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Demo not working

Thanks for the report. I will try to fix it asap.

PS. Created a second demo website.

Looks great, but the demo is down.

I’m stuck with some host problems and I’m not at home to fix them. I will solve the problem as soon as I get the laptop in my hands! :D Sorry about it. Have a nice day!

PS. Created a second demo website.

Awesome product,GLWS!

Thank you! GLWS too.

hi, what you can do with this script? can you please explain

Search on Google: ptc or paid to click ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paid_to_click )

There are other website that provide this kind of advertising. You will find them as you search. (I can’t provide them here).

If you still need help or you want to ask more questions, please contact me at: waterproofthemes@gmail.com

Have a nice day!

WaterproofThemes does not currently provide support for this item.

Another expensive script published on free hosting with zero support that will vanish from our downloads list in the near future… Seen this too many times…

Still.. good luck with sales…

At least I’m not providing ‘buddha’ stuff on my profile…and I didn’ ask for your judgment. :)

Just because I currently can’t afford a paid host it doesn’t mean the script is bad. And about the price, this script is not expensive at all. Just inform yourself and we will talk again later. Got offers to do it with custom features. I chose to release it on CodeCanyon, because I tought it will a benefit for me if people buy more.

I’m providing support, but not this one from CodeCanyon. Every item description contains the e-mail on which people can contact me if they got something to report or just to help them get their app working (installation).

Good luck with selling too and have a nice day! :)

I do indeed have what you call “Buddha Stuff” on my profile… But what I don’t have is a big chip on my shoulder the size of a rock… I have been a envato member for 7 years and like I said above.. If you don’t offer connected support to your customers then expect to have very little sales or none at all…!

In regards to judgement.. Every author is judged by his or her work/presentation on codecanyon.. If you don’t like a little constructive criticism.. Then I suggest you search around for a $2 hosting package per month and offer support to your customers…

Let’s see how long it takes you write on my Buddha stuff ;)

If you can’t handle the heat.. stay out of the kitchen…!

I abatin to comment. Good luck in the future with your attitude.

Provide demo was not working. Could you please provide the demo of this script.

Thanks in advance.

I will provide another link to it asap. Stay tunned and thanks for the report!

Okay.. Thank you for the quick response.

Yup @phalon Ya right!

demo does not work correctly! Prob’ due to hosting, and WPT if you dont offer support you aint going to get anywhere!

you should of wrote to him, thanks for advice will sort support and new hosting asap, its called customer skills WPT!!!!!

Who said people can’t e-mail me if I don’t offer support? Just stop bringing useless arguments…

Have a nice day!

Price changed! Just contact me if you need support, I will be available.

Probleme demo

Still working on it. Sorry and have a nice day!

phalon +1 They have been, they are here, there will be here … :D

Price changed! Just contact me if you need support, I will be available.

i just understand what this script does, i looked at the demo and still kinda lost searched it to and found nothing

You searched my script? Its a custom script, you will find it exclusive on CodeCanyon.

The script is too expensive, i tried all the features and felt bad. Why are you selling a ptc script without integrated payment system like paypal? And you also dont provide support for this item? And the template layouts of your scripts looks all the same. Good luck with sales.

Thank you!

Price changed! Just contact me if you need support, I will be available.

good initiative. Your provided demo is not working properly. You’ve to add add fund option to advertise. Waiting upon complete and responsive clix site.

Thank you. 2017 will come along with new updates for all my items. Have a nice day!

Where to find the ads that people will click, i will test it if i can find where to buy ads

Solved via e-mail. Thank you!

Nice script, but the only thing that is missing is an admin panel to modify all settings instead of doing the modifications in the php files. At this point, the script isn’t worth the $26 dollar i paid for. I hope that the future versions will be better, much better with at least a good decent admin panel to modify all settings and with new functions like banner ads, a forum, etc…. like in most other ptc scripts (for example evolutionscript). And that’s why you don’t have much sales yet. If you do the things i mention, i guarantee you that you will have a lot more sales of your script, especially for that price.

Hello, thanks for purchasing Clix! Currently there is an admin panel for managing users and ads. Just login with your admin creditentials in the login fields.

Yet, this are the first versions of Clix and more features will come as developed. I will keep in mind everything you mentioned above. Thanks again and have a nice day!

the review i gave is not bad. your script like it is now isn’t worth the $26 dollar i paid for. take an example to other ptc website scripts. they are having at least a decent admin panel to manage all settings.

Is not bad, is false. I told you there is an admin panel. Of course, new features will be developed in the future. Since this is the first version, there isn’t much to complain about it. Instead, you cool request features, report bugs to make it better. I don’t compare the script to other ptc websites because they aren’t selling their script. Even if they do so, it will cost a hundred times more than Clix. Clix is unique. Have a nice day!

Sdr 2 are more developed and are better sorry for that review 26 bucks i think is too much

Thanks for your comment!

Hi, can you tell me when next update will be and what will the next updates be?


For now I’m busy with other applications, but I’m opened to new features request to each app, so just tell me what you want to see next in Clix and I’ll try to add them into the final version.

Have a nice day!

I just paid 24.00 for a script that don’t but the login, the advertise button dont’ work there is no advertise files nor does the cashout. am i just been a ass or did I just buy a 1/4 writing script that we have to write and code the 75% left for it to wrok.

how to test the demo ?

Please read the description.

Username: demo Password: demo

Thanks and have a nice day!

thanks for replying my question. Me already login the dashboard, how to see the example ads and another ? i cant click any menu in dashboard.

Just add a new add as your preferences.