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Hi Jennifer, can you please respond to my ticket and fix my issue? it’s been about a month now and i keep posting in your support and nothing. Have you abandoned me/us? not cool.

thanks, but still not working .. payments nor invoices were uploaded. i left a note in the support part. Anyway you can fix this, so i can start using it in place of the other, i need to input some things. thanks again

Hi, a reminder, still not working .. payments nor invoices were uploaded. i left a note in the support part. Anyway you can fix this, so i can start using it in place of the other, i need to input some things. thanks again

help? please? days now without a working solution that i used every day…

Hi is it possible to just use the invoicing without paypal ?

Good Morning,

Unfortunately no.

Shame that was the only issue i had left with this are you planning on adding other payment features? specifically allowing just an invoice where as i can supply my bank details for direct payments?

Yes, this is a really nice idea. I will add it to the list for the next update.

Thanks!! :)

can we have multiple admins under a superadmin user? in this manner we can create a dedicated admin with managers for different projects. If not, can you customize?


In the current version no, multiple admins under a superadmin is not possible. It is something I intend to add in for the next update.

Hi Jennifer, there is a bug in your import system, i have 100’s of records. trying to use the newer system… the issue is still not fixed, been waiting over a month since my first ticket post. what do i need to do to get you to fix this thing? i did pay for it and it’s still broke… please tell me what hoops i need to do to get this fixed. i need it done like a month ago! i use it everyday and i am having to put my changes in notepad notes until this gets fixed so i can input them. what gives here?

i mean do i need to pay twice? i mean it’s getting rather ridiculous at this point.

Hey there… been following your progress and it looks like you’ve come a long way in just over 3 years… though the one critical point that I don’t see (and can’t via demo) is if you offer email piping. For example, a client gets a notification from the PM system… and the details of that notification are included. Said client should have the ability to quickly reply this email without having to log into the system. Literally, the email is “piped” to the PM system from his chosen email client.

Please tell me you’ve included this feature… it’s literally my only “gotcha” point that keeps me from pulling the trigger.

Good Morning,

I wish I could say that I did include email piping, but I have not. It is a really great idea to add in, and I have added it to the update list.

Thanks so much!

Hi ya! You’re welcome… and bummer! :) I SO wanted to buy this… but my clients NEED this feature and thus, is a deal breaker. Is there some mail list where I can get notified when features are added? :-D

You can follow me on Code Canyon :)

Hi, I really like what I’m seeing, your script literally has everything I could want. I would like to know if the Invoice can be formated or Templated differently than whats standard? Because when I print out the invoices, the don’t look very good. You’ve done an incredible job. Please write back soon and let me know.

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Yes, it could be rewritten to fit your needs. You will need to know basic HTML/CSS. How does it look for you? Can you take a screenshot and post it please?

Thank you for the reply (I can’t find where to post the screenshot). Essentially, all the invoice data is to the left side of the page in one column, unpresentable to a client. I know html/css, but where would I be able to modify the Invoice output? Are there instructions available?

Can you shoot me an email via my profile, and we can go from there. :)

How to remove the $logoutConfirmationMsg = ”, are you sure you want to signout of your account?”; I just want to signout and not be prompted. thanks

Hi, Please open a new Support ticket on my support system:


I’ve been using your script for a week now, and I am very happy with it. Can you explain how the project progress works? For example, when I open a new project, clock in, how do i get the project progression to move forward? Do I need to open tasks and then close them? Please explain the work flow for me so that I am my clients can monitor the project progress.


Please open a new Support ticket on my support system:


Awesome product. Both I and my clients love it. But something that my clients / I miss is a download button in Uploaded Files Project. So they can download, for example. images that have been uploaded.


I did not include a button to download images because you can right click on the image, and choose “Save Image As”.

Hope this helps! :)

Hello, is it possible to change site settings for each customer: Currency, Localization, RTL languages support (css). Thank you in advance

Hi, unfortunately no, the Settings are global/site wide.

As seen in my rating… this is truly a beautiful portal! I absolutely love it. Couple questions:

1. I see you have a import Template Option. Is this used to extend Client Response with other Available Templates? For example one option I would love is a support ticket page for clients. I see you have a support ticket portal... but I would love to have this option in the current Client Response unified.

2. How can I avoid charging clients the PayPal processing fee? If I zero it out in the admin panel it zeros out the total because it is multiplying it.

Thanks for your time and help in these questions


1. I see you have a import Template Option.
Where do you see this?

How can I avoid charging clients the PayPal processing fee?
You can have the client pay you directly (Cash, check etc.) or even by PayPal outside of clientResponse, then just record the payment. The client only gets charged the PayPal fee when they pay through the system. You could also change the PayPal Fee to 0 in the Site Settings, and this would remove the extra PayPal fee.

Hope this helps! :)

Thanks for the reply. The “Templates” feature is found under Admin > Templates. I must be way off base as to what it is used for if you are not sure what I am talking about. So aside from the template option which doesn’t exist are you available for contract to add on a support ticket module?

As to setting the PayPal interest rate to zero… again I’ve tried that… but if you set it to zero it makes the total zero as it is multiplied by the interest. Zero times anything is always zero.

Oh I see. Templates was designed for you to store any templates you may have. You can upload documents, images etc for future use.

The PayPal issue – that is odd, because I fully tested it, and it works as expected in the demo.

Pre-sale question. Few questions: 1. Is it possible not to include payments at all in the form? 2. for clients to be placed under a manager, is it done manually? 3. when a client input activities/schedules on the calendar menu, will the dedicated manager & admin be able to see what the client input on the calendar? thanks

which is the plan to update more functions? like inventory (to track Products and materials used into the projects)? or it’s a extra function to customize that you can do ? thanks for your reply

clientResponse is due for an update later this year. I will look into what features I can add in then.

Hi I cannot submit to your ticket system. it says the purchase code not recognised. I have been sending before and it was fine.

It looks like the Envato API is down at the moment, please try creating a ticket again in a bit.


Can admin assign a task to someone else?

Hi! Is there a way, for my clients, to unsubscribe from client response?


Do you mean delete their accounts? Admins can delete client accounts, but I did not include a way for a client to self-delete their account.

Pre-sale question. Is possible assign two or more agents to the project?. This is very important for me.



hello there, im just wondering do we have an option to add / upload any documents in the user / admin section ?

Hi, mail alerts are not sending.. is there any settings for this ?

can i use SMTP ? thank you.


Please open a new Support ticket on my support system:


its expired support :( i never ask support before, becuase i just use the script now.. i just want to know can i use SMTP ?


It would be very important to include the option to configure sending e-mails via SMTP in the next version update.

Some servers do not work well PHPMailer :(

Thank you!