clientResponse Responsive PHP Client Management

clientResponse Responsive PHP Client Management

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clientResponse gives each client their own account that provides a Dashboard for them to monitor their projects, upload/download & comment on documents and files related to their projects, make project payments, and communicate with you. clientResponse makes it easier to take a phased approach to projects by organizing documents and communications with each of your clients.

clientResponse - Built for Communication

NEW VERSION v4.1 Released July 10th, 2014 New Features and Important Bug Fixes. Download the Latest Version from your Downloads page on CodeCanyon.

clientResponse is Built for Better Communication

New Dashboard with direct access to what?s important

Internal Personal Messaging system lets you communicate with both Managers and Clients

Dynamic Event Calendar

Project Time Tracking

Reports completely reworked with new reports & options.

Build better invoices on the fly right inside clientRESPONSE.

All ready using clientRESPONSE? You can import your previous clientResponse Version 3 data into clientResponse V4.1.

Admin/Manager Features

New Invoicing system. Create dynamic invoices on the fly.
New Private Message System. Easily communicate with Managers and Clients.
New Event Calendar. Each Admin & Manager gets their own Calendar. Admins & Managers can create public events for all, and Clients can share events with Managers.
New Manager Time Tracking per project. Track the hours Managers work on each project.
New Localization Files. Easily translate clientResponse into your language.
Better Reports. More dynamic and inclusive reporting. Export report data to CSV files.
Updated Tasks. More robust Task system. Create personal or project tasks. Have the Task automatically added to your calendar.
Admin/Manager only area to manage All Clients and their Projects.
Multiple Manager Accounts
Create & Manage Client Accounts
Multiple Projects for each Client — No limits
Archive or permanently delete Clients
Archive or permanently delete Projects
PayPal Payment Integration
Upload and manage files per Client, per Project
Comment on uploaded Files
Create new discussions & comments with editing ability on all per client project
Site Alerts that are visible to ALL clients, and can be added to the client?s payment Receipts & Invoices
Forms & Template uploads to store all of you commonly used forms
Payment system can be disabled for those that do not need it included
Full control over settings used throughout clientResponse
So much more?

Client Features

New Event Calendar. Each Client gets their own Calendar. Clients can share events with Managers.
New Private Message System. Easily communicate with Managers.
Client Dashboard with quick access to everything related to their projects
Create new discussions per project
Reply to discussions
Upload and comment on files per project
Manage uploaded files in folders for each project
PayPal payments (Multiple Currencies) per project
View & Print receipts & Invoices per project payment
Make Invoice payments right from the Invoice page
View Alerts & Notifications from the Managers
Receive email alerts when their project is updated (new discussions, comments & uploads)
Editing ability on discussions, Discussion replies, Uploaded Files and File comments the client created
New Project Request ? both Archived & Active Clients can request new projects easily through their account

clientResponse Demo Accounts

Site Administrator:, Password: pass
Client Sign In:, Password: pass

clientResponse REQUIRES PHP 5.x & MySQLi Connection, and mcrypt_encrypt / mcrypt_decrypt

I believe in providing the best support possible.

Change Log:

Minor Update: April 13, 2015
Update Details:
1. Fixed XSS Bug.

All .php Files - No changes have been made to the localization files.
Overwrite all core files.

Minor Update: November 11 2014
- Fixed the Client Side Invoice that was not displaying the Sub-Total and Grand Totals correctly
- Fixed the bug that was not saving Project Folders/Files when a Project was not assigned on the Admin Side

If you have all ready translated any of the language files, just copy/paste the new localizations (at the bottom of the updated file to you translated file. DO NOT over-write your file, or all translations will be lost.




Minor Update: July 23 2014
- Fixed the Site Settings bug that would not allow you to save your Payment Settings.
- Added Accept Project Request -> Creates a New Project from the Request.

If you have all ready translated any of the language files, just copy/paste the new localizations (at the bottom of the updated file to you translated file. DO NOT over-write your file, or all translations will be lost.



Major Update: July 2014
- New Version 4.1
- New Dashboard
- New Event Calendar
- New Private Messages
- Reworked Task System
- New Time Tracking
- New Dynamic Invoicing
- Reworked Reporting
- Minor bug fixes
Minor Update: October 25 2013
- When creating a new Client account, you now have the option of not sending the client an email.
- Minor bug fixes.
Major Update: October 21 2013
- Manager Accounts - Assign Projects to Specific Managers
- Managers can only view/update Client Project's assigned to them
- Clients and Managers now login with their account emails.
  No more forgotten usernames
- Editable Invoice - PDF Editable form that calculates iems/tax
  that you set
- Mass email all Active Clients
- Reports completely reworked with new reports & options
- Account customizations with Manager & Client Avatars
- Clean, well commented code with less pages then previous versions
- Clients can now self-register accounts great option for
  clients looking to get a quote for a new project. Register,
  activate, and submit a request.
Minor Update: September 10 2013
- Bug fix: When an Admin creates a client account, the account will now be set
  as active and the client can log in immediately.
Minor Update: August 12 2013
- Added the ability for Clients to create new Accounts
- Small back-end bug fixes to some of the queries returning false