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tberin Purchased

Hi, sent you an email today for support related questions. Just making sure it reached you :)

It was received! Will get back to you soon.

Hey, where can i download the latest update ? It dosent show any updates in wordpress plugins, using 1.9.0

never mind, it just showed up :)

Compatibility issue with Stack wordpress theme:


Noticed an issue using Clientside, with the Stack wordpress theme (

With Clientside activated, i get an error going into the page editor saying: "Failed to load content css:" Console says it has to do with tinymce.min.js.

Disableing Clientside, makes the error go away.

Is this something you could investigate, and maybe add compabillity with the Stack theme ?


Hey, thanks for your reply, and i have tried that, but it shows up either way

Version 1.9.3 will include a possible fix!

Awesome, thanks :)

Can I use on multiple websites?

Hi. If it concerns a multisite setup it counts as one installation, but separate sites do require a new license per site. See the Envato license information page for more details:

Hi Frique,

We just installed the Clientside theme. We love the design, but we have run into a number of issues on our Multisite setup. They are:

- No Network defaults for admin menu editor. -> We end up using a third party plugin. - No Custom CSS for login screen + no separate logo upload. We have a dark background in wp-admin and a light background on login screen, so that’s why we need a separate logo. Although we solved it via css. - rename wp-admin and wp-login.php in this plugin would be also great to have.

I hope you will consider adding these features. Thanks!

Hi there,

Admin Menu Editor defaults are indeed not available because in most cases all network sites will have different menu items, among other technical difficulties.

Since version 1.9.2 the styles you add to the Admin CSS block are also applied to the login screen! Separate logo upload for menu/login screen will be taken under consideration.

Thanks for the suggestions and enjoy!

After installing and activating i am getting a 500 error when trying to edit or add anything new such as pages, posts or anything really.

I unchecked all of the items under toolbar options and not it seems to work.

Also the theme/styles seem to break the Salient theme settings pages and the edit page options. Especially when there are buttons in line or on off switches/buttons.

Also…THANKS for the quick reply! :)

When themes/plugins apply their own fancy styling to settings pages (and toggle buttons) it can definitely conflict with Clientside’s theming.

As for the 500 errors I would really need more information of what the actual errors are. This is very specific to your server setup. You can email me privately at

You can also try temporarily switching the theme or disabling other plugins to see if a combination of any of these and Clientside is causing the error.

Hi, I found a problem, how can I get support?

Where can I download version 1.9.3?

Hi. The update should automatically appear in your plugin list.

Hi I am looking to purchase clientside for my agency but I do not want to have to purchase a new license for every site as we have dozens of sites we manage and create. Is there an agency option? Thank You

This situation would indeed require separate licenses per project. In case of an agency it’s common to charge each client for their license so it doesn’t affect you personally.

Since the licensing arrangement is completely in the hands of the marketplace I can’t offer alternatives. Here are the details:

Thanks for your interest!

I noticed that the blockquote option in the WYSIWYG editor doesn’t properly show up. Default Wordpress indents it to the right a bit. Also the menu bar icons do not stick to the top when you scroll down the post, making it annoying having to scroll all the way to the top of the page just to insert a link or format text (for long posts).

Hi. I’ve updated the blockquote for the next update, thanks! Please know you can also choose to disable the styling that Clientside adds to the text editor in the options so it reverts back to the default.

As for the sticky scrolling header behavior, this is indeed something that is currently disabled but might return later.

Would be really nice if you can place the user avatar above the visit site button!

And make the admin menu, push slide like a panel

I’ll consider the suggestions! As for the menu, if you enable the option “Collapse menu by default”, it will open/close on top of the content area.


ExceLL Purchased

Hello, We have updated a wordpress and now we see a error some times in panel: Failed to load content css:

I see you have fixed this on update 1.9.3 .

But, we have made some changes on css/script etc,and we do not want to lose them … You can say what exactly must be done to correct that point.

I think it’s something small, we just do not know what …

Thank you


ExceLL Purchased

Hahahaha, NVM… Finded the problem XD


Jungla Purchased

Hi, is posible set a background in ogin page? thanks, :)


Jungla Purchased


Hi. Not via an option, but you can add the following to Tools > Custom CSS/JS > Admin area and login screen CSS:

body.login {
    background: url( 'path-to-your-image' );

Hey dude – just wanted to say great work. When you launched it, was one of the first buyers – and it was really good. Now – its really really good – really awesome you keep running with it and it keeps getting better – its a must buy for wp people. 5 stars.

Very nice to hear!! <3

Is Clientside mobile responsive? I sometimes log in to the WP admin on mobile to make minor changes.

Yes! See for all features and screenshots.