock in and out of the project time clocked wouldn’t work.

Can this work as a simple time clock if one project is created like “work”, and every time someone logs in and out during the day, all time is assigned to work if that is the only project?

I need basic time tracking for one or several projects that support unlimited clock ins and outs during the day.

Also, I noticed the logo is messed up in mobile, is this a bug, or does a different size logo need uploaded for mobile vs desktop.

Seriously looking at extended if you keep up development, and work out any bugs unlike some other script developers.

Thanks, Doljr.

Just an fyi, on the login screen on mobile, the logo is fine, but once you login, it is on that page that the logo is stretched out.

What is the minimum amount of time that will be recorded in this system when logged in?

Is the payment options recurring billing? If not, will it be in future version for ease of use by end user?

Okay thanks.


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