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Could you kindly enable compatibility of PixelYourSite Pro plugin for us?

We already tried PixelYourSite Pro plugin but the content was misplaced.

Thanks, Miller Lu

Hi. Sorry for the delay, I’ll take a look if support can be added.

I sent an email to the support team to report a problem so far, I did not even get an answer, it’s been several days!

Hi. Sorry, I don’t think I’ve received it. Can you try again?

Hello, Would you consider compatibility support for the Real Media Library plugin? Interface overlaps in the toolbar area.

I’ll check it out, thanks.

The Real Category Management plugin of the same developer also has the same symptoms. thanks.

i have never seen such a beautiful wordpress admin theme. well done.

but a small question, it seems that my site is a bit slower after installing this plugin?

is that a common issue?

Glad to hear! Unfortunately performance can be affected. The plugin loads a lot of styles on top of the default admin theme, and performs changes to the back-end on each page-load aswel. The perceived performance depends on several conditions; like server and cache configurations, and of course network speed.


I’ve just purchased this incredible theme.

Everything is working fine except for the Plugin page. It lists all the plugins, but it looks like its getting cut off by a grey bar half way through. Please view screen shot for a better understanding:

Running latest version. Any thoughts on how to fix?

Hi Mathew,

I think i’ve seen this before when one of the plugins in the list is adding too many columns to the table. I’m afraid it can’t be helped unless that plugin is removed or off the current page.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Looking forward to updates.

P.S Have fixed plugin page error by changing some CSS:

overflow: auto; white-space: nowrap; text-overflow: ellipsis;

Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

On wordpress Multisites, the superadmin theme is always client site, also if I set to not show client side theme for Superadmin: so I can I solve this problem?

No, I use child theme but without any overwriting: just after installation of Clientside my superadmin is showed with clientside tehme. Let me know

Probably it is a bug, on ceintside settings I have disabe Clientside theme for Network administrator, but the admin panel of Network administrator alway is with clientside theme: can you check and solve this bug or wordpress mutisite?

Hi. Sorry, I can not reproduce this. It seems to work fine when I try. So the network admin has the setting “Enable Clientside admin theming” unchecked for “Network Admin”, the child site has it checked. Then the network admin is unthemed and the child site is themed.

Contact me via my profile page to arrange a temporary login if you want me to take a look. Regards.

Hi, Is there a reason why you guys removed the dash menu icons?

adminmenu .icon16, #collapse-menu, .clientside-theme #wp-admin-bar-et-use-visual-builder a:before, .wp-menu-image {

/* display: none; */ }

You guys purposely have them hidden. Would it be possible for you guys to give us the option to display them or hide them or select the position either to the left or the right of the labels.

Looking forward to your response. Thanks!

Hi. Yes, they were removed by design to create a cleaner UI. You can get them back by adding the following snippet to Tools > Custom CSS/JS > Admin area CSS:

.wp-menu-image {
    display: inline;
    height: 1px !important;
div.wp-menu-image:before {
    padding: 0;
    color: #888 !important;

A dashboard icon appears to also be showing up for the Menu logo image

Any updates planned for the near future?

I’m afraid not, sorry.

Are you no longer updating this plugin? Because the X to close popup windows has never worked. I guess we’ll have to migrated to something else if this plugin is no longer supported.

Hi. This issue has never been reported so it’s not a known bug. Possibly a compatibility issue with another plugin. Message me via my profile page if you’re comfortable sharing temporary login details to your site, then I can take a look.

Would you like to send us some CSS for a small (big) problem or fix it with any update? Howdy text and user name (“Howdy, user name”) is too close to user avatar (admin bar). It would be enough for this distance (there is no distance now) to be as it was originally in WP. Because now it is simply unreadable. It looks as if some part of the text disappears behind the avatar. THANK YOU!