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Hi, Whenever I try to open this demo in Mobile After login with Administrator and Administrator it closes everything. Does it not work on mobile phones??

I have just checked, it is working fine on mobile/ tablet devices.

Hi Saba, I need a similar system for items purchases and supplier requests. Is there a way to edit the titles (Ex: instead of patients it would be supplier)? Also is there a promotional list? Lastly, can I add power users to the same account? I’ll need some to modify, others just to view, an Admin to edit.


Yes it can be done, please send me the detailed requirement document (SRD), so that I shall give you cost and time of the modification as per SRD.

I would like to test the E-HAS: Enterprise Hospital Administration and Information System, please PM me.

Please mail us your email

sir, is this only for one doctor, i want to add many doctors,pharma,labs and patient appoinment sheduling system please send me details.

yes you can add, please mail me at business@techdynamics.org

hi i want to purchase these script. i wanted to confirm are all those module mentioned there and working since in the demo module only a few are available

i dint not see the pahrmacy stock managemnet module

Pharmacy module is there, it is full of various pharmacy management functions, check that , for example : view pharmacy item usage.

See Pharmacy menu in top menu

Can I run the application in offline mode ? i.e. when there is no internet …

Yes, You can run it without internet also.

Hi sabawasim, i bought your script two months agoo but there bug on your script when i want to insert new entry in pharmacy i get an error.

am just waiting you to help me plz

ok, let us check your issue, i will reply on your email.

Done! Check your mail

can add new doctors and add specific patients to doctors?

You can add doctors from database. and add specific patients to doctors. when adding patient you can specify doctors.

Hi, What is the user login details after installation? Nothing mentioned in your documentation.

Hello, we have already mailed you everything through our support email : business@techdynamics.org 3 days ago.

please check.

Its not working. I have replied. Please give me the working system. Thanks

Hello, you have not configured database, let us discuss on through emails, from here we do not give support.


have a prescription option and calendar (agenda) ?

Prescription is available in our different app : http://techdynamics.org/home/eclinic.php

i m getting database error. please guide me


Please mail us at business@techdynamics.org

for support.

can this be used in a pharmacy , for selling drugs ? does it support bar cording ?

no this do not support , but our app here do support barcoding and pharmacy module. http://techdynamics.org/home/ehas.php

that was the price of whole app, but you want only pharmacy system which cost is 100 usd.


Can you create a module that sends alerts to patients via sms to remind them about taking their medicine and also to remind them when to go back to hospital for check up or review of their healthy? For example the HIV/AIDS Patients. They need to be reminded about the dates to go back to hospital

I look forward to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

demo/password is not working.

it is working fine now.

How do i generate a bill?

I can only view the bills but I am not getting option to generate the bill

which bill ?

in clinic if any patient comes and pay i need to generate a bill. that bill only i am not able to generate.

is there any other logins apart from doctor login. I am unable to login as administrator.