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THEMOD Purchased

Firstly thanks for a great product!

We’re using a WooCommerce plugin:

This plugin allows the bulk download of invoices from the bulk actions dropdown in WooCommerce > Orders. Clientside seems to hide these options.

Is there any way to get them back?

Hi. The issue will be addressed soon, but in the meantime a quick fix is to visit the Clientside settings under Appearance > Admin Theme and disable the checkbox named “Themed Form Selects”.


infolu Purchased

Hello, is there any action to remove the clientside-menu-number from the admin post menu?

Hi. I’ll make it optional, but in the meantime you can visit the Custom CSS/JS tool and add the following to the Admin CSS:
#adminmenu .wp-menu-name > span {
    display: none;

Is it possible to display the company logo in the admin area? For example over the visit page button?

Yes! When uploading a logo on Clientside’s settings page it will appear on the login screen and as a replacement of the “View Site” button at the left top of the admin pages.

Hi there, does this theme allow you to set global settings as network admin that will show across all blogs on a multisite, or do you have to create settings on a per blog basis? I have 50 sites on my network and i’d like them to have all the same settings, as well as all new sites that are created, without me having to manually do it

Hi. Currently all network sites’ options are managed individually, but you can export/import the settings to each site.

A feature to set up network defaults is under development but can’t give an ETA on that yet.


kult Purchased


I would love to be able to have the same settings for all the websites on my network (multisite), it’s time consuming to export/import the settings each time we have a new site and it’s not automated…

Is it possible to load some custom default settings with a hook/function ?

thanks !

Hi. Not yet but it’s a frequently requested feature so it’s high on the list!


kult Purchased

Hi, thanks for the reply. Is it realistic to get it by January ? :)

Sorry, I really can’t give an ETA yet.

Hello, we just recently bought clientside, but have found that the theme creates jQuery conflicts with Offers for Woocommerce plugin. This breaks the functionality of our site, and would like to know if there is any way to fix this

Hi. I tested the plugin and can’t seem to find any conflicts. Could you provide the exact steps to recreate the issue? And are you using the latest version of Clientside (1.6.0)?


kult Purchased


i just download it again to test 1.6.1 but the index.php says it’s still 1.6.0

How can I get the last version ?

Best regards, Olivier

Hi Olivier, The download on CodeCanyon is still 1.6.0, but you can update it to 1.6.1 within your WP environment after installing.

Hello, is it possible to highlight clearer, stronger the new comments in Comments admin (CSS customization i guess)? Thanks for this great plugin and your help. Best regards, Philippe.

I see. The table row has a css class of “unapproved”, so you can go to Tools > Custom CSS/JS and add this to the Admin Area css box:

.unapproved {
    background: red !important;

I will also consider making a change in Clientside to make flagged comments stand out. Thanks for the comment!

Yes, perfect, thank you! Thank you too in advance for this option being part of future Clientside versions. (On that developer side, few admin color theme variations to be applied in one click might be a great feature too…) Deeply appreciate your fine work and fast support. 5 stars will be added on Frique side! Thanks again.

Thanks for the kind words!

1) It is possible to get submenus always expanded (now, it seems that Plugin Options include only the “on Hover” status)?

2) Possible to add more “(separator)” to the admin menu ?

Thank you for your help.

1. This is another thing you can do with the custom CSS box:
.wp-submenu {
    display: block !important;

2. Currently not, sorry. But I agree it would be convenient, so it might be added to the menu editor tool some time.

1) Perfect again, thanks again, stars get brighter!

2) thank you for thinking about it but that’s not a big deal though, no need to spend extra time on this.

Few days enjoying ClientSide admin theme, let me repeat that’s a great piece of work, well though and efficient at most. Thank you.

Hello, Is it possible to have a refund ? I bought the plugin in order to run on my multisite installation but the settings have to be manually made in each website (The login logo for example). This is not how is it supposed to work on multisite. Thank you

(The refund has since been processed)

Strangely, Comments options access (in Admin Widget Manager > Post/Page Edit Screen Widgets) are not given to Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber roles (check boxes are grayed). Only Administrator role is granted the possibility to check or not the option. Do I miss a setting somewhere else to allow, at least, Editor role to manage comments from the post itself? Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Philippe,

Please update to the latest version (1.7.1) from within your WP installation. Usually only the larger version bumps are uploaded to CodeCanyon.

To overwrite the plugin row colors, you could try this:
.plugins .inactive {
    background: white !important;
table.plugins .active th,
table.plugins .active td {
    background: none !important;

The admin menu translation issue is caused by a limitation of the menu editor. The reason is that you can change the menu text there, so these custom texts are saved for everyone, regardless of language. To get the original translatable text back you’d have to revert the admin menu editor to default and not make any changes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Row color changes through css customization worked perfectly, thank you!

Understood for Admin menus not following user language setting, except if default reset done and no change applied…

Not a big deal though for us now.

Clientside interface stays largely a great and enjoyable way to “help customize and unclutter the WordPress interface for ourselves and clients.” :-)


Enjoy! :)

Hey Frique Its been a while since you have told everyone that this will work properly with multisite. When will this be fixed?

So i added a Logo image and css changes were all removed

“when saving any css to the admin panel not all pages take the change”: Do you mean when saving custom CSS as a network default it doesn’t always apply to the child sites? In that case the reason could be that the child site already has its own custom CSS saved. To use the network default, press “Reset to defaults” on the child site. This hierarchy allows you to still overwrite the network defaults on a child site if desired.

“Also if you go to set a different setting once you have updated some css u go back and see that the css has been removed”: I see this is indeed a bug in the network default saving. Will fix in the next update!

This issue should be fixed in the newly available version 1.7.3.


joransrb Purchased

Hi, using the latest version, i got the same issues as @samiralley. Adding logo etc, saving, all is good. Adding some custom css to the admin css field, previous changes gets oveerwritten / removed.

Indeed! The CodeCanyon version can be behind on minor versions. You can always update to the latest from within your Admin environment like any other plugin!


joransrb Purchased

thanks for you reply, and the update fixed the issue :) keep up the good work :)

Glad to hear!


joransrb Purchased

Hi, got another question. We are using the Massive Dynamic theme from Themeforest, and it has a custom dashboard widget. This widget disappears from the dashboard, and i cant find anywhere to get it back. So how would i go about this ? To get it showing again


joransrb Purchased

did some more research into this, and it seems like if i disable the default “welcome” widget, it wont show the other custom widget, but as soon as i enable the “welcome” widget, they both show :P any suggestions on this ? could it be resolved with css ? if this is an issue beyond your support, i apologize :)

Hi Jøran,
I can’t tell for sure since I don’t have the theme to test with, but I assume they named their widget the same as the default Welcome widget which makes them both show/hide. Does it work to enable them both (in the widget manager) but close one via Screen Options?


I have a quick feature request, it would be nice to have a setting to automatically collapse the main admin menu. We have set this on our setup to save space as the admin menu isn’t needed all the time. It would be an easy feature that could be pretty cool!

Probably in a day or two. Do you know you can update via your admin environment? And if so, for what reason do you prefer a CodeCanyon download?

That’s great, we normally update from the dashboard but this updated hasn’t appeared yet. I will investigate now I know it is out.

Ok. Let me know if there are any issues!


Duplika Purchased

The theme looks really good!

Only missing feature I’ve found is applying new defaults to existing sites.

If I made an improvement or change, I need to recreate sites? A button to be able to apply default settings to all existing multisite sites would be great.

Any sql command on the time being to be able to do this?

Hi! When a child site already has settings saved, they will indeed persist. Otherwise it would create unexpected results and settings would get lost. To apply new multisite defaults the child site should have their settings reverted to default (visit the site, visit the settings section and click “Revert to Defaults”. Hope this makes sense!