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With Visual Composer you have the option to Save Full Page Templates from a page that you have created. Typically you can select the drop down prior to choosing which template to use and see what is part of the template. Since installing Clientside when selecting the dropdown it no longer shows the preview. only shows an empty space. Any possibility this is a conflict with the admin theme?

Thanks, Danny

Will also be fixed. Thanks for reporting!

Hey Frique! I found another error I’d love for you to look into for me.

When trying to add a widget to one of the sidebar, shop sidebar, footer widget areas…..the widget will be added, but will save and close / hide all options before you can actually set anything or choose anything. So the widget saves but before you can actually select options.

I appreciate your help on this!! Also when should we expect the previous two fixes above to be updated?


edit. I saw you fixed the front end editor issue. Just need assistance on the Page Template Previews not loading and the new issue regarding the widgets resolved. Thanks so much!

Couldn’t find how to enable the dark sidebar and popout submenus?

Nevermind found it, it’s in settings ctrl+f search for dark