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No live demo?

No, sorry. Please check out the screenshots and more details at

Hello, Just purchased Clientside and I absolutely love the design! Can you add an option to disable the backend custom CSS for admins? I use a lot of custom CSS to hide certain plugin widgets from other user roles, but it would be great if this custom CSS doesn’t apply when admin is logged in. Thank you!!!

Hi. Glad you like it!
I’ll consider the option. One trick you could use to achieve it right now is to disable Clientside, edit your user settings to choose a color theme other than the default, save, enable Clientside. Then you can add body.admin-color-fresh to your custom CSS rules to only target the default admin color theme which won’t apply to your user anymore.

Do you think you can add this feature to a future update?

I don’t think the custom CSS fields will become role-specific, but I’ll add some new classes to the body tag in the next version which allow you to target specific user roles in your CSS selectors. For example “role-editor”, “not-role-administrator” etc.

Hello, I noticed a bug with Clientside. When you’re viewing the Media panel in list view, it looks fine, but when you view it in grid view, the left nav overlays with the images. Also, a lot of the buttons are weirdly placed and it doesn’t look polished. Any chance you can fix this in the next release?

I’ll add the plugins to the list of compatibility improvements. Thanks for reporting!

Hi Frique. I just did some testing and realized that Enhanced Media Library plugin is causing the issue. The plugin adds a few UI elements (e.g., dropdown menus) to the media grid panel, causing it to display incorrectly.

Thanks for the details. I’ll check it out!

Hi Frique. I’ve found another potential bug. This one has to do with the MailPoet plugin. I used the menu editor to open MailPoet to Admins and Editors, but if I log in as an Editor, only 3 sub-menu items appear under MailPoet (even though there is supposed to be 6 sub-menu items). When I log in as Admin, all menu items show. I double checked the Admin Menu Editor options and all sub-men items are open to Admins and Editors. I’m not sure if this is a user role setting caused by MailPoet. There’s aren’t any settings in MailPoet for changing menu items based on user role. Thanks!

It looks like it’s being caused by the MailPoet plugin: Can you fix this so that Clientside settings override MailPoet user role permissions?

Hi. The menu editor can’t create user capabilities to access pages for roles that normally don’t have access. It simply shows/hides the menu items if they exist. Managing capabilities is something you’d need to manually manage via code or a plugin like “User Role Manager”.

Hey, can you make the wysiwyg controls (toolbar) stick to the top of the page when editing a long article, happy if its only in fullscreen too

Hi. It is planned as a future update but can’t give an ETA yet.

Is it possible to edit certain css in client side, like backgrounds for postbox on wordpress dashboard admin side so the colors of the widget are used versus removing the color?

Sorry, it’s not possible to remove certain CSS rules, but you can always overwrite it using the Custom CSS/JS tool.

How can I add a custom new url at admin top bar?

Hi. Clientside doesn’t have an option to do that so you’d have to custom-code it with the standard WordPress Toolbar API:

Is there a way to widen the width of the columns in the posts listing in the backend? my columns are very squished

Not really. I’d suggest hiding some less important columns using the Screen Options panel or the Admin Column Manager tool.

I just found a bug with Clientside when using Chrome. When you’re in the post editor screen with lots of content (~500+ words) and a featured image added, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, you can’t scroll back up using the scroll bar. The scroll bar is very jumpy and tries to snap back to the bottom of the page. Any chance this will be fixed? I’ve had to deactivate Clientside on my site since this bug is so annoying. Thanks!!

Never heard of that one… Will investigate!

I can’t seem to reproduce this issue. Could you contact me via my profile page with more details?

Hi, I am getting issues with gravity forms and clientside. I’m on Wordpress 4.8.3 and Gravity Forms 2.2.5. When I click to view gravity forms, etc all of the design breaks. Any idea what went wrong?

It’s possible that in a recent version of Gravity Forms they’ve changed their styling. I’ll see if I can get my hands on a copy to test.

Hi there,

Is this compactable with The Elementor Page builder plugin?


Yes it is.

Hi, any update for wordpress 4.9? I had some issues with the new editor.

Yes, it’s been available for a few days (1.10.1). You can update via your Dashboard.


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Hi, thanks for the good theme. It’s so good that I gave 5 stars. Now there is an error with Visual Composer 5.4.5. When calling the pages in the backend, the VC is briefly loaded and disappears again.

Glad you like it! Unfortunately I don’t currently have a copy of VC 5.4.5 to test with. Everything seems to work fine with 5.4.4. I’ll investigate as soon as I can get my hands on the new version.


lehmi55 Purchased

Many Thanks.


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This plugin looks great, I will buy it but now it doesn’t work flawlessly with Slider Revolution.

Hi. Slider Revolution should work fine with Clientside. Let me know if it doesn’t!


lamlai Purchased

Hi, according to your feedback I have trust to buy your products. I’m glad it works pretty good but you need to improve more, here is the error I found:




image 1: Menu not showing off

image 2: Menu display error bad

image 3: the Menu is hidden in the Safari browser

I love your product, expect a better update. Thanks!

Hi. I’ll look at the Slider Rev. enhancements for the next update. The safari menu issue is the reason why this feature is currently in beta (the Floating Submenus option), so I suggest to turn that off if you’re experiencing issues. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi, I’m creating a website for a client but I would like to give him a nicer dashboard look… But I’m not charging him extra for customizing the dashboard… Could I use the regular license? I don’t have the money to buy the other license. Thank you

Hi. Yes, a regular license is valid for a single website, wether it’s for yourself or for a client doesn’t matter.

Thanks for choosing Clientside!