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With Visual Composer you have the option to Save Full Page Templates from a page that you have created. Typically you can select the drop down prior to choosing which template to use and see what is part of the template. Since installing Clientside when selecting the dropdown it no longer shows the preview. only shows an empty space. Any possibility this is a conflict with the admin theme?

Thanks, Danny

Hey Frique! I found another error I’d love for you to look into for me.

When trying to add a widget to one of the sidebar, shop sidebar, footer widget areas…..the widget will be added, but will save and close / hide all options before you can actually set anything or choose anything. So the widget saves but before you can actually select options.

I appreciate your help on this!! Also when should we expect the previous two fixes above to be updated?


edit. I saw you fixed the front end editor issue. Just need assistance on the Page Template Previews not loading and the new issue regarding the widgets resolved. Thanks so much!

Hi Danny,
The widget behaviour should not be influenced by Clientside at all. When I test it, I see the widget saving right after dragging it into an area, and the options stay open.

Also the preview panel of VC should load normally now. If not, please contact with more details and/or screenshots.

Couldn’t find how to enable the dark sidebar and popout submenus?

Nevermind found it, it’s in settings ctrl+f search for dark


lamlai Purchased

Hi, this is a very great plugin. I would love it. I have a question for you how I can hide the function button in the top menu to the admin.

Glad you like it! You can hide the entire “New” menu, but not individual submenu items, sorry!


Xarcell Purchased

Pre-sales Questions: Is this theme Gutenberg aware? Is this theme Gutenberg aware? Will it work with Wordpress 5.0, when it is released? Can I select which menu items can be seen per user role? Thanks.


It is not Gutenberg compatible yet, but support is currently in development. I’m definitely aiming to be ready for 5.0 but since there’s no clarity on when that will be and since Gutenberg itself is still under heavy development it’s hard to tell what that will take.

Yes you can hide menu items per user role, but note that Clientside can not add the capabilities needed to view pages for users/roles that don’t have the rights to do so.

Thanks for your interest!

Hey, I’ve already bought 2 licenses for Clientside. Is there maybe a possibility that I could help you with this plugin by providing polish translation? It would be really helpful for my client and I’m willing to provide you with translations for free.

Sure, that would be awesome! Are you familiar with translating WP plugins? Email me at for more details.

Hello, I’m using the seopress and wp plugins, but they conflict with the theme and there are display bugs :

Is the problem with the theme or Thank you.

Support ?


Unfortunately it is always possible for other plugins to conflict with Clientside when they apply their own admin styling. The description page lists a few plugins that are tested to work for sure:

As for, when I do a clean install it seems to look/work fine. It is then not fullscreen yet, so maybe if you adapt the configuration a bit it should go better together.

SEOPress seems a bit glitchy but functional. Let me know if there is anything specifically broken. I’ve added it to the list of plugins to validate.

Hi there – great plugin just … Floating Submenus (beta) – Safari doesn’t work I imagine that’s why its (beta)? any eta on the fix?

That’s indeed the only reason why it includes the warning. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a way to fix it in Safari so I can’t give an ETA, sorry!

Hey there, just purchased the theme and we love it. Having a couple issues however:

1- The sidebar logo isn’t showing up in the admin dashboard. We tried multiple variations on the options page. Still can’t get it to show up.

2- Is there a way to add a favicon when browsing the admin. It would need to be a multisite network level option so all the sites have the same favicon for the admin area.

Thanks in advance and we love the theme!


1. Hmm that’s strange. Make sure the logo is uploaded at the option “Menu logo image”, the checkbox for your user role at the option “Hide menu logo” is unchecked, and the “View Site” item checkbox for your user role in the Admin Menu Editor tool is checked.

2. I’ll look into the possibility!

Hey Frique,

Do you plan to add support for woocommerce dashboard widgets? I am in need of removing the “WooCommerce Network Orders” Dashboard widget. Would love it if WooCommerce Dashboard widgets were added to the admin theme options for disable.

Thanks as always.

That’s a nice feature indeed. Will consider it for an upcoming update!

Hi, there,

My client loves your plugin very much. But now i have some compatibility problem with the plugin named FileBird – Media Categories / Folders File Manager for WordPress

please take a look at issue yourself at account: admin password: admin

You can go to media menu and see the issue. If you need the plugin package for your test, please let me know, i can send it to your mailbox.

Looking forward to your soon reply.

best regards Wayne

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the demo. I’ve added it to the plugins to test, but I’m currently prioritizing Gutenberg preparations.

Make sure to change/remove the demo account since it’s public now.